3 reasons why CBD is the perfect gift

3 reasons why CBD is the perfect gift

3 reasons why CBD is the perfect gift Christmas gift for 2020…particularly a hapi gift…

Christmas is coming up which means that the shopping season has now started and this year is definitely going to be the year of online shopping.

If you are someone who likes to browse round independent shops to find gifts that are more personal and thoughtful – online shopping could be an issue.

CBD is undoubtedly one of the biggest health and wellness trends this past year and after what has been happening during 2020, health and wellness is at the forefront of all our minds. So why not give the gift of hapi-ness?

Now is the best time to introduce family and friends to the benefits of CBD and hapi hemp have some great CBD Christmas gift ideas for you to choose from. Not only are our gift ideas full of benefits, but they are also something a little different and will certainly be the topic of conversation.

All of our products are completely natural and vegan friendly, so if you have someone who this is important to – hapi hemp is for them!

3 reasons why CBD is the perfect gift Christmas gift for 2020…

Whether your friend or family member wants to indulge over the festive period or is looking to embrace a healthier lifestyle in the New Year, there is a perfect hapi gift out there that’s perfect for them.

1. You can help them start 2021 as they mean to go on



With CBD being one of the biggest health supplements this year, you can give them a head start with one of our CBD oils or some CBD patches. Their CBD patches come in three sized pouches – 6 patches, 18 patches, 30 patches. So, depending on who you buy for you can manage your budget.

2. A variety of quirky products to choose from

massage oil


Hapi hemp are so much more than just CBD oil – there is a range of holistic CBD skincare products, all of which are blended with powerful essential oils. For example, the CBD+ massage oil contains the warming Clove and Black pepper, as well as relaxing Lavender and Chamomile.

They also have a bespoke blend of CBD tea and a CBD Superfood mix; both have been curated by a nutritionist and include some fantastic natural ingredients.

Tranquil CBD Tea – a soothing blend of Chamomile, Valerian, Hawthorne berries and Rosehip, for a CBD tea this is a lovely tasting brew. You can also add a tea infuser as part of the gift.

CBD Superfood mix – a powerful mix of goodness! This delicious blend again is bespoke to hapi hemp and includes – cinnamon, turmeric, chicory, reishi mushroom & ashwagandha.

Both tea and superfood mix are vegan friendly.

3. It’s a gift of giving


Many of us who start of our CBD journey never look back as it makes such a difference to our lives and what better gift to share than something that is a gift that keeps on giving.

hapi hemps CBD+ roll on is a wonderful versatile gift for all ages – full of CBD as well as some therapeutic essential oils including Turmeric and Arnica – this is a real treat for someone. The roller is idea to use on temples, forehead, neck, knees, and feet. Its small enough to take anywhere.

Hapi hands CBD hand cream is a nourishing rich cream that not only treats your hands and nails, but it also relieves tired over worked hands, particularly for hands that suffer from ‘Text claw’.
A great gift for a friend who you know spends too much time on their phone!

The hapi kits


hapi kits


Hapi hemp have also bundled up their best-selling products to give customers better value in curated combinations. So, if it’s a gift box rather than an individual present then these are worth looking at.

Each kit comes if a beautifully designed gift box and really gives the feeling of something special. There is a variety of CBD kits to choose from, from a Power up kit for the fitness guru to the Sleep kit for someone you know who struggles with sleep.

Shop now online for your prefect hapi gift – www.hapihemp.co.uk

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