6 tips for avoiding smartphone hand discomfort

6 tips for avoiding smartphone hand discomfort

Phones have evolved over the years from the big diallers to handheld computers, but the body shape has yet to evolve the shape of the hand to match the smartphone device.

A common injury tied to smartphone usage is texting thumb or trigger thumb(also trigger finger) which is a repetitive stress injury known as stenosing tenosynovitis. Nothing is dislocated or broken in the hand, and most of the time there isn’t much inflammation, but it can still annoy the person experiencing it.

We’re not sure this means you’re developing tendonitis or arthritis. But we are sure your body is telling you it needs a break.

Another smartphone injury becoming increasingly common with the extra-large smartphones is the “smartphone pinkie.” This is when the little finger becomes deformed or dented due to balancing the smartphone with the pinkie on the bottom of the phone.

Of course, it is practically impossible to engage in all the many features of smart phones — Web browsing, texting, videos, photo editing — without using our hands.

Check out some ideas below for you to try if you feel pain starting to creep in…

  1. Apply heat (or cold!) to the affected area. Using heat is something anyone can do at home, whether it’s with a hot towel or a hot pad. In cases of chronic tendinitis, where the pain is experienced for longer than a week for an extended period, heat can help to relax the muscles, allowing for better stretching.
  2. Add some topical CBD and essential oils, Everyone is talking about CBD and CBD topicals are helping many people.CBD massage oils are great but when using on a smaller area it can be too greasy for your hands.Hapi Hemp have two great CBD products that are both small enough for a bag, portable and highly effective.CBD+ roller – this super potent roll on is their highest strength CBD topical product full of powerful essential oils including:
    – Turmeric
    – Arnica
    – BoswelliaNot only is the cbd roller great for hands, it can also be used on temples, forehead, knees, and feet! It really is a wonderful multi-functional cbd product!
    Another one is their Hapi Hemp CBD hand and nail treatment, not only does it treat your hands and nails it also has CBD and essential oils which will of course aid any discomfort you have in your hands and fingers.CBD is super for strengthening nails, so you are getting a 2 in 1 product.
  3. Stretch your arm out so that the hand extends backward, stretching the muscles.
    Lift your arm up on an incline and bend your hand backward against the incline. This helps to stretch the tendons out further and provides a foundation for the following exercise.
  4. Search for tightness and nodules by massage.
    Use your fingers to press down on your forearm, moving up and down to search for nodules, which occur when the muscles go into spasm. You want to break it up as it will feel like a little ball under the skin. You can apply this pressing down massage motion any place you are feeling pain, whether it’s in your forearm, your hand near the thumb or on another part of your hand or arm.
  5. Use voice dictation,
    Most smart phones has this option as standard now, however if needed you can download an app for this.
  6. Stretch your hand back.
    Pull your fingers gently back so your fingertips are starting to point back towards the top of your hand, you will really feel a stretch here as we are so used to our fingers clenched in the opposite direction.

Of course, your best bet when you first start experiencing discomfort in your hands, wrists, or arms, is to just take a break!

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