hapi CBD Health and Wellness Kits with hapi savings!

Our Hapi Health & wellness CBD kits have been curated to meet your specific health & wellness needs as well as saving you money!

If you’re looking for a gift that is unique and offers something a little different then these are also perfect!


The hapi hand fixer kit

Worth over £14.98

These handbag-sized bottles are perfect for modern life as we know it. Our CBD based hand cream is blended with some powerful essential oils, it not only treats and replenishes hands and nails but will also aid with text fingers – (stiff hands and fingers from being on your phone too much!)

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The hapi Chic Duo

Worth over £29.98

A little comfort on the go!

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The hapi Power Up Kit!

Worth over £44

Supercharge your health with this smart duo that incorporates a supercharged CBD superfood mix and our most potent CBD topical product.

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The Soothe & Relieve hapi Kit

Worth over £49

This wonderful duo has been designed to help treat and relax different areas of your body in two effective treatments.  Our bodies are put to the test every day and these two topical combinations are the perfect solution to help keep your joints and body hapi.

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The hapi Dreams Sleep Kit

Worth over £84

Each element of this kit has been chosen to give you every chance of achieving your best night yet. By incorporating our full spectrum CBD oral drops, CBD Tranquil loose tea and our serene warming massage oil, you will be heading for a satisfying CBD infused sleep routine.

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The hapi Damsel in Distress Rescue Kit

Worth over £99
One for the ladies!

We have the soothing element with our roller, ideal for temples, forehead, neck, knees & feet, the super boost from our Superfood CBD mix & the handy must-haves with our hand & nail CBD treatment.

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The hapi Recoveri Support Kit

Worth over £100

This potent trio has been put together to help the framework of your body stay in good working order.

Whether it’s wear & tear, age, sport & fitness, the structure of our body can take a battering!

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The hapi hemp Collective Kit

Worth over £142

By investing in yourself you can become the best version of yourself. This platinum CBD kit is a great opportunity for you to have a full CBD experience. Each CBD product has its benefits & once you start incorporating CBD into your life you will never look back!

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