CBD kits tailored with you in mind!

CBD kits tailored with you in mind!

CBD kits tailored with you in mind!

Our CBD kits have been specially tailored to meet your specific health & wellness needs as well as saving you money!

Whether you are looking for a unique and thoughtful gift or want to add a selection of CBD products to your health routine, the kits will cover everything you need.

The CBD bundles are a great way to help optimise your health and fitness whilst keeping your mind and body in a hapi state!

Not only do you save money, but you can choose which one is right for you to ensure you are getting the best possible results when taking CBD.

For example, if sleep is an issue for you or for someone you know, then take a look at our hapi sleep kit.

If you are on a mission to kickstart your body, beat the bloat, and have a general health overhaul – take a look at our hapi reboot kit.

We have two kits specifically created for women – the hapi chic kit contains our super potent CBD+ roller which is great for temples, neck, forehead, and feet, it’s the ultimate night out companion!

Our CBD hand cream is a game changer for damaged hands and nails, it also helps with hand discomfort.

Our hapi women’s kit contains everything that we feel as women will make a difference.

CBD is our passion, everything we sell has been tried and tested by us and everything comes with a full safety lab report. CBD became a big part of our life after we both experienced positive results from two quite different stories – you can read more on this here – All our topical CBD products have been blended with potent essential oils as we believe they are a wonderful and powerful blend with CBD.

Our passion follows through into our kits and we have spent time curating them to meet specific needs and save you money.

Explore our CBD kits…

hapi Sleep Kit

Switch off, wind down, sleep!

The hapi Sleep Kit

If sleep is not your friend right now – then this is the hapi kit for you.

We have created this kit to help you switch off & relax at the end of the day.

Each element of this kit has been chosen to give you every chance of achieving your best night’s sleep. By incorporating our CBD oral drops, Tranquil tea, and our soothing, warming massage oil, you will be heading for a satisfying CBD infused sleep routine.

Our massage oil is blended with calming essential oils such as clove, lavender & clary sage, simply rub all over and enjoy the warming sensation.

Our naturally decaffeinated tea is blended with calming herbs such as chamomile, valerian, & lemon balm. Sip throughout the evening & let the herbs work their magic. It really is a cup of relaxing natural ingredients.

This sleep kit contains: 

5% CBD Oil

Tranquil CBD tea

CBD+ massage oil

hapi sleep mask

Perfect for …

  • Unsettled sleep.
  • Winding down in the evening.
  • Busy bedtime minds!
  • Unable to switch off at night.
  • When sheep counting doesn’t work!
  • Creating a relaxing & soothing bedtime routine.
  • Someone who wants something that is completely natural with no aftereffects.
  • Tired minds & joints.

The hapi Chic Kit

A handbag essential for some light relief on the go!

The hapi Chic Kit



This soothing duo is the ideal combination for some TLC on the go. The super potent CBD roll on gives some hapi relief for temples, neck, forehead, knees & hands. The nourishing hand cream is a powerful treatment for your hands & nails as well as brings some relief to ‘text fingers’.

A night out with friends and heels will be so much easier!


The hapi chic kit contains:

CBD+ roller

hapi hands CBD+ Hand & Nail treatment

Perfect for…

  • Ladies who will appreciate some light relief!
  • Workers & dancers who spend time on their feet.
  • Someone who is looking to soothe their temples & forehead.
  • Hand discomfort.
  • Damaged hands & nails.
  • The perfect night out companion – our versatile roller is great for temples & feet & a super soother for the next morning!
  • A thoughtful gift for someone special.

hapi Reboot Kit

Reboot, Reset, and Recharge your mind and body!

The hapi Reboot Kit


Supercharge your body and health with this dynamic duo that incorporates a supercharged CBD superfood mix and our potent CBD capsules.

Both products contain Turmeric which is the go-to herb for healing your body. By taking both each day you are supplementing your health and wellness with some amazing ingredients such as:

Ashwagandha, ginger, black pepper, and reishi mushrooms.


The hapi reboot kit contains:

CBD Superfood mix

CBD+ Capsules with Turmeric, Ginger & Black pepper.

Perfect for:

  • Fans of potent ingredients such as Turmeric & Black pepper.
  • Someone who wants to reboot their health.
  • A lover of vegan, natural ingredients & superfood mixes.
  • Someone who may take various supplements & would like an easier routine with fewer products.
  • Ideal for giving your body a kickstart & detox.
  • Some TLC for your tummy.
  • Bloat beater!
  • Unhappy digestive system.

hapi Relieve kit

A flexible combination designed to treat!

The hapi Relieve Kit


This kit contains everything you need to keep your body and joints hapi.

Our bodies are put to the test every day and these 4 topical CBD products are the perfect solution to help treat and relax different areas of your body.

Ideal for someone that is struggling with various areas of discomfort on their body.



The hapi relive kit contains:

hapi patches

CBD+ roller

CBD+ Massage oil

hapi hands CBD+ Hand & Nail treatment

  • Relief on the go.
  • Tired joints.
  • Targeted relief with the hapi patch!
  • Unhappy hands & feet.
  • Soothing your body.
  • Runners & gym bunnies.
  • Pre & post workout.

hapi Recoveri Kit

A powerful trio designed for wear and tear!

The hapi Recoveri Kit


This potent trio has been put together to help the framework of your body stay in good working order.

Whether it’s wear & tear, age, sport & fitness, the structure of our body can take a battering!

Each item in this kit contains some popular anti-inflammatory such as Turmeric, Black Pepper, Ginger, and Clary Sage, so imagine the power once blended with CBD?


The hapi recoveri kit contains:

CBD+ Capsules

CBD Superfood mix

CBD+ Massage oil

Perfect for…

  • Wear & tear.
  • Some joint & muscle love.
  • Soothing after training.
  • A potent boost pre workout.
  • Fan of a healthy vegan lifestyle.
  • Powerful body boost.
  • Unhappy tummies.
  • Tired limbs.
  • Digestive TLC.
  • Beating the bloat!

hapi Woman Kit

This kit not only has a HUGE saving, but it’s a box full of hapi goodness that us ladies will appreciate!

The hapi Women Kit


This kit is close to our hearts as CBD has been so important to both of our health routines and it’s made such a positive difference. We have tried to tailor this to ensure that you have everything you need to find your hapi!

We have the soothing element with our roller, ideal for temples, forehead, neck, knees & feet – a handbag essential! The super boosting benefits from our Superfood CBD mix – the healthy way to start your morning and really helps beat the bloat.  A CBD hand & nail treatment, which helps when you have been spending too much time on your phone & your fingers & hands are suffering, as well as dry and damaged hands.

This hapi woman kit contains:

5% CBD oil

CBD Superfood mix

CBD+ roller

CBD + hand treatment

Hand sanitiser

Perfect for:

  • All the ladies!
  • Someone who needs a helping hand & some TLC.
  • A lover of natural vegan ingredients.
  • A full body MOT!
  • Unhappy tummies.
  • Hand discomfort.
  • Some TLC for forehead, neck, knees & feet.
  • Tired feet.
  • Value for money – A selection of CBD products with a big discount!
  • A thoughtful gift.

The hapi hemp Collective Kit

The full CBD experience with a huge saving!

The hapi Collective Kit



By investing in yourself you can become the best version of yourself. This platinum CBD kit is a great opportunity for you to try a variety of CBD products or share them with your family so that you can all benefit! Our Superfood Mix is ideal for all ages – from 12 years to 100 years!



This CBD bundle will help treat you from head to toe! The bumper box includes:

  • Tranquil CBD tea.
  • CBD Superfood mix.
  • CBD+ roller.
  • CBD+ Hand cream.
  • CBD+ Massage oil.
  • CBD+ Capsules with Turmeric, Ginger & Black pepper.

So, whether it’s just for you or something you want to share – this hapi CBD kit has everything you need to reap the benefits of a healthy CBD lifestyle.

Perfect for:

  • Someone wanting to embrace CBD into their daily routine.
  • A complete mind & body overhaul.
  • Anyone that needs help with making positive changes.
  • Health & wellness kickstart.
  • Saving money! A great way to try a selection of CBD products whilst saving money.
  • A special & thoughtful gift.

For more information visit www.hapihemp.co.uk

Sam & Lorraine x

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