CBD Wellness Kits

Our hapi health & wellness CBD kits have been curated to meet specific needs, they also save you money!
hapi hemp’s CBD health & wellness kits are our most effective & best-selling products packaged up into specially curated sets with big savings.
Our customers’ needs have been at the forefront of our minds when we have designed these, in both effectiveness and cost.
Each kit comes in a beautifully designed kit box & also make a wonderful gift for someone.

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hapi Chic Kit

5.00 out of 5

A handbag essential for some light relief on the go & glowing skin!

Perfect for…

  • Ladies who will appreciate some light relief!
  • Workers & dancers who spend time on their feet.
  • Someone who is looking to soothe their temples & forehead.
  • The perfect night out companion – our versatile roller is great for temples & feet.  A super soother for the next morning!
  • Just 5 skin loving ingredients in our face oil, blended with essential oils – lemon, grapefruit and mint with a non-greasy formula
  • Our face oil is ideal for young or un hapi skin
  • A thoughtful gift for someone special

hapi Sleep Kit

5.00 out of 5

Specifically designed for your night-time routine

A wonderful way to change your evening routine & take full advantage of all the benefits that CBD has to offer. Brew & enjoy your CBD tea, then massage all over this wonderful CBD body oil.

This CBD bundle is great value & will save you £££.

Each CBD sleep kit contains:

  • CBD oral drops – full spectrum CBD oil – 5%.
  • CBD calming tea – a loose delicious CBD tea.
  • CBD body oil – a soothing blend of essential oils& CBD.
  • Fabric eye mask – to keep out the light!

hapi CBD Starter Kit

Start your journey on CBD with a hapi CBD starter kit!

Designed to provide the perfect introduction to premium & safe CBD products & to give you a chance to try a variety of CBD delights.
The CBD starter kit includes our best-selling oral drops, CBD balm & 24-hour CBD patches.
This CBD bundle is great value & will save you £££.
Each CBD starter kit contains:

  • CBD oral drops – THC Free Broad Spectrum CBD Oil – 2.5%
  • The hapi CBD patch – 6 pack 24-hour CBD patches
  • Multi-purpose CBD balm

hapi CBD Rescue Kit

A powerful oral & topical combination – Created for those who want help inside & out.
A great choice for fans of the potent ingredients: Turmeric, Black pepper & Ginger.
Our capsules are completely natural & vegan friendly, a really simple way to take 4 of nature’s most powerful ingredients daily & our balm is the perfect size to go anywhere.
This CBD bundle is great value & will save you £13!

Each CBD rescue kit contains:

  • CBD+ capsules
  • CBD multi-purpose balm

hapi CBD Wellbeing Kit

Designed for health & wellness with a combination of our best-selling products, including CBD skincare & our famous CBD tea.

This CBD kit gives you the chance to benefit from a range of our products both orally & topically without pulling at the purse strings.

This CBD bundle is great value & will save you £££.

Each CBD wellbeing kit contains:

  • CBD+ roller – high concentrate roll-on
  • hapi Face CBD+ Facial Oil Treatment – face & scalp.
  • CBD calming tea – a loose delicious CBD tea.
  • CBD oral drops – full-spectrum CBD oil – 5%

hapi Relieve Kit

5.00 out of 5

A flexible combination designed to treat your body.

Perfect for…

  • Relief on the go
  • Targeted relief with the hapi CBD patch!
  • Unhapi hands & feet
  • Soothing your body
  • Runners & gym bunnies
  • Pre & post workout
  • A thoughtful gift