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8 Reasons Why Your CBD May Not Be Working

Why CBD Doesn't work for you

Before lockdown, and I managed to get out and about with our hapihemp stand. We would attend festivals and Christmas fayres and although it was hard work, we both loved getting to meet some of our customers and being able to hear about how CBD was helping them.

It’s been a difficult time for us all since and although we still haven’t been able to get out on our stand again this year, we plan to get back on it in 2023! We can’t wait to meet up and chat about the wonders of CBD once again!

When we do get to speak with people, we sometimes have people tell us that CBD didn’t work for them. Now of course it is true that CBD doesn’t help everyone, however sometimes it’s worth digging a little deeper as we have found some common problems that once addressed, most customers have found that hapihemp CBD did actually make a difference.

So if you are one of those people who has tried CBD and found it didn’t help, you may find this article interesting & helpful. Hapihemp is all about maximising health and well-being and so we want to ensure that you have considered everything that may or may not have prevented you from getting the most out of your CBD.

Here are 8 reasons why your CBD may not have worked for you:

  1. It’s a cheap product

The first and most important thing is always to buy your CBD from a reputable company. This isn’t about us tooting our own horn, although producing a top-quality CBD oil is as important to us as it is to you, but it’s about knowing that you are getting a high-quality, safe and effective product. The UK CBD industry isn’t well regulated, and some sellers are in it for the money only. They will offer you a cheap, ineffective oil to make a quick buck out of you. Don’t be fooled. It doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a better choice if it’s cheap.

  1. It tastes and smells like CBD oil but how do you know it is what your seller claims it is?

Lab reports are how you can know for sure. If you have bought your CBD oil from a company that does not provide lab reports, then this could be your problem. We have heard some horror stories about all sorts of issues from untrustworthy sellers. Hempseed oil smells very much like CBD but it is definitely not the same!

  1. Is it the correct strength?

Bottle labelling can be misleading and again, some not-so-honourable sellers have purposefully chosen to make them confusing. 500mg of THC-Free CBD oil in a 30ml bottle is not as strong as 500mg of CBD oil in a 10ml bottle. The bottle may be smaller but the strength of the oil is much higher so it may appear you’re getting more for your money, but you are not. Labelling should be clear and show % of CBD as well as mg of CBD. For example, our 5% Full Spectrum Cold Pressed CBD Oil also has 500mg on the label too.

  1. You stopped too soon

We know that CBD needs to build into your system and the effects don’t necessarily happen quickly.  It can be frustrating to have to wait up to 4 weeks to get the full benefit but the fact is that if you stop before 4 weeks, you may just miss your moment! Of course, it doesn’t always take 4 weeks and most of our customers notice a difference within a week, but it really can take that long for some. One frustrated customer called us after 3 weeks, about to give up as they were convinced that their CBD oil wasn’t working, so we told them to just keep going for one more week and guess what, when we followed up with them, we were delighted to hear that it had started to really make a difference for them after all.

  1. You are taking too much

You may be in such a rush to feel the benefits of CBD oil that you just can’t wait and increase your dose to see if it works. The truth is that taking too much, too soon, can actually have the opposite effect and you won’t feel any benefit, or even perhaps may feel worse. It’s called the bell-shaped dose-response which basically means when taking CBD, it’s about slowly finding your sweet spot.  Not too much, not too little. If you start with our recommended dose for each strength (always detailed on our CBD oil bottle labels) and slowly increase, just keep listening to your body and you will know when you have reached where you want to be. The right amount varies from person to person as we are all so unique so just keep trying and adjusting until you feel it is right.

  1. You aren’t taking enough

Some of our customers have tried taking CBD the same way that they may take paracetamol – as and when they need it. CBD doesn’t work like this, and the best way is to take it consistently.  Sometimes customers are a little scared and worried about increasing their dose so don’t ever reach the maximum effect from their CBD oil. There is such a lack of education about this wonderful plant, and it saddens us to see customers suffering unnecessarily because they are too scared to increase.  Please be reassured that safety and quality are of utmost importance to us. and I both use our own products and would not even consider selling them if we didn’t 100% believe in them.

  1. The way you take your CBD Oil

Your CBD oil should be dropped under your tongue. Not on the tongue or anywhere else in the mouth.  You just lift your tongue onto the roof of your mouth and drop it underneath. We find it’s best to do it using a mirror. The reason it needs to be under your tongue is that you have a sublingual gland under there which allows the CBD to access your bloodstream efficiently. You also must ensure you leave it there for at least 90 seconds before swallowing, drinking, or chewing anything.

  1. CBD isn’t for you.

We hear lot’s of great feedback about our products and we are super proud of how great they are, but sadly we do have the odd customer who tries our CBD oil, follows all the rules and it just doesn’t help them. Sometimes this is just how it is, but in our experience it is unusual so if you have tried CBD unsuccessfully and haven’t followed all of the above points and would like to try again, we would be hapi to help you find the right choice for you and can provide and support – just email us at or telephone 0330 133 1871.


Sam x

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