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The Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society

The Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society

With an increasing interest in health and wellness worldwide, it is no surprise that Cannabidiol (CBD) has been gaining significant attention for its potential therapeutic benefits. Amid the growing catalogue of CBD products and growing consumer curiosity, there is a critical need for reputable bodies to guide the industry. Enter the Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society (MCCS), a leading organisation shaping the narrative around medical cannabis, including CBD.

The upcoming sections of this article will provide an in-depth exploration of the MCCS, highlight some of its key members, its role as an authority in the medical cannabis industry, and the importance of its accreditation for CBD businesses. This comprehensive understanding is crucial for anyone seeking to navigate the complex landscape of CBD, whether as a consumer, healthcare provider, or business entity. Let us delve into the intricate organisation which is the MCCS and its pivotal role in the medical cannabis industry.

Overview of the Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society

History of MCCS

The MCCS was established with a clear objective to foster the understanding and application of cannabis for medicinal purposes. Founded on principles of patient welfare and the highest standards for scientific research and implementation, the society aims to introduce the responsible usage of medical cannabis, based on solid evidence, across all areas of healthcare.

Scope of MCCS Activities

The MCCS undertakes a broad range of initiatives that extend beyond mere advocacy. The society spearheads numerous educational programs to ensure that clinicians remain informed of the latest scientific developments in the field. Furthermore, it actively contributes to research efforts to expand the body of knowledge on medical cannabis and its applications. Advocacy also forms a substantial part of MCCS’s work, seeking policy amendments to ensure wider access for patients who can benefit from medical cannabis.

The Working Model of MCCS

The MCCS’s efficacy comes from its extensive collaboration with clinicians, researchers, and industry partners. By developing and nurturing a network of experts, the society ensures a comprehensive understanding of the medical cannabis field. In addition, the MCCS is actively involved in shaping regulations and policies, thereby playing a crucial role in maintaining a patient-centric, ethical, and safe medical cannabis industry.

Now that we have a rudimentary understanding of the MCCS, it’s important to delve further into its authority within the medical cannabis industry. The subsequent sections will elucidate this aspect in detail.

Key Members of the MMCS

Professor Mike Barnes

Professor Mike Barnes is the first UK doctor to successfully negotiate the prescription of medical cannabis from the government. The patient that Mike fought for is called Alfie Dingley. This achievement has made Professor Mike Barnes a recognised powerful and influential voice in medical cannabis policy in Europe. Professor Mike Barnes is the President of the MCCS committee.

Hannah Deacon

Hannah the mother of Alfie. This experience made Hannah a dedicated patient advocate. Hannah now fights to overcome barriers to medical cannabis in the UK. Hannah does this by supporting better education to ensure that patients across the UK get the access they need and the help they deserve; just like her son did. Hannah is the Executive Director of the MCCS committee.    

Dr Dani Gordon

Dr Dani Gordon is a world-leading expert in CBD, cannabis wellness, brain wellness and stress resilience. Dr Gordon is an educator and consultant for clinical research in cannabidiol medicine, working with researchers from all parts of the globe. Dr Dani Gordon is the Vice-Chair of the MCCS committee.

The Authority of MCCS in the Medical Cannabis Industry

MCCS’s Expertise in the Field

The foundation of MCCS’s authority is its deep-seated expertise in medical cannabis. This expertise originates from a team of experienced clinicians and researchers who are steadfast in their commitment to evidence-based knowledge. As a result, the information and guidance provided by the MCCS are rooted in scientific research and rigorous data analysis, ensuring the highest level of accuracy and reliability.

Guidelines and Standards set by the MCCS

As a leading authority, the MCCS is responsible for establishing comprehensive guidelines and standards that form the benchmark for quality and safety in the medical cannabis industry. These guidelines are critical in shaping responsible and ethical practices. This creates a standard of care that industry stakeholders are expected to adhere to, thus ensuring patient safety and efficacy of treatment.

MCCS’s Influence on Policy and Regulation

The MCCS’s authority extends to policy-making and regulatory frameworks. The society uses its research findings and industry expertise to influence changes in policies and regulations, fostering a more robust and effective medical cannabis industry. From prescription guidelines to patient access policies, the MCCS’s impact is evident in numerous facets of industry governance.

Having examined the authority of the MCCS in the medical cannabis industry, it is equally important to understand the relevance of MCCS accreditation for CBD businesses. The following section will elaborate on this.

Significance of MCCS Accreditation for CBD Businesses

Implications of MCCS Accreditation

Accreditation by the MCCS serves as a key indicator of a CBD business’s commitment to best practices and standards of quality. Obtaining such accreditation involves meeting strict criteria set by the MCCS, reflecting a strong commitment to ethical business practices, safety, and quality assurance. This certification is therefore a symbol of reliability in the industry.

Advantages of MCCS Accreditation

For CBD businesses, MCCS accreditation extends beyond a mere certification; it delivers reputational benefits. Firstly, it enhances the credibility and trustworthiness of the business in the eyes of consumers seeking safe and effective CBD products. Secondly, accreditation paves the way for strategic growth opportunities within the industry, promoting collaboration and networking with other MCCS-certified entities.


The benefits of MCCS accreditation can be observed in us, hapihemp. We’ve always held ourselves in high esteem because of our range of high-quality, ethically sourced CBD products. MCCS recognised that and awarded us with their accreditation, and our MCCS accreditation has played a big role in our recent growth and success.

The MCCS accreditation has not only improved our customers’ trust but also opened new avenues of business for us, through working with new suppliers and retailers. This shows the importance of such accreditation in sparking and developing growth and success.

Having discussed the MCCS’s role and its accreditation’s implications, we will now consolidate our findings and summarize the key takeaways.


Through this exploration of the Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society (MCCS), we have shed light on its central role within the medical cannabis industry, particularly concerning Cannabidiol (CBD) products.

Our discussion began with an overview of the MCCS, highlighting its history, scope of activities, and operational model. Then we highlighted some of the key members of the MCCS, Professor Mike Barnes, Hannah Deacon and Dr Dani Gordon. All with their own unique expertise in the medical cannabis industry.

We then delved into its authority within the industry, focusing on the society’s expertise in the field, its established standards and guidelines, and its significant influence on policy and regulation.

We also examined the critical importance of MCCS accreditation for CBD businesses, demonstrated through the case of us, hapihemp. This certification, we learned, not only boosts credibility but also facilitates strategic growth and industry collaborations.

In summary, the MCCS is more than just a society; it is a key driver in ensuring the safety, effectiveness, and accessibility of medical cannabis. By setting high industry standards, influencing policy, and granting accreditation, it plays a pivotal role in the medical cannabis landscape. As consumers, healthcare providers, or businesses, the MCCS is an essential point of reference in the realm of medical cannabis.

The exploration of the Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society (MCCS) in this article should not signify an endpoint, but rather the beginning of a broader pursuit of understanding and engagement.

With the newfound knowledge of the MCCS, its authority in the medical cannabis industry, and the impact of its accreditation on CBD businesses, you are now well-equipped to delve deeper into this field. Therefore, I strongly encourage you to explore the MCCS further.

Furthermore, you have a role to play in elevating the standards within the CBD industry. The significance of MCCS accreditation cannot be overstated, and spreading awareness of its importance is crucial. Sharing this article and the knowledge therein with your professional and personal networks will ensure a wider understanding of what it means to choose MCCS-accredited CBD products.

Finally, your engagement and feedback are invaluable. We invite you to share your thoughts and insights on this subject matter in the comment section below. Start a conversation and contribute to the ongoing discourse in this field.

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