Who are we?


Sam Day –

Life has been very challenging for me over the years, even to the point of being at the brink of losing my life on more than one occasion.

When I started adding CBD to my daily health regime I was stunned by the improvement in my quality of life and actually started being able to live life fully again.

The significant difference that CBD made to my own situation inspired me to share my passion about the benefits with other people, and it was through these conversations that I and Lorraine realised we shared this passion.

Lorraine and I then decided to plan ways in which we could help to convey more about CBD to others and help them on their quest for wellness too.

We wanted to create a place where people like us could find and buy safe and genuine, high-quality CBD products. It was from our work endeavouring to further these initial ideas and ideals, that our exciting journey began.

A short time later, in February 2019, hapihemp was born!


Lorraine Clark –

I first started to look into information about CBD five years ago. At that time, it wasn’t even available in the UK, so I read some testimonials on a women’s social media group that I was a member of.

My health and wellness issues escalated after having children. As I got older, I was losing half of every month of my life. I went through so many options over the years but nothing helped.

Due to the lack of information available, I was very cautious when introduced to the prospect of using CBD, but by that point, I was willing to try anything!

It doesn’t perform miracles, however, by using CBD as part of my health and wellness routine, I finally have my life back and everything is much more manageable.

I have always been passionate about women’s health. It’s encouraging to see that female hormonal issues are finally being recognised and that women are being given the support and supplements that are needed.

Mike Circle

Professor Mike Barnes – Consultant

Professor Mike Barnes is a consultant neurologist and medical cannabis expert who has dedicated his career to the development of neurological rehabilitation and medical cannabis awareness, education and clinical excellence.

In 2018, he was the first UK doctor to successfully negotiate a medical cannabis prescription from the Government, for Alfie Dingley.

A respected medical cannabis expert, speaker and educator worldwide, Professor Mike Barnes brings his expertise and support to hapihemp.
Author of more than a dozen books and 100 academic papers, Professor Mike Barnes’ latest book, The Beginner’s Guide to Medical Cannabis is available to buy and download from Amazon.

Hannah Circle

Hannah Deacon –

Alfie (Hannah’s son) started having seizures at eight months old which progressively got worse with age. He is diagnosed with PCDH19. The only treatment which worked for Alfie was IV steroids. He was having up to 25 doses a month by the time he was 5 as his condition was getting progressively worse. IV steroids are extremely dangerous to give on a regular, long term basis.

After researching alternative treatments for epilepsy, Hannah, along with her family, took Alfie to Holland in 2017 to be treated by a Paediatric Neurologist with medical cannabis as a last-ditch attempt to save his life.

The medicine worked, but they came home in February 2018, as money had run out but without knowing how to get him his medicine in the UK.

After a long-fought four-month battle working alongside End Our Pain and the Government, Alfie’s doctor Professor Mike Barnes, was issued with the first-ever personal schedule one license to prescribe medical cannabis in the UK on 19 June 2018. On this day the Home Secretary also announced the review into medical cannabis which helped lead to the law change. On 1 November 2018, the law was changed so full extract cannabis oil can be prescribed on the NHS by specialist clinicians. Alfie now has the first legal NHS prescription in the UK.

The campaign which Hannah and End Our Pain ran, played a huge role in ensuring the law was changed and we are very proud of this.

Alfie remains extremely well thanks to securing his prescription and enjoys a full and happy life. Medical Cannabis is not a cure, but it is an amazing treatment for Alfie. My work is now to advocate for those that need medical cannabis on prescription. I support 18 families who are all desperate for help. There are many thousands more, I know what it is like to suffer from a very poorly child and I will do all I can to be the voice for these families and try to ensure they can access medical cannabis on prescription through the NHS.


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