How hapi hemp began

How hapi hemp began

How hapi hemp began

“Cannabis CBD oil transformed the lives of two mums – now they sell it!”

“Enterprising Mums Dubbed ‘Drug Dealers’ By Their Children After Launching CBD Oil Business.”

Just some of the headlines that have been in the press this year about our journey into the world of CBD business and hapi hemp!

Sam and I first met through a mutual friend and our children.

At first, we just chatted about general mum and school stuff. But then we got on to the subject of mental health and realised that we had both experienced difficult times & we started to confide in each other. We were both passionate about natural healing and exploring alternative supplements rather than filling ourselves with medication.

It was wonderful to have Samantha to chat to because often you can feel alone and embarrassed as you don’t feel you are coping as well as others. Our relationship blossomed and throughout the years we’ve supported each other before going on to become business partners.

After a decade dogged by debilitating health problems, Sam’s difficulties began in her thirties with endometriosis.

After trying painkillers and other medication to treat her symptoms, she eventually made the difficult decision to have a full hysterectomy in June 2008.

Initially, her pain eased, and her mood lifted, but her good health and elevated mood were short-lived as 18 months later she started feeling exhausted, miserable, and foggy.

Sam felt guilty, too, because she had a young family to take care of, her daughter couldn’t understand why she was unable to take her to school like other mums.

After visiting her GP, Day was referred to a rheumatologist – a doctor that deals with musculoskeletal and autoimmune conditions – in mid-2011.

Around six months later, she was diagnosed with chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. A long-term condition that causes extreme tiredness, muscle stiffness, brain fog, and pain all over the body.

She was also found to have sleep apnoea, which occurs when the airway becomes too narrow during sleep, causing breathing to stop and start.

It was at this point Sam spent much of her time on her laptop and started researching CBD oil. As much as the reviews were good, she was just a bit too scared to try it, so bookmark it for the time being.

Then, in another devastating blow, Sam found a lump after waking in the middle of the night in late June 2017 with pain in her right breast, which a biopsy confirmed was stage three cancer.

After eight rounds of aggressive chemotherapy, in early 2018, Sam had a lumpectomy to remove the remainder of the lump and its surrounding tissue, and four weeks of radiotherapy.

When she was mid-way through radiotherapy, she became determined not to let her other health conditions rule her life.

So, she decided she was ready to try CBD oil and, within weeks, felt the benefits.

Once her radiotherapy finished, Sam was told by doctors that the cancer had gone and now must go for yearly scans.

I had been battling my demons after enduring three tragic miscarriages and a stillbirth between 1999 and 2002.

The experience triggered awful panic attacks. I’d be out walking and would suddenly have this horrible feeling that something terrible was going to happen. Despite trying various medications and supplements, it was an uphill struggle. I then was diagnosed with PMDD and at that time it wasn’t very well known and there was no support out there.

I was erratic, one week I was hyper and happy and the next I would be in a dark place.

Then in 2017, I met a fantastic gynecologist who understood PMDD and I finally felt there was a light at the end of a very long tunnel. He recommended a full hysterectomy and to be honest it was one of the best decisions I have ever made, I finally felt I was getting my life back.

It was around this time Sam and I started to chat about natural supplements & CBD.

I had seen it mentioned many times on PMDD Facebook groups, but when I first investigated it you could only really buy it in America.

Then when I saw it pop up in the UK, I placed an order straight away, it didn’t work as quickly for me as it did Sam, but within a month I was feeling the benefits.

We both became quite evangelical about CBD! We couldn’t believe the difference it had made to us, yet it was quite difficult at that time to purchase.

So, in 2018 we took a huge risk and decided to set up hapi hemp! The term is often overused – but we literally made the decision around a kitchen table!

We had the name; we had a vision, and we had the passion!

We tapped up our friends, family, and credit cards, and managed to put together a small investment to bring our vision to life. From there, we researched CBD as we were determined to bring to life a product that was high quality, authentic and safe.

We didn’t want to create just CBD oil – we wanted to create something with more of a holistic approach, that felt safe & natural. We are both fans of essential oils and natural herbs and all our topical CBD skincare is blended with powerful essential oils that we have tried and tested. Our CBD tea and Superfood mix is unique to us and is made by a fantastic nutritionist who is passionate about natural health. Both contain ingredients that we have tested and feel works, we do not just sell generic items off the shelf!

We work with some great people in the CBD industry who we trust and respect.

One of the biggest highlights to date was meeting Professor Mike Barnes and Hannah Deacon – both legends in the world of CBD and medical Cannabis, we had both read a lot of what Mike had written over the years and had seen him speak at many CBD events. Hannah, we had always held in high regard for her campaigning work with medical cannabis. So, when they got involved in hapi hemp we couldn’t believe our luck! For us, it’s a real seal of approval in a very competitive market.

With coronavirus it’s been tough – but we’ve built the business from nothing, so we have the sheer grit and determination to make it work, we have even launched two new products in lockdown!

Now the business is thriving, and we sell an array of CBD products costing from £6 to £75.

CBD oil has given us a new lease on life and the fact we’re now able to help other people is just brilliant. We’re just two mums with an idea and a lot of passion, but we’ve totally transformed our lives and we hope we can do the same for other people.

Read more on our story here “Enterprising Mums Dubbed ‘Drug Dealers’ By Their Children After Launching CBD Oil Business.”

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