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What strength of CBD do I need?

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How to work out what strength CBD I need

If you haven’t been around CBD long, just something as simple as knowing what strength each CBD product is can be confusing as CBD companies often display this information differently.  When I first started out on my CBD journey, I was very confused – but fear not!  I eventually got the hang of it and here at hapihemp, we want to ensure that we keep things as easy to understand as possible to help you to avoid the toothache of working it all out for yourself.

One of the most popular questions from people looking at CBD is ‘What strength of CBD do I need?’

Before we even look at the strength of different products, the first thing you should know is that the Food Standards Agency (FSA) recommend that CBD is taken at a maximum daily dose of no more than 70mg per day.  So whenever choosing your dose, keep this in mind.  To do this effectively, you will need to know how many milligrams (mg) of CBD are in each product that you use. So, whether it’s CBD patches that you use or a CBD oil, we will cover them all.

As a baseline, most of our customers start out using around 10/15mg of CBD per day of CBD oils and then top up with CBD skincare product or perhaps our CBD Tranquil Tea.  Of course, CBD oil is not for everyone, and other customers prefer our CBD gummies, CBD capsules or CBD patches as their daily way to get their CBD.  Everyone is unique and our bodies are too.  What works for one person, doesn’t necessarily work for another.  So, the key to finding your success with CBD is trying different products to see what works best for you.  This is why we created our CBD Starter Kit, to give our customers the opportunity to try a selection of products at a really good price!

So, keep in mind that most customers start at around 10/15mg of CBD oil per day (topped up with our tea or skincare) and that the FSA recommend no more than 70mg of CBD daily.  Here are how our products work out……

10ml bottles of CBD Oil

2.5% means there is 250mg of CBD per 10ml bottle. With approximately 200 drops per bottle, this gives you 1.25mg of CBD per drop.

5% means there is 500mg of CBD per 10ml bottle. With approximately 200 drops per bottle, this gives you 2.5mg of CBD per drop

15% means there is 1500mg of CBD per 10ml bottle. With approximately 200 drops per bottle, this gives you 7.5mg of CBD per drop

40% means there is 4000mg of CBD per 10ml bottle. With approximately 200 drops per bottle, this gives you a whopping 20mg of CBD per drop

As a side note and a good point to remember when shopping for CBD oil, for bottles larger than 10ml, this information can be misleading, and some CBD companies have been known to do this purposely!  250mg of CBD in a 30ml bottle would not be as strong as 250mg of CBD in a 10ml bottle.  The strength would reduce for a larger size bottle so you may think you’re getting a bargain, when in fact you are getting a weaker oil.

This is when knowing the % comes into play.  2.5% strength in a 10ml bottle and 2.5% strength in a 10ml bottle will be the same strength as each other.

At hapihemp, we currently sell only 10ml bottles to keep it as simple as possible for you to understand and remember if you are unsure of the quality, you can always ask to see a lab report for your CBD oil, so you know exactly what is in it.


CBD Capsules are much simpler and have 20mg of CBD per capsule along with some added natural and very beneficial ingredients.

CBD Tranquil Tea is 10mg of CBD per teaspoon and not only tastes great but is packed with so many wonderful complimentary beneficial herbs. One of our favourites!

CBD Gummies are a sweet and tasty treat yet all-natural and have 10mg of CBD per CBD gummy

High Strength CBD Gummies have a whopping 25mg of CBD per CBD gummy

CBD Patches

CBD Patches are simple, easy to use and gently release 20mg of CBD per patch over 24 hours.

CBD patches are now becoming one of the most popular CBD products out there and our CBD patches are one of our best sellers.

Topical CBD

CBD creams and CBD body oils can make such a difference and it’s great to see topical CBD products get the recognition they deserve.

All of our CBD skincare range is loaded with some powerful essential oils that really add to the benefits that topical CBD can bring. We believe that essential oils really empower the CBD to do the best job it can!

The dosage is a little more difficult to work out individually as it will vary depending on how much you use, but to give you a rough idea…

CBD Body Oil has 250mg of CBD per 100ml bottle.  That gives you 2.5mg of CBD per 1ml application.

CBD Balm has 250mg of CBD per 50ml jar.  That gives you 5mg of CBD per 1ml application.

CBD Facial Oil Treatment has 75mg of CBD per 30ml bottle and the dropper has a measure included which makes this much easier to work out.  1ml application will give you 2.5mg of CBD.

As a comparison, our CBD Oil Roller is our strongest topical product which has 300mg of CBD per 10ml bottle.  That gives you a mighty 30mg of CBD per 1ml application or 15mg of CBD per .5ml application.  Because of the design of the roller, each application to your temples, ankles, neck or wrists would actually be much less, so please bear in mind that this is just to give you an idea for comparison.  This wonderful little bottle of oil really packs a punch and is another favourite at hapihemp!

So, reviewing the strength of all these products, you can see that it’s entirely possible to use more than one CBD product to complement another at the same time.

An Example of How You Can Use CBD

An example could be that you start your day with 2 drops of 5% CBD oil and apply 2ml of CBD body oil as part of your morning routine.  This would give you 10mg of CBD.  Later in the day, in mid-afternoon, you may top up with another 2 drops of 5% CBD oil, giving you another 5mg of CBD.  Then you end your day with a soothing cup of CBD Tea to help wind down, giving you another 10mg of CBD. Overall, you have had 25mg throughout the day.  Not even close to the FSA’s maximum recommendation yet!

Another example may be that you start your day applying a CBD patch after your morning shower (slowly releasing 20mg of CBD), then apply our CBD Roller to your ankles, knees, hip or shoulder (15mg of CBD) and use our CBD  Facial Oil Treatment on your face and neck to help start your day with a glow (2.5mg of CBD).  Mid-afternoon you may fancy a pick me up and grab yourself a gummy after lunch (10mg).  Overall you have still only had 47.5mg of CBD.  You can take advantage and grab a cup of CBD tea to help settle in for the night!

At hapihemp, we designed all of our products to complement each other and to ensure you get the best overall benefit possible.  Some products work more quickly than others for when you want a quick fix and for some products, you just keep topping up and they work wonderfully throughout the day. Micro dosing is the best way to take CBD oils. This just means spread your dose throughout the day, morning, afternoon and evening – whichever works best for you and your body.  Everyone differs so just listen to your body and adjust if you feel the way you take your CBD doesn’t quite work to its best for you.

At hapihemp, we kept you in mind when designing all of our packaging to ensure you can easily read exactly what you are getting in each of our products.  We don’t like it when we don’t know what’s in a product and so wanted to ensure you do.  Minimum confusion was the aim!

For more information about CBD take a look at some of our other blogs: 5 tips for buying safe CBD online in the UK, and Your CBD questions answered.



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