CBD and festive overindulgence

CBD and festive overindulgence

CBD and festive overindulgence!

Christmas is a good excuse to overindulge and don’t we take full advantage of it!
Come December 1st one of the most popular quotes has to be… ‘Oh go on then, it is Christmas’!

Cheese and biscuits at midnight? ‘Go on then it is Christmas’!

Chocolate for breakfast? ‘Go on then it is Christmas’!

Is it too early for a drink? ‘Go on then it is Christmas’!

Full fat double cream with everything? ‘Go on then it is Christmas’!


Christmas is the season for making merry, and with all that tempting food and drink being handed around, it is hard to avoid a little festive indulgence. From mince pies and chocolates, to mulled wine and prosecco everyone has their favourite seasonal treat – and as long as you enjoy these specialities in moderation, there is no harm done. However, there is a tipping point where indulgence turns into overindulgence – and that’s when Christmas merrymaking can leave you feeling uncomfortable.

To help you enjoy the Christmas festivities without too much suffering, we have created the hapi power up kit

Supercharge your health with this smart duo that incorporates a supercharged CBD superfood mix and our most potent CBD topical product – the CBD + roller.

If you would like a little reminder on how CBD works and why it helps us all so much, take a read of CBD and how it works with our Endocannabinoid system.
CBD products can make such a difference to our health and wellness and sometimes CBD is just the body and mind boost you need.

So back to the hapi power up kit!
This smart due incorporates a CBD roll on and a CBD superfood mix.
The CBD roller is perfect for a little over indulgence – full of CBD and essential oils such as soothing Arnica and relieving Turmeric, you can simply roll it over you temples and forehead when you have one too many tipples! You can roller it all over your feet when you have been dancing or on your feet for too long. It’s also a wonderful soother for hands, neck, and knees. Small and compact you can take it everywhere with you and use as often as you like.


CBD Superfood mix

This powerful Superfood Mix is a game changer! A supercharged powder mix of superfoods is blended in a way that is delicious, convenient, accessible, and effective. Formulated by a nutritionist–this powder contains no fillers or anything artificial–just raw ingredients that are vegan friendly. With so much goodness packed into each box, this mix helps support the function of your body and these superfoods do an extraordinary job of helping to keep your system running.

Ingredients include Cacao, Ashwagandha, Reishi mushroom, Coconut sugar, Turmeric, Chicory, Coconut powder, Cinnamon, and of course CBD!

This mix is a great way to keep your tummy and digestive system on the straight and narrow, as we all can suffer from a Santa like tummy!
Ashwagandha – is a magnificent superfood on its own and you can read more about this super Adaptogen and how they work in this article here.

This CBD Superfood mix will kickstart your day, give you a boost midday and generally will be your daily does of goodness each day over Christmas.
If you would like to find out more on our hapi CBD kits then click here

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