A CBD gift that mum will love

A CBD gift that mum will love

Deliver some relief and hapi-ness straight to Mum’s door this Mother’s Day!

For all the mums out there, who are ‘nailing it’ and you want to show some love and gratitude… we have the perfect gift!

Have some hapi-ness and relief delivered straight to their door with the hapichic duo kit.

More people than ever before are choosing CBD to provide a natural remedy for health and wellness.

As Mother’s Day approaches, why not order something that is as special as your mum is to you?

Our holistic hapihemp CBD range has been created with our unique blend of CBD and essential oils, embodying the essence of nature’s health and wellbeing benefits, to enhance the body, mind, and soul.

The hapi chic duo kit

A handy kit for the ladies! Two handbag sized CBD topical products that will help with a variety of things.

Our potent CBD roller is perfect to roll on your temples, forehead, neck, knees & feet. Full of essential oils & high strength CBD it’s perfect to use on the go, whether it’s during the day or whether it’s a night out with friends, this roller will be your best friend when wearing heels!

Our CBD based hand & nail cream has just been featured in The Independent – top 11 CBD skincare products!

Read More on The Independent – top 11 CBD skincare products

This winning formulation is blended with some powerful essential oils, it not only treats and replenishes hands and nails but will also aid with text fingers – (stiff hands and fingers from being on your phone too much!)

PLUS, as an extra treat the kit also includes some heart chocolates and love heart sweets.

Normally £29.99 – this has been reduced to just £19.99 for Mother’s Day.

What Is CBD?

CBD, also known as Cannabidiol, is most popular for its potential health and healing properties. It is one of 114 known compounds found within the Cannabis Sativa plant that is being studied for its effects on a considerable number of health conditions.

The reason that cannabis and its derivatives have such a significant impact on our bodies health-wise is that this plant, and many of the compounds found within it, work to complement our Endocannabinoid System. Many people have never even heard of the endocannabinoid system, but its importance to our overall health cannot be understated.  We would not function if it weren’t for our ECS.

Our ECS controls our pain levels, our moods, appetite, reproduction, sleeping, metabolism, reproduction, and various brain functions. Part of why CBD is such a big deal is that researchers speculate that it interacts with receptors in the ECS to rebalance it and restore the body to good health.

What Makes CBD A special Gift Choice?

When you gift someone CBD, you are in reality— gifting an opportunity to potentially change that person’s life. Many people who use CBD note a big difference in their mood and overall, well-being within a few weeks of using it regularly.

What to Look for In A Good CBD Product

When it comes to CBD products, it seems like there are so many!

The unfortunate reality is that many inferior CBD products are flooding the market every day. To someone who has never dipped a toe into the wonderful world of CBD before, these products may appear and be marketed the same way more legitimate products are.

There is one key difference that separates the good from the bad in the world of CBD, and that is the test results. If you are buying CBD products, you should be able to ask for test results for the product that you are interested in and be given lab results to show you how much CBD is in a particular batch. Also, check to see if they are a member of an independent trade’s association like Cannapro.

Check they have an official website too; you would not believe the number of people that buy straight off social media!

For more information visit www.hapihemp.co.uk

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