CBD creams are one of the best sellers in the UK. Using a CBD cream is one of the easiest ways to get direct, targeted relief from a CBD product.

Our popular CBD patches also offer similar benefits, and the good news is CBD topical products can be used alongside CBD patches, CBD oil drops and CBD capsules, in fact, we recommend it!

An all-in-one skincare and body care solution

This rich but smooth CBD cream is a bespoke blend of CBD, essential oils and moisturising ingredients. Our CBD cream absorbs into your skin, which activates your endocannabinoid receptors that sit within your skin to achieve effective results. The consistency enables you to rub in anywhere without a greasy residue.

CBD creams can help address areas of the body that need attention. Whether it’s a particular area of your body or treatment for your hands, this soothing versatile cream can be applied just about anywhere! In fact, one of the creams was featured on the INDYBEST guide for CBD skincare products    https://cannabishealthnews.co.uk/2021/03/25/this-cbd-hand-cream-has-been-hailed-as-one-of-the-best/

– a great endorsement for our CBD creams!

As an added benefit this CBD cream has been designed so it can also be used on the face. (Gwyneth Paltrow is a big fan of using CBD cream on her face!) Our CBD cream is carefully formulated to give your skin the best results. So many people think CBD creams are just for areas of discomfort, or problem areas, but CBD creams are actually amazing on your face too! CBD creams help your skin find the correct balance for your skin type.


CBD creams can be highly effective, as long as you buy a good quality CBD cream. As with all of our topical CBD products, we always blend with essential oils. Our CBD roller has Boswellia, and Turmeric blended with the CBD, which helps with so many ailments. Our CBD body oil has the warming Clove and Black pepper blending in with the CBD, which makes this CBD body treatment a real treat.

CBD cream can be incorporated easily into your daily routine and used alongside other CBD products.

For example… if you want to really wind down for the evening, then have a cup of our tranquil CBD tea and then when you go to bed, massage some CBD cream over your face neck and shoulders.

CBD creams work because of their ability to act locally on a specific area, bringing relief and a soothing effect quickly to one area instead of needing to cover your entire body.


All our CBD topicals, including our CBD cream, CBD body oil, and CBD balms are made from the finest cannabidiol and are 100% THC-free.