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Derived from the hemp plant, cannabidiol (CBD) can provide an array of benefits for the mind, body and soul without intoxicating effects.

But with the booming CBD market comes a whole host of different CBD products so how do you know which one to use? More specifically how do CBD oil and topicals compare to each other? How do they differ? And which one should you use to target whatever you’re experiencing? Whether separately or together, they both work to achieve homeostasis based on your needs and use and by knowing how these applications work and their advantages, you can better decide if topical CBD vs oral CBD is right for you.

CBD Oil Oral Drops

These drops are placed under the tongue using a dropper. By taking CBD orally it can have a more systemic effect on the entire body.

If your CBD needs are more for internal or cognitive wellness than external or skincare, then taking oral CBD may be a better option for you. The CBD gets absorbed through the capillaries in your mouth then directly into your bloodstream and eventually to the cannabinoid receptors of the ECS (Endocannabinoid System).

CBD Topicals

Topicals can be further broken down into different formats, creams, salves, skin oils, patches, rollers and balms. The different CBD topical formats may also differ in CBD potency, much like CBD oils. These types of products tend to be more commonly used to target specific areas of the body.

Which Should You Use?

The decision between oils and topicals ultimately depends on the reason why you’re using CBD and what your comfort level and preference is. Generally speaking, both topicals and oils can work.
Topicals may be more effective if you want to apply in a more targeted manner. Furthermore, topicals may be included in a regular skin care regimen to help promote healthier skin.
CBD topicals may help soothe, especially if they are infused with essential oils. The CBD from these topicals becomes absorbed into the epidermis and pores. Hemp-based CBD topicals may also contain a range of various beneficial nutrients that can help protect the skin from the daily exposure of outside elements
Many people choose to use CBD topicals because they can quickly and easily apply the wholesome benefits of CBD directly where they need it and using CBD topically is minimally invasive for CBD newcomers; it doesn’t have to travel throughout the body for it to work.

What are Types of CBD Topicals?

The several types of CBD topicals include:

CBD Massage oils – infused with CBD and powerful essential oils, these can be used pre or post sport, many include relaxing essential oils like lavender and chamomile which makes it ideal to use in the evening.

CBD Rollers – extremely effective and versatile, you can apply this on the go and its ideal to take out and about with you. Can be used on temples, neck, knees and feet, very popular with heel wearers! Again, always choose a roll on that includes essential oils so you get the full benefits.

CBD Hand Creams – not as easy to find as the others, although a decent CBD hand cream works wonders for ‘text fingers’ or ‘text claw’ when you spend too much time on your phone! Smartphone discomfort is growing and is it any wonder with the amount of time we spend on them? Hapi hemp do a super CBD hand & Nail cream that helps and is a great treatment for both your hands and nails.

CBD patches – We can see these becoming very popular, fast, easy & effective… what’s not to like?! Not only that – you can change where you want to stick the CBD patch daily. The CBD still gets absorbed throughout your body; however, you have the real benefit of being able to target where you want it to go. Choose a 24-hour patch then you only have to apply once a day.

Combining both topical CBD along with oral CBD may provide the best of both worlds. We always recommend speaking to your doctor before initiating CBD use and it’s also important to test out different products to see which might work best for your body.

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