Reboot and Recharge

Reboot and Recharge


Lose weight, start meditating, go running, get healthy – just some of the resolutions we start the year with!

I’m sure like us you cannot wait to see the back of 2020, however as we enter 2021, we do have more of an idea ON what to expect.

Our health and wellness will be at the forefront for many of us and once again New Year resolutions will be set with good intentions!

Get fit, lose weight, meditate, practise more self-care… are the popular ones – with this in mind we have introduced a new hapi kit – The Reboot & recharge hapi kit.

This kit has been curated to help you reset the button for 2021 and to help you reboot!

CBD has grown massively in the past year with so many people are praising the benefits and what a difference it has made to their lives.

It’s now readily available throughout many high street chains and online, however it is important that when you purchase a CBD product you always check its authenticity – in particular online. Its important that you check for lab reports etc.

CBD is now being blended with additional herbs, spices, and essential oils and by combining these powerful ingredients the limits are endless.

Our Reboot kit is made up with two amazing products which feature Turmeric, Black pepper, and ginger in the capsules as well as many other Adaptogens including ashwagandha in the Superfood mix.

So why is the Reboot kit so good?

To introduce this new kit we have a whopping 35% off!

Both the products not only contain CBD but also some additional effective ingredients.

The CBD + capsules contain the super potent Turmeric, Black pepper, and Ginger. There are a huge help to your digestive system and many customers have noted they have helped them in their weight loss journey – take a look at our reviews on them on the website.

The CBD Superfood mix is a real Game changer, and you can read more on it here.
This nutrient rich mix is literally a spoonful of goodness! You can mix it with a smoothie, sprinkle over cereal, mix on its own with hot or cold milk (we prefer a plant-based milk – in particular a oat milk for a creamy texture)

This CBD super mix includes – Cinnamon, Turmeric, Chicory, Reishi mushroom & Ashwagandha and all the ingredients are 100% organic and vegan friendly.

This isn’t something that can just be brought off the shelf, this unique blend has been created for us by a holistic nutritionist, it contains no fillers and is 100% natural.

It’s a great source of protein, iron, potassium, copper, magnesium and zinc and really is the perfect supplement to start taking if you want to kickstart your mind and body.

So, whether its health, wellness, or your weight you want to reboot, take advantage of our special 35% discount available until the end of Jan 2021.

35% off!
£63.98 – NOW £45

Worth over £70

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