A Christmas gift for everyone

A Christmas gift for everyone

hapi CBD gift ideas – give the gift of health, wellness, and hapi-ness to each member of your family this Christmas.

This Christmas is going to be a different kind of Christmas for many of us and the usual Christmas shopping experience will be based much more around online shopping which is easier for some, but it does take away seeing a random gift idea for Gran whilst browsing the shops!
Whoever you are buying for – we have something to suit everyone, from hubby to aunt, from brother to Grandma!

For the Senior members in your family:

Hapi hemps CBD + roller is a potent roll on that can be applied to temples, forehead, neck, jaw, hands, and feet. Full of wonderful therapeutic essential oils it not only smells divine, but it works! The Arnica, Rose geranium, Turmeric and Boswellia work together with the CBD to help soothe and relieve areas of discomfort. The easy roller ball top ensures there is no mess, and it is easy to use.

For your girlfriend or wife who deserves some TLC…

our Damsel in distress hapi kit is the perfect choice.

Each item in this kit has been specifically chosen to help and this will earn you some extra brownie points!

This hapi kit contains

Hapi hands CBD hand and nail treatment.

CBD+ roller

CBD Superfood mix

hapi hands Hemp Seed Hand Sanitiser

Full Spectrum CBD Oil 5% Natural

This really is a lovely gift for mum, sister, girlfriend, wife, best friend or loved one.

A gift for hard working dad, brother, son, or hubby!

Soothe and relieve

The Soothe & Relieve hapi Kit

Does exactly what it says… designed to offer relief and suitable for all ages, so whether it is for your son, boyfriend, grandparents, or friends, you will certainly be thanked for this soothing kit.

The Soothe and relieve kit contains:

CBD+ Oil Roller

CBD+ Massage Oil

What better time of the year than to give the gift of soothing relief?

For your daughter, wife, or girlfriend – give a gift of tranquillity.

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Hapi hemps all-natural CBD Tranquil tea is the perfect treat to have in the evening to let your mind and body know its time to switch off. Blended with Valerian, Chamomile, Rosehip, Hawthorn berries and of course CBD it has a lovely soothing taste and effect. You can also add a tea infuser to make the gift complete.

For the son, daughter, boyfriend, or girlfriend who love to keep fit and work out!
The hapi Power Up Kit!

For the fitness guru or for someone who is on the move and likes a bit of a boost!
The Power up kit contains:

CBD Superfood Mix

CBD+ Oil Roller

Full of powerful superfoods and a potent roll on, this will keep them fit and hapi over Christmas!

A gift for your bestie, mum, sister, or aunt

hapi chic duo

Our CBD hand treatment is much more than a just a hand cream! Full of powerful essential oils as well as CBD, this not only treats hands and nails, but it also gives relief when you have discomfort in your hands from being on your phone too much with text claw!

If you want to make it a little more special, then why not choose our hapi chic duo kit?
The hapi Chic Duo

This lovely duo gives relief all round and on the go!
This is a great stocking filler for all ages.

The hapi chic duo contains:

CBD+ Oil Roller

hapi hands CBD+ Hand & Nail Cream

A gift for the hard worker in your family

Hapihemp boxes-1

We all know someone who really appreciates the time off over Christmas, so to help them relax why not treat them to a bottle of our warming and relaxing CBD massage oil?

Blended with the finest essential oils as well as avocado and sweet almond oil, it is a decadent treat for someone. The warming sensation comes from the clove and black pepper, which is super in the evening just before bed. This wonderful massage oil has so many benefits which you can read here.

This is just a small selection of ideas, take a browse around our products and our CBD hapi kits and choose some gifts that keep on giving.


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