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Lorraine – What Self Care Means to me

Lorraine - Self-Care

Like many people, I used to view self-care as a luxury and when I say a luxury, I mean Real SELFCARE that actually helps your well-being both mentally and physically.

I’m really good at maintenance self-care… as in keeping on top of my skincare regime, hair and nails! I am a self-confessed product junkie, particularly with skincare products. It was one of the reasons we introduced a CBD cream, I wanted to use one!

If someone had talked to me a few years ago about self-care, I would have probably rolled my eyes and assumed that it was a fad or a hippy type of thing to do!

However, over the past 5 years in particular I have grown to realise that self-care is critical, and I think right or wrongly… important as you get older.

In my younger carefree days, I always worked in a busy, high-pressured environment and even though it could leave you feeling overwhelmed and burnout at times, I could cope as I had youth on my side and I thrived on the pressure, to be honest.

Fast forwards to now, it’s much tougher! If I don’t sleep well, I struggle to get through the day without hurting someone!

I have learnt that self-care now means being healthy both in mind and body so that I feel well, I have the energy to do my job well and take care of my family and others. Selfcare is part of the answer to how we can all cope better with daily demands.

I have learnt that all the stress relievers in the world will not help if you are not taking care of yourself properly… FACT!

So, I’m going to cover some of the things that I do and are important to me to function at my best.


Everyone that knows me knows I am obsessed with drinking water… I am evangelical about it! To me, it’s something that makes a huge difference, and it is free.

It is amazing for our skin, and it also makes us feel better. I am always shocked when people say they never drink plain water and view tea, coffee, and juices as hydration.

I always start the day off with water, I like hot water and drink boiled water mainly, I find it soothing and if for some reason I don’t have enough, my body knows about it, and I feel sick and headachy.

Switch off at night-time

Now, this has taken me a while! I had slipped into some bad habits over the past 5 years, for example, going to bed and then sitting and looking at my phone. I have never been one to go straight to sleep, but I found myself gradually reading my phone first rather than my book. After struggling with sleep, I started drinking our calming CBD tea early evening which helped me start to unwind and I now put my phone firmly away and read my book. It is hard sometimes, but I realised my concentration levels were becoming so poor, I could even concentrate on my book.

In my 30s I tried all sorts of things to help with sleep, but they all left me feeling hungover and drowsy the next day. This was in fact one of the reasons I started to look into CBD a few years ago – for sleep. It helps me massively. If you struggle with sleep then take a look at our CBD sleep kit, it has everything you need in there for a good night’s sleep.

Fresh air and sunlight

When you work for yourself it can be quite easy in the colder months to not go out, however, I now know this isn’t good for me and affects my sleep. The best thing I did was get a spaniel, so whatever happens or whatever the weather is like, he needs walking and will pester me until he does! Sometimes it can be hard to push yourself out into the cold and wet, but you will always thank yourself when you get back. I love walking, again it’s something so easy, yet so effective. I apply our CBD roller every day as I have a dodgy big toe now after a break a couple of years ago. The CBD and turmeric in that really help with the inflammation.

Embracing water

I have always loved the water, lakes, rivers and the sea. I love spending time on the beach and wish I was closer to the coast. I will swim in the sea wherever I am and not be someone who will only venture in if it’s the Caribbean!

Last year I took up paddle boarding with some friends and fell in love with it. It is a brilliant stress reliever and I find being on the water so calming and relaxing. I live in a male-dominated household and it’s all about golf and football, paddle boarding is something for me.

Cold water therapy

Yes, you read that right! Off the back of paddle boarding, I started to think about wild swimming and the benefits of cold-water dipping. It seems to be everywhere lately and so many people talking about the benefits.

So recently a friend and I have started to go early in the morning – 6.30 am in fact… I must be mad! We are building up gradually so when it gets really cold, we will be more accustomed to it. We don’t technically ‘wild swim’, it’s more of a cold-water plunge and we tread water for about ten minutes. But the benefits far outweigh the pain of getting in the cold water.

It is a real buzz, totally refreshing and I feel revived when I get out. The tingling sensation on your skin also lasts a while and feels amazing. I would urge everyone to give it a whirl even just once. Now the weather is cooling down, and I have noticed it’s harder for me to get really warm, so now after a hot shower, I apply our CBD body oil, which has a warming effect, all over my legs and tummy and that really helps.


After suffering from tummy and joint issues over the last couple of years, invested in a rebounder (mini trampoline) It’s perfect for me and a great way for me to get moving in the mornings and work my lymphatic system. After suffering with my digestive system, I have read up a lot on how it works and how important our lymphatic system is… it’s fascinating! It was a bit like when I found out about our endocannabinoid system and how it works with CBD… again fascinating!

Every morning I spend about 25 minutes on the rebounder, I have the tv on ( as I enjoy breakfast tv and all the debates) and bounce away. I also incorporate some weights now too. It gets my heart rate up, increases blood and makes me sweat, all of which are important to our lymphatic.


Probably the hardest thing for me is to stick to a routine and not fall off the wagon.

But the past few months I have been determined. I get up every day around 6 – 6.30 am ( this is huge for me as I used to love a lie-in!) The first few weeks I was tired if I had a late night, but I’m starting to realise that eventually you slip into a really good routine with sleeping and rising.

I have more energy, I feel better and brighter, and I can deal with my two teenage boys much more effectively! All in all, I am probably the best version of myself that I have been in a long time.

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