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Lorraine explains why the products in the Relieve Kit are perfect for this kit. The patches provide a 24-hour release, perfect to put on and forget about. The body oil is warming, can be applied to your body and also put into your bath. The roller is our strongest product, best applied to your feet, temples and neck!

We made sure that our Relieve Kit is:

  • Better value for money – Save 31% when you buy this kit!
  • Vegan friendly – so that everyone can enjoy them! No gelatine in the hapi gummies.
  • Super natural! hemp is magical and there is no need to mess with nature!
Body Oil
hapihemp CBD Roller

Good to Know: hapihemp’s CBD Relieve Kit

  • Saving of £14.98 (Compared to buying the CBD products separately)
  • GMP Certified – International standard.
  • Big savings – rather than buying individual products.
  • A complete CBD bundle that specifically helps your body.
  • Guaranteed concentration
  • Organically Produced – Free of heavy metals, pesticides & herbicides.
  • Using only organically grown hemp, this product is pesticide and solvent-free.
  • THC Free, giving you peace of mind if you have to take random drugs tests.
  • Highest Industry Standards – Accredited and Approved.
  • All ingredients are GMO-free, vegan friendly & gluten-free.

What is a CBD Relieve Kit

A CBD relieve kit is a bundle of CBD products that have been designed with your body in mind.

This CBD kit gives the chance to sample three different CBD products in three different ways.

The CBD patches work transdermally through your skin and body, rather like a hormone or a nicotine patch. The CBD roller is a potent topical CBD product, designed with a rollerball for deeper penetration and a CBD body oil that is not only soothing but also warming.

And perhaps one of the biggest benefits… when purchasing a CBD kit, you also save money! It is much more cost-effective to buy a CBD kit rather than buy the CBD products individually.

With the CBD relive kit, you save £15!

The CBD kit is a great way to try a variety of CBD products without breaking the bank.

What makes our CBD relieve kits Special?

Each one of our CBD hapi kits have been specially curated to give our customers maximum results and benefits.

Each product in our CBD kits all benefit one another and these powerful combinations reach their full potential.

This CBD kit is a trio of CBD products that are designed to keep your body hapi! Whether it’s your joints, arms, legs, limbs, back or neck… this CBD kit can help.

Our CBD body oil can be poured into the bath – imagine a soak in CBD!? Its also very effective when massaging into larger areas such as your legs, arms and back. Perfect for warming up before exercise too.

The CBD roller is for the smaller areas and is our strongest CBD product in our CBD body care range. Can be rolled onto your temples, forehead, neck, hands, knees and feet. This powerful blend also features Turmeric, Boswellia and Arnica.

CBD patches can be placed anywhere, we suggest you place them where you need them the most. The CBD works throughout your body, but you will feel it the fastest wherever you place it.

So, a quick recap on what this CBD relieve kit contains:

CBD Patches

CBD patches allow you to target specific areas of the body. For example, if you have a particular area you are thinking about, you can apply the patch directly onto that area, so it receives the direct full flow of CBD fast. CBD patches allow for the steady and consistent delivery of CBD over the course of 24 hours and have the added bonus of a faster intense delivery. One day you may decide to apply the CBD patch to your arm, another day you may apply it to your shoulder – the choice is yours! You are in complete control!

CBD body oil
Lorraine Using CBD Patches

Our Swiss-made state of the art CBD patches offers a slow, steady release of premium CBD over 24 hours. Simply apply to the affected area and enjoy the benefits.

CBD Roller

A fast-acting super potent CBD roll on – packed full of CBD as well as some amazing essential oils. Due to the rollerball method, the CBD roller is easy to apply and there is no mess. You simply massage the roller ball around the areas you want to target with a CBD roller.

CBD Body oil

A warming CBD body that can be massaged into your body or used as a CBD bath soak.

The ingredients in this CBD oil have been chosen specifically for the effects we wanted to achieve.

Simply massage in wherever you need it and feel the gorgeous sensations and enjoy the wonderful scent.

Why buy hapihemp’s CBD relieve kit?

This CBD kit gives you a chance to try all three of these safe CBD products. These CBD products are made to love your body and to be kind to your body.

Also, the price is an incentive! If you brought each product separately it would cost you £57.97, this CBD relieve kit only costs £42.99 – a hapi saving of £15!

Why Lorraine thinks the CBD relieve kit is the best option…

This CBD kit is for anyone who isn’t keen on taking CBD orally or really wants some help with their body and is looking at CBD as an option.

Both our CBD body and CBD roller contain some beneficial essential oils which really gives our CBD a boost.

CBD is our passion and everything we sell goes through rigorous testing and comes with a full lab report. CBD became a big part of who we are after it changed our lives.

Both our stories are very different, but the fact remains that CBD has had a huge impact on both of us.

Our passion follows through into our kits and we have spent time curating them to meet specific needs and save you money.

CBD starter kits, CBD sleep kits, CBD rescue kits – we believe there is a CBD kit for everyone.

Vegan Friendly

Vegan Friendly

We ensure that all our products are vegan friendly, and our CBD Kits are no different. We make sure no animal products are found in our CBD Kits

100% Natural CBD Confidence Builder

100% Natural

Everything thing that we produce is in its natural form. Hemp is magical & there is no need to mess with nature. Natural products have stood the test of time & many of our ingredients have been used for thousands of years.

Made with Love

Made with Love

Many of our products are bespoke blends that we have worked on for a long time. We are both passionate about the power of plants & have carefully chosen essential oils that we believe compliment CBD & really made a difference.

Better Value for Money

Whenever you buy one of our Kits you are getting the same products but for a better value!

Not tested on Animals

Not Tested on Animals

None of our CBD products are tested on animals, we understand that in this day and age it is really important, and majority of customers do expect this.

CBD Relieve Kit: Frequently Asked Questions

How does this CBD kit work?

This CBD kit is made up of topical CBD products, so if oral CBD isn’t for you then this CBD kit is right for you. If you are looking for relief on the outside you have three of the best CBD products to do that. You have the CBD body oil for larger areas and to use in the bath. Our CBD roller is our strongest CBD and can be taken out and about with you. The CBD patches work transdermally and gives relief for 24 hours.

How many CBD products are in this CBD kit?

In this CBD kit, you have three CBD products, a pack of CBD patches, a CBD roller and a CBD body oil.

Who is this CBD kit good for?

Anyone who isn’t keen on taking any CBD orally and wants to benefit from using topical CBD.

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