Local chiropractor sees positive results after using hapihemp CBD Oil for massages

I’m a fully qualified sports massage and pregnancy massage therapist and have been working at Broadway Chiropractic Clinic in Peterborough for 19 years. I would like to share with you all some exciting results I’m seeing with my CBD oil massages.

By Jo Gardiner

I was very excited when we started stocking the hapihemp CBD Oil products at the clinic, not least because I use these products myself as I have had multiple sclerosis (MS) for 22 years, but also due to the great feedback that is emerging from patients who are enjoying these massages at the clinic.

There’s still testing being carried out on CBD Oil, but the results being reported back to me are speaking for themselves!

In Parkinson’s there is a reduction in the production of dopamine (the feel-good hormone) in the brain. His walking (shuffling) also improves after the massage and his neck spasms have reduced greatly, too!

Whilst this could be because I’ve loosened his muscles manually, it could also be because of the natural anti-inflammatory properties of hapihemp CBD Oil. He definitely has a much greater sense of relaxation and happiness after this oil is used for the massage, compared to any using a normal massage oil! Unlike a normal massage when I would wipe the skin afterwards, with CBD I don’t wipe, and I advise not to shower after the massage until morning to let the oil soak in.

When you come to the clinic, we ask you to purchase the oil from us which you then take away and bring back every time you want a massage! So, you can even try massaging your partner at home too!

Broadway Chiropractic clinic – 01733 562638


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