One of the best multi-functional CBD Balms!

Topical CBD products can help address problems in specific areas of our body, such as your joints. Our bodies get worked a lot more than we realise and it’s time to give our bodies some relief.

We decided to make the CBD Balm and ease-of-use product for our customers. It’s simple and effective – we also loved the idea of using something that was more multifunctional as well as soothing.

Just recently our CBD hand cream was included in the 11 best CBD skincare products on the well-respected Indy/Best guide in The Independent. Which is an amazing endorsement!

However, we decided to remove the Hand & Nail cream off our website and replace it with the CBD Balm as it is not restricted for use of hands and can be applied wherever you see fit.

Our CBD Balm

This intense multi-functional Balm contains powerful essential oils and CBD, making it an all-in-one treatment that can really help target specific areas.

Our CBD balm is suitable for all ages & skin types. It is also designed to be applied topically to any area of your body for optimum relief.

For thousands of years, people have recognised the beneficial properties that the use of essential oils for reasons such as health & wellness can bring, so just imagine the power of these wonderful plants once they have been blended and had CBD added to them!!!

Our potent formula boasts 250mg of CBD along with a natural blend of Safflower seed oil, Shea butter, Ginger extract, and orange oil all of which are extremely soothing. We also love the smell of our CBD Balms!

This has been a personal creation from start to finish for us and we are delighted to have created something that we know will help so many of you.

Whilst we are on the topic of topical products – why not look at our hapi CBD Patches. Convenient & discreet, simply stick on and enjoy the benefits – 24 hours of hapi relief!

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