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Why CBD may not be working for you

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We love hearing back from our customers about how much our CBD has helped them. CBD products have finally gone mainstream, and sales are soaring which is great news.

But for some there is still some pessimism about CBD products, some believe there is no such magic potion that is a cure-all, so they won’t try it and for some – CBD hasn’t worked for them.

The truth is CBD isn’t a miracle cure-all product, if it was, we would be retired by now! However, we are quietly confident that CBD will bring some benefits. For some people, it’s huge benefits and for others it’s subtle.

So, let’s look at why CBD doesn’t work for everyone…

Why doesn’t CBD work for me?

We don’t like hearing this but being totally transparent it can happen so it’s important to investigate why CBD may not have worked for you.

There are many reasons that CBD may not have helped you in the way you were expecting and here we have created a list that should hopefully explain a little more.


7 reasons why CBD may not have worked for you

1 – Not taking every day.

CBD is like other health supplements and should be incorporated into your daily wellness routine unless you are advised otherwise. Many people just have a couple of drops of CBD oil when they need it the most. Or they may pop a CBD gummy every now and then when they are struggling.

CBD will not give you the maximum results if this is the case. Once you understand how CBD interacts with your endocannabinoid system, it will start to make sense why it’s important to take it consistently.

Therefore, our CBD gummies come in bags of 30, our CBD capsules are in tubs of 60. Everything we sell we create with consistency in mind. Our CBD patches are available in 3 different sizes, and this is because with CBD patches we think some people would like to try a small pack first.

But whether it’s a CBD oil, CBD capsule, CBD balm or CBD roller – try to embrace these wonderful CBD products each day.

2 – Not placing the CBD oil drops under the tongue.

As much as our instructions make this so clear and with all of our promotional material, some people still place the oil drops on top of their tongue! It is really important that you place the CBD oil underneath and hold it for at least 90 seconds. When you first do this, it may feel a little strange, but after a few days, it will become second nature. Also do not brush your teeth straight after.

If you struggle with the taste/consistency of CBD oil drops, then look at our alternatives. We have CBD capsules, CBD gummies, CBD patches, CBD tea and an array of CBD topical products.

3 – You may have taken too much CBD or have gone for a high strength CBD product that is too strong for you.

One of our favourite sayings at hapihemp is… ‘START LOW GO SLOW’.

CBD isn’t a supplement that you can just simply fill your boots on! If you are new to CBD, then we always suggest starting with a low strength CBD product. Our CBD starter kit has been created for everyone that is just starting out on their CBD journey. In each CBD starter kit, you get:

  • A low dose CBD oil
  • A CBD balm
  • Pack of 6 CBD patches
  • A CBD handbook.

If you take too much CBD too soon, it actually has an adverse effect, and it can often make the symptoms you were taking the CBD for in the first place worse.

For example – if you wanted some CBD products to help with your sleep routine, then too much CBD could keep you awake.  A good option would be our CBD sleep kit, which has everything in there you need for a good night’s rest.

4 – Inferior CBD product

Not all CBD products are equal and can be an expensive mistake. All of our CBD products are fully tested and certified, but there are many CBD companies out there that are not.

Before purchasing a CBD product, make sure that you can see full lab reports for any CBD products that you will be ingesting. Always do your research before just buying the cheapest CBD product. CBD products are not cheap, so do not be fooled by clever marketing.

5 – You may need a different delivery method.

Everyone is built differently and what works for one doesn’t work for all.

Try another if you have found that one particular CBD product hasn’t worked for you.

You may find that your body tolerates topical CBD products rather than oral. We have customers that haven’t got on with ingesting CBD, but their bodies love our CBD body oil or CBD balm.

Some customers love our CBD patches as they simply have to just stick one on each day.

Others find the CBD capsules work really well and swear by the added Turmeric, Ginger and Black pepper.

If you haven’t got on with one product, don’t lose faith, just experiment a little.

6 – You may need more time.

For some, CBD can make a difference within hours, for others it can be weeks.

Give it time, a good couple of months at least. If you are unsure, stop using CBD for a few days and monitor how you feel. This obviously depends on what you are taking CBD for, but if you are using CBD for a particular area of your body, then those few days you stop, focus on how that are feels – has it got worse? The reason we suggest this is CBD can be subtle and it’s managing your expectations. It may be working but because it’s subtle you haven’t appreciated the difference.

7 – You are taking the wrong dose.

CBD products have many variations. It all depends on you as a person, your build, your health, and your lifestyle. We spoke earlier about starting low if you are a beginner. But as time goes on you may need to increase the strength. Our CBD oils range from 2.5 % to 40% CBD oil. Our gummies come in a 10mg pack and a 25mg pack. If you find the lower doses are not working, then look at increasing the amount you take or use or increase the strength.


CBD is a wonderful supplement; it changed our lives and it’s something we passionately believe in so we want everyone to experience the same benefits that we did.

Sometimes it’s simply a case of listening to your body. When I tell people to stop taking CBD for a couple of weeks they question why! But it’s a great way to find out if the CBD has made a difference. My hairdresser was adamant that CBD hadn’t worked for her. But after stopping for a couple of weeks she was back to struggling in the mornings again and then realised what a difference it had made.

Just remember – pay close attention to your mind and body and focus on the areas that you are taking CBD for. If you not achieving the results, you were expecting then look at your dose, try taking your CBD at a different time of day, and look at the delivery method of your CBD.


We hope this article helps you and answers some questions.

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