How to buy good quality CBD online in the UK

How to buy good quality CBD online in the UK

With CBD becoming more popular than ever, the number of companies selling CBD products is increasing. It’s easy to see why sales are soaring for CBD as or it has a huge range of benefits.
Though it has already been proven to aid many physical and mental health issues, more studies are required. However, one thing we know for sure is that CBD is safe to use if you do your research and buy from a reputable CBD company.

How to choose a safe and clean CBD oil? 

If you are just starting your CBD journey it can be a little overwhelming with the amount of options out there.
You want to choose CBD oil that has been made with high-quality ingredients and from a reputable brand. On top of that, you will want to consider the following:

CBD Lab reports – Check the website has up to date full transparent lab reports visible online.

CBD price – What is your budget for the product? Ideally you want to find a good product for a reasonable price. The price of CBD oil can vary dramatically, do your homework, and do not just choose the cheapest.

CBD taste – If you are going to be ingesting the CBD oil orally, you will want something with a pleasant taste. There are different tasting oils on the market to choose from so pick something with a taste you enjoy. Hapi Hemp cbd oils are all blended with MCT oil, which has health benefits, but it also brings a much milder taste.
All their oils come in two flavours – Natural and all their oils in natural which has an earthy taste or Peppermint.

Strength of CBD – Oils will contain lower and higher concentrations of CBD. The ailment you are looking to relieve will dictate the concentration you need. Hapihemp recommends that if ITS YOUR FIRST TIME, ALWAYS START WITH A 5% (500g) strength.

Each person is affected differently by CBD oil, so it is always essential you try using an oil yourself to see how you react to it and find which is best for you.

Safety of CBD – always check that the CBD you are considering has a decent website. Believe it or not there are still many people who still buy CBD oil off someone they chat to on Facebook! Do not buy from someone just because they message you! All reputable UK CBD companies will have an educational and supportive website that you can pay for your product online as you would with any other online purchase. Also check to see if they have accounts on social media, give them a follow or join their group, that way you can see what others are saying about them.

Finding the Best CBD oil in the UK for you

If you are reading this, then you are considering starting your CBD journey. As long as you take into consideration the above points you cannot go far wrong. Many sellers have been shut down for making false claims as to the contents of their CBD oils. They have been found to contain less CBD than stated and some even contain toxins. Also, it is against the law for UK CBD companies to make outrageous medical claims, so again if a company if doing this then avoid!! Rest assured there are great companies out there that sell trusted and effective products.

For more information on CBD please visit where you will find a informative Q & A section as well as many informative CBD articles.

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