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Lorraine explains why she thinks that the Sleep Kit is perfect for those that are having difficulty during their nightly routine. Lorraine shows off the 3 main products within the Sleep Kit and describes how they will benefit you.

We made sure that our Sleep Kits are:

  • Better value for money – Save 35% when you buy this kit!
  • Vegan friendly – so that everyone can enjoy them! Not tested on Animals
  • Super natural! hemp is magical and there is no need to mess with nature!
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CBD Body Oil being Poured
CBD Full Spceturm Oil bottles and packagaing

Good to Know: hapihemp’s CBD Sleep Kit

  • Savings of £25.48 (compared to purchasing the CBD products separately)
  • GMP Certified – International standard.
  • Big savings – rather than buying individual products.
  • A complete CBD bundle that is specifically designed for night-time.
  • Includes a bespoke CBD tea that has been created by a nutritionist and designed to help with relaxation.
  • Guaranteed concentration
  • Organically Produced – Free of heavy metals, pesticides & herbicides.
  • Using only organically grown hemp, this product is pesticide and solvent-free.
  • Highest Industry Standards – Accredited and Approved.
  • All ingredients are GMO-free, vegan friendly & gluten-free.

What is a CBD Sleep Kit? 

A CBD sleep kit is a bundle of CBD products that have been chosen with the evening in mind.

Each item in this CBD sleep kit will help you begin to unwind and prepare your mind and body for sleep.

It gives you the chance to use three different CBD products in three different ways. You have CBD body oil which can be massaged all over your body or applied to certain areas, the CBD body oil can also be used in the bath and makes a wonderful bath soak. Our tranquil CBD tea is one of our best sellers and the majority of people that buy this soothing brew always comes back to buy again. The CBD oil that we have included in this sleep kit is a 5% strength full-spectrum oil. And then as it’s a CBD sleep kit you will also find a sleep mask – we don’t want anything to interrupt your good night’s sleep!

And of course, when purchasing a CBD sleep kit, you are also saving money. It is much more cost-effective to buy a CBD sleep kit rather than buy the CBD products individually.

The CBD sleep kit is a great way to try a variety of CBD products without breaking the bank.

What makes hapihemp’s CBD Sleep Kit special?

Each one of our CBD hapi kits have been specially curated to give our customers maximum results and benefits.

Each element of this CBD sleep kit has been chosen to give you every chance of achieving your best night’s sleep. By incorporating our CBD full spectrum oral drops, tranquil CBD tea and our soothing, warming body oil, you will be heading for a satisfying CBD infused sleep routine.

The hero product in the CBD sleep kit has to be a calming CBD tea. This tasty loose tea is bursting with colour and flavour. Each ingredient has been carefully chosen for its ability to help the mind and body relax.

There are not many herbal teas let alone CBD teas that include all the ingredients that are in this pack.

The CBD tea has been created specifically for hapihemp by a fabulous nutritionist who has created this blend with love.

Each pack of tea contains:

Chamomile, Rosehip, Hawthorne berries, Hibiscus, Valerian and Lemon balm.

As you can see from all of the relaxing ingredients above – you are in for a real relaxing treat! Naturally decaffeinated this can be sipped throughout the evening to gradually put your body into night-time mode.

Our CBD body oil has some super soothing essential oils blended with the CBD. The beauty of this body oil is the warming essential oils such as Clove, Black pepper and Camphor. All three working together create a wondrous warming effect that is perfect for bedtime. We would suggest massaging this all over your legs, arms and around your neck before getting into bed. You also have the option of pouring some into your bath and having a soak whilst inhaling these relaxing essential oils.

The CBD oil drops are to take sublingually and it’s up to you when you take them. We would suggest a couple of drops twice a day and then increase if needed.

The sleep mask is included so you can shut your eyes and keep them shut with no interruptions!

By using all three of these CBD products you can rest assured that you are giving your mind and body the best possible start for a good night’s sleep. Each product in our CBD kits all benefits one another and these powerful combinations together reach their full potential.

So, a quick recap of what this CBD sleep kit contains:

Full Spectrum Oil

Full-spectrum CBD oil is 5% in strength. These oral drops are placed under the tongue for maximum absorption. All of our CBD oral drops have full lab reports and are independently tested. They are blended with an organic MCT oil which is filtered and purified and tastes really pleasant. You will see that all of our CBD oils are very clear, and this is down to the pure MCT base.

Calming CBD tea

A soothing blend of calming herbs & CBD.

Our best-selling CBD tea combines all the soothing properties of CBD and the calming powers of Chamomile, Valerian, Rose Hip, Hawthorn berries & other beneficial herbs to create a relaxing infusion that tastes delicious! Once you have tried our bespoke CBD tea you will understand why it’s one of our bestsellers!

CBD body oil

A multi-purpose CBD body oil that can be used all over the body, in the bath or applied to specific areas of the body.

A potent blend of premium CBD and powerful essential oils, this bespoke CBD body oil is ideal for applying to larger areas of your body – such as legs, arms, back and tummy. It’s also a wonderful bath soak!

Sleep mask

To keep away unwanted interruptions.

Calming CBD Tea
Lorraine with CBD Body Oil

Why buy hapihemp’s CBD Sleep Kit?

By combining all of these CBD products you a really giving your mind and body the best chance for deep sleep.

Curated with sleep in mind, there are not many sleep kits that contain such powerful products or ingredients. We know how many sleep bundles are on the market, but how many also include CBD?

Sleep products are usually quite expensive, and CBD isn’t cheap! So, a CBD sleep kit is a wise option as it’s a really cost-effective investment.

It gives you the chance to find out if and what works for you and also it gives you the chance to try three different products.

What better investment than investing in your sleep and health? There is nothing worse than feeling tired all of the time and we hope that this CBD sleep kit will transform many sleep routines.

Why Lorraine thinks the CBD sleep kit is the best option…

“As you will see on our social media – I love our CBD tea! And it was because of the tea we started looking at a CBD sleep kit as it really does help. It’s like torture when you are not sleeping properly, and it makes me quite unreasonable. So, we wanted to put together a kit that really helped with preparing your body for bed.

I personally do not like taking over the counter sleep medications as I always feel hungover the next day! Also, I believe it takes more than one product to help you really unwind.

By drinking our calming tea and letting our CBD body oil absorb into your skin – you are halfway there. Taking the full-spectrum CBD drops daily really is the icing on the cake.

Our CBD sleep kit really is a treat for anyone that struggles in this area.”

CBD is our passion and everything we sell goes through rigorous testing and comes with a full lab report. CBD became a big part of who we are after it changed our lives.

Both our stories are very different, but the fact remains that CBD has had a huge impact on both of us.

Our passion follows through into our kits and we have spent time curating them to meet specific needs and save you money.

CBD starter kits, CBD sleep kits, CBD rescue kits – we believe there is a CBD kit for everyone.

Vegan Friendly

Vegan Friendly

We ensure that all our products are vegan friendly, and our CBD Kits are no different. We make sure no animal products are found in our CBD Kits.

100% Natural CBD Confidence Builder

100% Natural

Everything thing that we produce is in its natural form. Hemp is magical & there is no need to mess with nature. Natural products have stood the test of time & many of our ingredients have been used for thousands of years.

Made with Love

Made with Love

Many of our products are bespoke blends that we have worked on for a long time. We are both passionate about the power of plants & have carefully chosen essential oils that we believe compliment CBD & really made a difference.

Better Value for Money

Whenever you buy one of our Kits you are getting the same products but for a better value!

Not tested on Animals

Not Tested on Animals

None of our CBD products are tested on animals, we understand that in this day and age it is really important, and majority of customers do expect this.

CBD Sleep Kit: Frequently Asked Questions

What does a sleep kit have in it?

Our CBD Sleep kit contains a calming CBD tea, a warming CBD body oil, a full-spectrum CBD oil and a sleep mask. Using all three CBD products in unison will achieve the best results for your night time routine.

What is a CBD sleep kit?

A CBD sleep kit is a collection of products that have been specifically put together to enhance one another so that you get the maximum benefits and results.

Does the CBD sleep kit work?

We have had some great feedback from customers who have brought this CBD sleep kit. The key is to use all of the products and get into a routine each evening. For example, we would suggest a cup of CBD tea early evening, you can always have another one later on. When applying the CBD body oil remember to rub some around your neck, shoulders and on the soles of your feet as we find that does make a difference.

Can anyone use a CBD sleep kit?

Yes, anyone can use our CBD sleep kit, if you have any concerns then drop us a message and we can see if we are able to help.

Can I change the items in the CBD sleep kit?

No, the items that are in the CBD sleep kits are specific to help with your night-time routine so we wouldn’t change them around.

How much is the CBD sleep kit?

The CBD sleep kit is £47.99. If you were to buy all the products separately it would cost you £73.47. so, you save £25.48!

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