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Lorraine explains why she thinks that the Starter Kit is the best option for beginners. Lorraine goes through the 3 products within this amazing kit and explains why they are the best products for you. There are 3 different products, each with a different way of taking CBD. Kits are the best value for money out there. Save up to 17%!

We made sure that our Starter Kits are:

  • Better value for money – You save up to 17% when you buy this kit!
  • Vegan friendly – so that everyone can enjoy them! Not tested on Animals
  • Super natural! hemp is magical and there is no need to mess with nature!
CBD Starter Kit - Start your CBD Journey
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Good to Know: hapihemp’s CBD Starter Kit

  • Savings of £10 (Compared to purchasing the CBD products separately)
  • GMP Certified – International standard.
  • Big savings – rather than buying individual products.
  • A complete CBD bundle that’s specifically designed for beginners.
  • Guaranteed concentration
  • Organically Produced – Free of heavy metals, pesticides & herbicides.
  • Using only organically grown hemp, this product is pesticide and solvent-free.
  • THC Free, giving you peace of mind if you have to take random drug tests.
  • Highest Industry Standards – Accredited and Approved.
  • All ingredients are GMO-free, vegan friendly & gluten-free.

What is a CBD Starter kit?

A CBD starter kit is a bundle of CBD products that have been designed with beginners in mind.

Each item in this CBD starter kit is of low strength which is ideal for anyone starting their CBD journey.

It gives you the chance to sample three different CBD products in three different ways. You have the CBD balm as a topical CBD product, the CBD oral drops that are taken sublingually and CBD patches that are placed onto your skin, rather like a hormone or nicotine patch.

And perhaps one of the biggest benefits… when purchasing a CBD starter kit, you also save money! It is much more cost-effective to buy a CBD starter kit rather than buy the CBD products individually.

With the CBD starter kit, you save OVER 17% which is a huge saving!

The CBD starter kit is a great way to try a variety of CBD products without breaking the bank.

What makes hapihemp’s CBD Starter Kit special?

Each one of our CBD hapi kits have been specially curated to give our customers maximum results and benefits.

For example, our CBD sleep kit contains our soothing CBD tea, a full-spectrum CBD oil and a warming CBD Body oil. When all three of these products are used together you have peace of mind that you are going to have optimum results.

Each product in our CBD kits all benefits one another and these powerful combinations reach their full potential.

This starter kit contains a wonderful trio of CBD products. You have the CBD balm to dab or rub wherever it is needed, this multi-purpose balm also contains some powerful essential oils which all have their own benefits. The ginger oil in a CBD balm really makes a difference and has a lovely warming, soothing effect when applied. The CBD patches are also included as this is now such a popular way to take CBD. They are so simple to use, as you just stick them on to wherever you feel you need them the most. The CBD will still work slowly and steadily through your body, however where you place the CBD patch will have the strongest effect. Our CBD patches come in packs of 6, 18 or 30, so with the six pack, you are able to try these and see how you get on.

Thirdly we have our CBD oil oral drops which are taken sublingually. In the CBD starter kit, you get a 2.5% CBD oil to start with. A 2.5% CBD oil is a great starting point as it’s our lowest dose CBD oil and ideal if you are trying CBD for the first time. Taking regular and consistent CBD drops each day is the best way to build slowly and should start bringing balance over the next few weeks.  If you feel you do need more then you can always increase your drop dose.

Then to round off your CBD starter kit we have also included a CBD handbook. This handbook contains everything you need to know about CBD. It will answer all of your questions and also cover some history of CBD. There is also information on all the different types of CBD products you can use and their benefits.

So, a quick recap of what this CBD Starter kit contains:

THC Free Oil

THC free CBD oil is 2.5% in strength and perfect for a CBD beginner. These oral drops are placed under the tongue for maximum absorption. All of our CBD oral drops have full lab reports and are independently tested. They are blended with an organic MCT oil which is filtered and purified and tastes really pleasant. You will see that all of our CBD oils are very clear, and this is down to the pure MCT base.

CBD Balm

A multi-purpose high strength CBD balm that can be used anywhere! From hands to lips and knees to cuticles–this tub of CBD hapiness has been created for fast-acting and effective results. This all-in-one CBD product is a powerful blend of premium CBD & essential oils from nature – all of which have been carefully selected by us to ensure an effective CBD balm. We have also included Shea butter to ensure fast absorption into your skin.

Boasting the natural benefits of Safflower, Orange oil, Ginger oil, and high strength CBD, it’s perfect for a targeted area.

CBD Patches

CBD patches allow you to target specific areas of the body. For example, if you have a particular area you are thinking about, you can apply the patch directly onto that area, so it receives the direct full flow of CBD fast. CBD patches allow for the steady and consistent delivery of CBD over the course of 24 hours and have the added bonus of a faster intense delivery. One day you may decide to apply the CBD patch to your arm, another day you may apply it to your shoulder – the choice is yours! You are in complete control!

Our Swiss-made state of the art CBD patches offer a slow, steady release of premium CBD over 24 hours. Simply apply to the affected area and enjoy the benefits.

CBD Handbook

A great CBD guide with all the information you need.

CBD Starter Kit - Start your CBD Journey
CBD Balm and Box
Lorraine Using CBD Patches

Why buy hapihemp’s CBD Starter Kit? 

We can’t think of a better alternative for anyone trying CBD for the first time. CBD isn’t cheap! There are hundreds of CBD products out there and it can be a minefield, so you need to ensure you are making a wise purchase and not wasting your hard-earned money.

By purchasing a CBD starter kit, you are saving money. If you were to buy these products individually it would work out much more expensive, however with the CBD starter kit you are getting really good value and saving over 30%.

It gives you the chance to find out if and what works for you and also it gives you the chance to try three different products.


Why Lorraine thinks the CBD starter kit is the best option…

“The CBD starter kit is the perfect one-stop kit, the three different items all have their own benefits, and the price point gives everyone the chance to try a variety of CBD products, something they may not have been able to before.

We sell a lot of the CBD Starter kits as gifts and what better gift is there than the gift of health and wellness!

I myself have given a few CBD starter kits as gifts and people love them. There is so much positivity in the press now about CBD as well as millions of people talking about the benefits of CBD, that most people now are intrigued and want to try CBD.

Our multipurpose body oil was the answer as you can use it on the skin and in the bath! This oil gets lathered all over… legs, arms, tummy, chest! Not only is it helping my skin and joints it also leaves a soft scent all day long which is down to the fabulous essential oils. For me, this is a fantastic 2 in 1 CBD product!”

CBD is our passion and everything we sell goes through rigorous testing and comes with a full lab report. CBD became a big part of who we are after it changed our lives.

Both our stories are very different, but the fact remains that CBD has had a huge impact on both of us.

Our passion follows through into our kits and we have spent time curating them to meet specific needs and save you money.

CBD starter kits, CBD sleep kits, CBD rescue kits – we believe there is a CBD kit for everyone.

Vegan Friendly

Vegan Friendly

We ensure that all our products are vegan friendly, and our CBD Kits are no different. We make sure no animal products are found in our CBD Kits.

100% Natural CBD Confidence Builder

100% Natural

Everything thing that we produce is in its natural form. Hemp is magical & there is no need to mess with nature. Natural products have stood the test of time & many of our ingredients have been used for thousands of years.

Made with Love

Made with Love

Many of our products are bespoke blends that we have worked on for a long time. We are both passionate about the power of plants & have carefully chosen essential oils that we believe compliment CBD & really made a difference.

Better Value for Money

Whenever you buy one of our Kits you are getting the same products but for a better value!

Not tested on Animals

Not Tested on Animals

None of our CBD products are tested on animals, we understand that in this day and age it is really important, and majority of customers do expect this.

CBD Starter Kit: Frequently Asked Questions

What is a CBD starter kit?

CBD Starter kits can also be referred to as CBD bundles or a CBD starter set.

They are a collection of products, in either different tasting CBD products or different CBD delivery methods such as CBD gummies or CBD cream.

CBD starter kits are a great way to try a variety of CBD products so you can test them and see what works for you.

What does a CBD starter kit have in it?

Each CBD starter kit contains a 2.5% CBD oil oral drops, a six pack of CBD patches and a CBD handbook.

How much is a CBD Starter kit?

Our CBD starter kit costs just £49.99. If you brought the products separately it would cost you £59.99, so you are saving £10!

Why is buying a CBD starter kit better for me?

You have three products to try, in particular, it gives you the chance to see if the CBD oil oral drops or the CBD patches work better for you. You also get the chance to try a CBD cream. CBD topical products are still underrated, yet we personally think they are fantastic and very effective.

You also get a CBD handbook inside the CBD starter kit which is very helpful and great to refer to. And of course, you are making a big saving!

Is a CBD starter kit only for CBD beginners?

No – if you are happy with a 2.5% CBD oil then the CBD Starter kit is continuous good value

Can I swap around the items in the CBD starter kit?

No – each CBD starter kit is how it’s advertised on our website.

Where should I start with CBD?

If you haven’t tried CBD before, then we would always a CBD starter kit. They are extremely cost-effective and gives you the opportunity to see what you like and what works well for you.

Our CBD handbook is also really helpful and can answer most questions you may have. The CBD handbook is included in the CBD starter kit.

5 reviews for CBD Starter Kit – The hapi Kit

  1. 5.00 out of 5

    Elliott Witt

    I am new to the world of CBD and this kit was perfect for me. Thank you

  2. 5.00 out of 5

    alan butler

    New to CBD and found this a great starting point.

  3. 5.00 out of 5

    Hazel Semple

    I am delighted with my Hapi Hemp CBD Starter Kit. It is my first time trying CBD and I found the starter guide a fantastic help. The products are fabulous, I have found relief with the patches and the balm is a great on face and body, particularly dry skin areas. I am using the drops every day and will definitely be purchasing again, highly recommend!

  4. 5.00 out of 5


    I have been using the Hapi Hemp for a while now, and was so happy to see this starter pack,, so I can try some extra products, also brought a couple of extra packs for my friends.

  5. Will Sibley

    This CBD Starter Kit gave me everything I needed to enjoy the benefits of CBD. I was new to CBD so it was a great starting point. Thanks ladies!

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