CBD Patches – everything you need to know…

For discreet, all-day wellness –  CBD Patches are the way forward. Enriched with CBD (Cannabidiol), these convenient daily patches will gently aid natural health in a simple topical solution.

Made from organic hemp extract, the patches feature broad-spectrum benefits, taking goodness from the entire plant. Scientific and clinical research has shown that CBD could impact our health in a positive way.

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CBD patch

This is because we have naturally occurring receptors, called endocannabinoids, which you can read all about here. The organic compounds within the patches may react with these receptors, causing them to respond and alleviate common health & wellbeing issues.

These patches are not just another item on a list, nor are they a fad.  They are not only unique but are also smart and incredibly effective. One of the benefits of using CBD patches is the fast delivery of CBD into the bloodstream. The CBD does not have to go through other bodily processes, so you start feeling the effects in a matter of minutes after attaching the patch to your skin.

How do CBD patches work?

CBD patches pass CBD directly into our skin cells. Because our cells are made of lipids and cannabinoids are also lipids, CBD readily diffuses through our cells, eventually making the way to our blood vessels.  In other words they deliver cannabinoids into your bloodstream through the skin, which allows the CBD to reach your endocannabinoid system, where it binds with CB1 and CB2 receptors to produce a variety of beneficial effects.

Why choose the CBD patch?

The CBD patch is gold standard, made in Switzerland and is one of the highest quality patches out there.
The CBD patch is organically produced and free of heavy metals, pesticides & herbicides.

As a 24-hour patch, it’s simple and there is no having to reapply a patch during the day. Our patches allow for steady and consistent delivery of CBD over the course of 24 hours. Then just remove it when you are done. You are in complete control!

The CBD patch comes in three different sized pouches:
6 patches

18 patches
30 patches
So you have the flexibility to choose which is right for you.


How do I use a CBD patch?

Application is simple – just place one patch on a relatively hair-free area of skin, such as the inner arm. Replace in a slightly different location after 24 hours and wash off any residue with warm, soapy water.

Made using gentle extraction methods, these topical patches help to maintain overall health. They offer a discreet alternative to oral CBD.
Try a CBD patch today and watch your health improve.

Testers who have tried these patches have been surprised at just how effective they are. One tester said – “The beauty of this is I can put it on where I want, I can stick it on my shoulder one day, then another I can stick it on my foot! I have decided that when I can finally go out, I will pop it on my bunion before I put my heels on!”

Beyond efficacy and efficiency, our CBD patches offer one of the easiest and effective ways to take CBD.

hapihemp patches are a discreet way to absorb the benefits of CBD. An alternative to oral drops, patches are efficient and effective at targeted relief.

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