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FAQ - Common CBD Questions

What is CBD oil?

CBD oil is an extract taken from the Cannabis Sativa plant, which is non-psychoactive. CBD is short for cannabidiol, which is one of the many compounds found within the plant.

This plant contains over 400 chemical compounds, with there being more than 60 cannabidiols. The cannabidiol compounds used within CBD oil are chosen by their quality and CBD levels.

The most common CBD oil types are Full-Spectrum CBD oil and THC Free Broad-Spectrum CBD oil.

Is CBD legal in the UK?

Yes, CBD is legal within the UK. By law, CBD must contain a trace amount of THC, with the maximum being 0.2% produced by the plant.

CBD retailers should be able to provide lab reports for their CBD oils if you want to make sure how much THC is contained within the product.

Does CBD get you high?

No, CBD can not get you high. The psychoactive compound in the plant is called tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), and CBD oil contains such a low concentration that it will not make you high.

Does CBD show up on a drug test?

CBD shouldn’t appear on a drugs test, however, as Full-Spectrum CBD oil contains 0.2% THC there is a potential for it to show up on a drugs test. This is because a standard drug test looks for THC but doesn’t look for CBD.

This is highly unlikely to happen though, as the THC concentration is extremely low. It is recommended that if you want to avoid that possibility, you should take the THC-Free Broad-Spectrum CBD oil instead; or try another form of CBD such as CBD tea or CBD cream.

How long does it take for CBD to work?

The answer to this question changes depending on the person asking it. This is because everyone’s body reacts to CBD differently.

For some people, 1 drop a day is enough for them or 1 CBD patch will last them 2 – 3 days; while others find that they need to spread 3 to 5 drops throughout their day.

It is recommended that you start with a small dosage, 1 to 2 drops a day, and work your way up to see how CBD works best for you.

Most people feel the effects of CBD oil 1 to 6 hours after taking it. On average, a 10ml bottle of CBD oil lasts around 3 to 5 weeks.

Trying a combination of products is also a good way to see how your body reacts to CBD. A good combination could be CBD Capsules and CBD Balm.

How much CBD can I take in a single day?

The Food Standard Agency (FSA) recommends that a healthy adult take no more than 70mg of CBD a day, unless under medical direction.

This equals 28 drops of 5% CBD oil, 9 drops of 15% CBD oil, 7 CBD Gummies, 2 and a half High-Strength CBD Gummies or 7 cups of CBD tea.

How long does CBD stay in your system?

Just like how long it takes CBD to work, the answer to this question also varies from person to person. On average, CBD can stay in your system for about 2 to 5 days, but this range changes depending on a variety of factors.

How you take CBD can change how long it stays in your system; different products will impact how your body deals with CBD, a CBD roller will be different to a CBD body oil, for example.

The other factors are how much CBD you take and the size of your body, all of these will affect how long CBD stays in your system.

What is Full-Spectrum?

As previously mentioned, the Sativa plant is made up of hundreds of cannabidiols, terpenes and other compounds. When together, they work as nature intended, giving the product its effectiveness and potency. This is called the entourage effect.

When an Oil uses all the compounds contained within cannabis extract it is called Full-Spectrum.

It is well-researched and documented that Full-Spectrum works better than isolate oils, which are just pure CBD.

The other type of oil is broad-spectrum, which means it contains a variety of cannabidiols but will be missing other compounds, such as THC.

What is the entourage effect?

The entourage effect is the process where all the compounds of the Sativa plant work together to increase the effectiveness of the product.

When a single compound is used, like pure CBD in an isolate, the product’s effectiveness drops significantly.

Always look for the words Full-Spectrum when looking to buy CBD oil or Broad-Spectrum when buying THC-Free Oil.

What is Cold Press?

Cold Press is a type of extraction method used to get the raw extract for the plant. It is done by simply pressing the CBD out of the plant.

Cold Press still produces a Full-Spectrum extract, and it is the least processed method of extraction. This means that you get the rawest and most natural finished product, with no other nutrients being lost.

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