4 easy ways to look after your joints

4 easy ways to look after your joints

Do your joints prevent you from staying active?

Check out these 4 simple tips to help you boost your fitness and help your joints!

Over the past few months, getting outside to exercise has been more difficult than usual. However, for some of us, staying active is never easy, regardless of whether there is a lockdown in place or not.

Chronic joint conditions, such as osteoarthritis, Fibromyalgia and arthritis can take the fun out of exercise, causing chronic pain and discomfort during and after a workout. In fact, they affect over 28 million adults in the UK alone.

For those of us who experience joint pain and attempt to keep fit, a whopping 90% are plagued with pain afterwards, which can affect our sleep and cause us to be dependent on medicated painkillers.

But there are ways to keep fit without causing yourself pain – and, as we reveal, some methods can even help improve mobility in your joints AND help you feel amazing!

3 tips to help your joint health:

  1. One of the simplest things you can do to ease sore joints is to go for a walk and its FREE!

This form of exercise is great for your mental wellbeing when you do it daily, and it’s a low impact means of building your lower body strength, which will ultimately take pressure off your joints. Make sure you wear decent walking shoes and if needed support socks really can help.


  1. Magnesium bath salts

Who doesn’t love a long soak in the bath?! Magnesium is so under rated and it has so many amazing effects on our body. Most supermarkets, chemists and health food shops now stock a selection of magnesium-based bath salts that are blended with essential oils. Magnesium chloride is ideal for baths and can be quite cost effective if you buy a large bag. You can then simply add in your favourite essential oil, lavender, frankincense are popular.


  1. Yoga and Pilates

Keeping your body strong and flexible is key to overall body health, but it can be greatly beneficial for your joints as well – particularly if you’re trying to prepare your body for aerobic exercise.

Yoga and Pilates are perfect for anyone who may not have the confidence to head outside for vigorous exercise and who want to build their strength before doing so.

Thanks to the range of slow movements in yoga, you will find that regular sessions help to improve your overall coordination and balance, all of which will strengthen and enhance how your joints function over time. It is also great for stress levels, which is another factor that can affect how our bodies feel if not managed properly.


  1. A natural alternative the power of essential oils and CBD.

Sometimes, no matter what it is you try to do to keep fit, you can still have areas that still cause you discomfort. More and more of us want to try and treat our joints naturally and when you read some of the comments on social media forums CBD with essential oils works!

Applying CBD topically can be an effective addition to the above and of course is completely natural.

Hapi Hemp have a lovely holistic CBD range which can help aid in relief and recovery.

In particular their CBD+ MASSAGE OIL is blended with powerful essential oils such as Lavender, Clove, Clary sage and Black pepper. All these oils are extremely effective on their own, so imagine the power when blended with CBD?

This CBD massage oil is perfect for larger areas such as your back, legs, hamstrings, and calves.

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