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What strength of CBD do I need?

How to work out what strength CBD I need

If you haven’t been around CBD long, just something as simple as knowing what strength each CBD product is can be confusing as CBD companies often display this information differently.  When I first started out on my CBD journey, I was very confused – but fear not!  I eventually got the hang of it and here at hapihemp, we want to ensure that we keep things as easy to understand as possible to help you to avoid the toothache of working it all out for yourself.

One of the most popular questions from people looking at CBD is ‘What strength of CBD do I need?’

Before we even look at the strength of different products, the first thing you should know is that the Food Standards Agency (FSA) recommend that CBD is taken at a maximum daily dose of no more than 70mg per day.  So whenever choosing your dose, keep this in mind.  To do this effectively, you will need to know how many milligrams (mg) of CBD are in each product that you use. So, whether it’s CBD patches that you use or a CBD oil, we will cover them all.

As a baseline, most of our customers start out using around 10/15mg of CBD per day of CBD oils and then top up with CBD skincare product or perhaps our CBD Tranquil Tea.  Of course, CBD oil is not for everyone, and other customers prefer our CBD gummies, CBD capsules or CBD patches as their daily way to get their CBD.  Everyone is unique and our bodies are too.  What works for one person, doesn’t necessarily work for another.  So, the key to finding your success with CBD is trying different products to see what works best for you.  This is why we created our CBD Starter Kit, to give our customers the opportunity to try a selection of products at a really good price!

So, keep in mind that most customers start at around 10/15mg of CBD oil per day (topped up with our tea or skincare) and that the FSA recommend no more than 70mg of CBD daily.  Here are how our products work out……

10ml bottles of CBD Oil

2.5% means there is 250mg of CBD per 10ml bottle. With approximately 200 drops per bottle, this gives you 1.25mg of CBD per drop.

5% means there is 500mg of CBD per 10ml bottle. With approximately 200 drops per bottle, this gives you 2.5mg of CBD per drop

15% means there is 1500mg of CBD per 10ml bottle. With approximately 200 drops per bottle, this gives you 7.5mg of CBD per drop

40% means there is 4000mg of CBD per 10ml bottle. With approximately 200 drops per bottle, this gives you a whopping 20mg of CBD per drop

As a side note and a good point to remember when shopping for CBD oil, for bottles larger than 10ml, this information can be misleading, and some CBD companies have been known to do this purposely!  250mg of CBD in a 30ml bottle would not be as strong as 250mg of CBD in a 10ml bottle.  The strength would reduce for a larger size bottle so you may think you’re getting a bargain, when in fact you are getting a weaker oil.

This is when knowing the % comes into play.  2.5% strength in a 10ml bottle and 2.5% strength in a 10ml bottle will be the same strength as each other.

At hapihemp, we currently sell only 10ml bottles to keep it as simple as possible for you to understand and remember if you are unsure of the quality, you can always ask to see a lab report for your CBD oil, so you know exactly what is in it.


CBD Capsules are much simpler and have 20mg of CBD per capsule along with some added natural and very beneficial ingredients.

CBD Tranquil Tea is 10mg of CBD per teaspoon and not only tastes great but is packed with so many wonderful complimentary beneficial herbs. One of our favourites!

CBD Gummies are a sweet and tasty treat yet all-natural and have 10mg of CBD per CBD gummy

High Strength CBD Gummies have a whopping 25mg of CBD per CBD gummy

CBD Patches

CBD Patches are simple, easy to use and gently release 20mg of CBD per patch over 24 hours.

CBD patches are now becoming one of the most popular CBD products out there and our CBD patches are one of our best sellers.

Topical CBD

CBD creams and CBD body oils can make such a difference and it’s great to see topical CBD products get the recognition they deserve.

All of our CBD skincare range is loaded with some powerful essential oils that really add to the benefits that topical CBD can bring. We believe that essential oils really empower the CBD to do the best job it can!

The dosage is a little more difficult to work out individually as it will vary depending on how much you use, but to give you a rough idea…

CBD Body Oil has 250mg of CBD per 100ml bottle.  That gives you 2.5mg of CBD per 1ml application.

CBD Balm has 250mg of CBD per 50ml jar.  That gives you 5mg of CBD per 1ml application.

CBD Facial Oil Treatment has 75mg of CBD per 30ml bottle and the dropper has a measure included which makes this much easier to work out.  1ml application will give you 2.5mg of CBD.

As a comparison, our CBD Oil Roller is our strongest topical product which has 300mg of CBD per 10ml bottle.  That gives you a mighty 30mg of CBD per 1ml application or 15mg of CBD per .5ml application.  Because of the design of the roller, each application to your temples, ankles, neck or wrists would actually be much less, so please bear in mind that this is just to give you an idea for comparison.  This wonderful little bottle of oil really packs a punch and is another favourite at hapihemp!

So, reviewing the strength of all these products, you can see that it’s entirely possible to use more than one CBD product to complement another at the same time.

An Example of How You Can Use CBD

An example could be that you start your day with 2 drops of 5% CBD oil and apply 2ml of CBD body oil as part of your morning routine.  This would give you 10mg of CBD.  Later in the day, in mid-afternoon, you may top up with another 2 drops of 5% CBD oil, giving you another 5mg of CBD.  Then you end your day with a soothing cup of CBD Tea to help wind down, giving you another 10mg of CBD. Overall, you have had 25mg throughout the day.  Not even close to the FSA’s maximum recommendation yet!

Another example may be that you start your day applying a CBD patch after your morning shower (slowly releasing 20mg of CBD), then apply our CBD Roller to your ankles, knees, hip or shoulder (15mg of CBD) and use our CBD  Facial Oil Treatment on your face and neck to help start your day with a glow (2.5mg of CBD).  Mid-afternoon you may fancy a pick me up and grab yourself a gummy after lunch (10mg).  Overall you have still only had 47.5mg of CBD.  You can take advantage and grab a cup of CBD tea to help settle in for the night!

At hapihemp, we designed all of our products to complement each other and to ensure you get the best overall benefit possible.  Some products work more quickly than others for when you want a quick fix and for some products, you just keep topping up and they work wonderfully throughout the day. Micro dosing is the best way to take CBD oils. This just means spread your dose throughout the day, morning, afternoon and evening – whichever works best for you and your body.  Everyone differs so just listen to your body and adjust if you feel the way you take your CBD doesn’t quite work to its best for you.

At hapihemp, we kept you in mind when designing all of our packaging to ensure you can easily read exactly what you are getting in each of our products.  We don’t like it when we don’t know what’s in a product and so wanted to ensure you do.  Minimum confusion was the aim!

For more information about CBD take a look at some of our other blogs: 5 tips for buying safe CBD online in the UK, and Your CBD questions answered.



a begginers guide to cbd

A Beginner’s Guide to CBD

There are millions of people in the UK taking CBD supplements and it’s increasing daily.  If you’re interested in trying CBD oil for the first time, you probably have a lot of questions about how to use CBD oil?  How to take CBD oil? How much CBD oil should I take?

While CBD is growing in popularity, there is still a lot of confusion, and it may be overwhelming to someone who has never tried it before.

In this blog we have put together this easy-to-follow CBD guide to help you understand the following:

What CBD is?

The benefits of CBD

How can CBD help me?

The different types of CBD

How does CBD work?

CBD and the benefits of CBD

What is CBD?

CBD, short for cannabidiol, is a chemical compound from the cannabis Sativa plant, which is also known as cannabis or hemp and has been known throughout history to have a wealth of health benefits. First discovered in 1940, it is one of over 100 identified cannabinoids in cannabis plants and accounts for up to 40% of the plant’s extract.

The cannabis plant is made up of two main players: CBD and THC. CBD is the non-psychoactive portion of the plant, so what that means is you won’t have any effects like euphoria. CBD is not psychoactive and won’t make you ‘high’.

CBD is a naturally occurring substance that’s used in products like oils and edibles.

How Does CBD work?

Our body has an Endocannabinoid System (ECS) that translates signals from cannabinoids through thousands of receptors in our brain, central nervous system, and immune system etc. The ECS is responsible for regulating many of our body functions. The ECS produces cannabinoids of its own, which are called endocannabinoids.

When cannabinoids from plants (phytocannabinoids) enter the body, they interact with our ECS receptors in the same way our internal cannabinoids do. These phytocannabinoids activate responses and provide a host of benefits for our mind, body, and soul.

How Much CBD Oil Should I Take?

Finding the ideal dose is an individual process as each person is different, as well as the method of ingestion, so it may take a bit of trial and error to find the right dose of CBD for you.

Several factors influence each person’s effective dose of CBD including weight, diet, metabolism, sleep patterns, stress levels and genetics.  Also, some individuals are just more sensitive to CBD than others.

We always advise you to start with a low dose and see how you react.  You can slowly increase the dose to find the most effective dose for you and your goals.

Most people take somewhere between 10 and 70mg of CBD per day.

To help you to find which CBD products suit you best, we created our CBD starter kit.  In this kit, you will find a small selection of our different products to try at an affordable price.

Where Can I Buy CBD?

There are many places to buy CBD now, you will find an array of CBD products in all the major high street stores now.

When starting CBD for the first time, we always recommend that you do your research first – CBD is an investment for YOU. We do not recommend you buy solely on price from a random shop! You get what you pay for and with CBD you need to be able to see transparent lab reports and reviews.  You cannot go far wrong with purchasing from a CBD specialist online store and of course, it’s convenient as it’s posted directly to you!

What different types of CBD are there?

There are three main types of CBD oils extracted from the hemp plant.  These include Full Spectrum CBD, Broad Spectrum THC Free CBD, and CBD Isolate.

Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Refers to the whole plant hemp extract, including up to 0.2% of THC.

Broad Spectrum THC Free CBD Oil

Starts as full-spectrum CBD that then goes through an additional process to remove the trace amounts of THC, making it a THC Free Oil. It offers the “entourage effect” associated with full-spectrum CBD, just without any chances of THC being absorbed into the body.

CBD Isolate

Contains pure CBD only, and none of the other cannabinoids, terpenes or other natural compounds found in the hemp plant.

How to Take CBD

With so many people in the UK turning to CBD, there are many different formats for taking CBD – such as tinctures, capsules, topicals, vapes, and edibles. There is no best way to take CBD oil, however, there are some pros and cons to each and at the end of the day, it’s down to your personal preference, lifestyle, what works best for and your personal goals.

Here are the most common ways to take CBD and the pros and cons of each.

CBD Oral Drops/Tinctures


  • Fast absorption and high bioavailability taking sublingual CBD as the capillaries under the tongue lead directly to the bloodstream, bypassing the digestive system
  • Versatility (can be consumed sublingually or added to food and beverages)
  • Flexible dosing (use the dropper to take the desired dose and can also be split into multiple doses throughout the day)


  • No everyone likes the ‘hempy’ taste.
  • Some people feel that the process of holding the oil under the tongue for 60-90 seconds is inconvenient and unpleasant.

CBD Patches


  • Accurate dosage as each patch contains an exact amount of CBD
  • Long-lasting because our CBD patches are 24-hour slow-release, ensuring you’re topped upright throughout the day
  • Easy and convenient, just one small packet to take with you on the move.


  • Although any sticky residue washes off easily with warm soapy water, not everyone likes the feel of the patch

CBD Capsules


  • For some – the most convenient way to consume CBD
  • Tasteless and odourless
  • Exact dosage – no measuring
  • Taking a CBD capsule doesn’t feel different or intimidating if you’re used to taking vitamins, supplements or other medications
  • Additional ingredients can be included in a capsule. Our hapihemp capsules also include Turmeric, Ginger and Black pepper.


  • Effects may take a little longer to work as the CBD needs to go through the digestive system first
  • Ingesting CBD may be less effective for some people.

Topical CBD


  • Targeted relief for anywhere on your body.
  • Useful for aiding skin repair and skin conditions.
  • Simple to use – CBD topical products are popular for a reason! They can be used as often as you like and are found to be very effective.
  • Can be formulated and combined with other essential oils and beneficial ingredients which can then create a really powerful topical CBD product.


  • Can be messy before fully absorbing into the skin.

Vaping / Smoking 


  • Effects can be felt almost immediately
  • Easy to carry around and use on the go


  • Effects will last a shorter time vs ingesting CBD orally
  • Additional vaping apparatus is required
  • Stigma around vaping/smoking.
  • Not enough long-term research on the health benefits connected to vaping.

CBD drinks and edibles


  • Fun and convenient way to consume CBD.
  • Can be a tasty treat
  • Everyone likes to eat and drink.
  • A great intro to CBD.
  • A super way to compliment your current CBD supplements.
  • CBD drinks can be very soothing – our CBD tea has been created for this purpose!


  • Typically contains low doses of CBD vs other methods
  • Some edibles include artificial ingredients and sweeteners
  • Not all edibles adhere to dietary restrictions such as coeliacs or vegans.

Our CBD gummies are completely natural and are vegan friendly.


CBD Gummies

Why infused CBD gummies are better for you

CBD gummies are one of the most popular CBD products in the UK, in fact probably in the world!

CBD gummies are a delicious way to reap the benefits of CBD, no measuring, no holding under the tongue, just a sweet simple way to take your daily dose of CBD.

You can satisfy a sweet tooth by having a CBD gummy each day, they feel like a treat and are good for your mind, body, and soul!

With the sales of CBD gummies soaring in the UK, there is a huge choice and now you can find CBD products and CBD gummies in most high street retailers as well as online.

However, it’s important to always do your research and to check that you are actually buying what you think you are buying. CBD in the UK isn’t cheap, so you want to ensure you are making the right choice and getting good value for money.

One important aspect of CBD gummies is to check whether the gummy is infused with CBD or coated in CBD. There is a big difference!

Whilst shopping for CBD gummies you will notice that they do vary in price and for good reason! It’s like with anything – you can buy good quality, or you can buy cheap.

We genuinely believe that we have some of the best CBD gummies on the market. Our CBD gummies are all-natural, vegan friendly and most importantly they are INFUSED with premium quality CBD. We also offer two strengths for you to choose from – 10mg of CBD per gummy or a high-strength CBD gummy which is 25mg per gummy.

What’s the difference between infused CBD gummies and coated CBD gummies?

The short answer is infused – and here we will explain why…

CBD coated gummies

CBD coated gummies only have CBD on the outermost layer of the gummy, this is achieved either by rolling the gummies in a CBD or spraying the gummies with CBD. This method comes with a couple of important issues.

When CBD is only on the outer layer of the gummies, the active CBD is more easily exposed to things such as light, heat, moisture which can decrease the life of the CBD which means you no longer have an accurate dosage anymore and this defeats the main reason you are buying them in the first place.

Also, when a CBD gummy is coated with CBD, there is a good chance that much of the CBD will come off in the packaging or in your hand. If you can imagine it’s the same with anything that is lightly coated that hasn’t been sealed in. With CBD gummies there isn’t a way to seal the CBD coating in.

Most coated gummies are thrown into a mixture of sugar and CBD, and this really isn’t a beneficial way to make good quality, long-lasting CBD gummies.

CBD infused gummies

With a CBD gummy that has been infused with CBD – the active CBD has been incorporated into the ingredients rather than just sprayed on.

CBD infused gummies are made with much more care and the CBD is blended inside the CBD gummy during the process of making the gummy itself instead of just adding it on top afterwards.

Each CBD gummy has premium CBD added to the gummies after the other ingredients are heated to melting point and are waiting to be cooled and set. This is a much better way of producing CBD gummies because the CBD is throughout the entire gummy instead of the outer layer. This means you can’t rub the CBD off.

This gives the CBD much better protection from the heat, moisture, and light, which in turn preserves the life of the CBD.

So, you know exactly what dose of CBD you are getting with each CBD gummy. You are getting a CBD gummy that is not only good value for money but a CBD gummy that is highly effective too.


So to finish off –  if you are looking for a gummy that offers an accurate dosage, long shelf life and a consistent amount of CBD with each gummy, you need to look no further than the infused CBD gummies, and infused high-strength CBD gummies, from hapihemp!

CBD Oil Drop

Why CBD may not be working for you

We love hearing back from our customers about how much our CBD has helped them. CBD products have finally gone mainstream, and sales are soaring which is great news.

But for some there is still some pessimism about CBD products, some believe there is no such magic potion that is a cure-all, so they won’t try it and for some – CBD hasn’t worked for them.

The truth is CBD isn’t a miracle cure-all product, if it was, we would be retired by now! However, we are quietly confident that CBD will bring some benefits. For some people, it’s huge benefits and for others it’s subtle.

So, let’s look at why CBD doesn’t work for everyone…

Why doesn’t CBD work for me?

We don’t like hearing this but being totally transparent it can happen so it’s important to investigate why CBD may not have worked for you.

There are many reasons that CBD may not have helped you in the way you were expecting and here we have created a list that should hopefully explain a little more.


7 reasons why CBD may not have worked for you

1 – Not taking every day.

CBD is like other health supplements and should be incorporated into your daily wellness routine unless you are advised otherwise. Many people just have a couple of drops of CBD oil when they need it the most. Or they may pop a CBD gummy every now and then when they are struggling.

CBD will not give you the maximum results if this is the case. Once you understand how CBD interacts with your endocannabinoid system, it will start to make sense why it’s important to take it consistently.

Therefore, our CBD gummies come in bags of 30, our CBD capsules are in tubs of 60. Everything we sell we create with consistency in mind. Our CBD patches are available in 3 different sizes, and this is because with CBD patches we think some people would like to try a small pack first.

But whether it’s a CBD oil, CBD capsule, CBD balm or CBD roller – try to embrace these wonderful CBD products each day.

2 – Not placing the CBD oil drops under the tongue.

As much as our instructions make this so clear and with all of our promotional material, some people still place the oil drops on top of their tongue! It is really important that you place the CBD oil underneath and hold it for at least 90 seconds. When you first do this, it may feel a little strange, but after a few days, it will become second nature. Also do not brush your teeth straight after.

If you struggle with the taste/consistency of CBD oil drops, then look at our alternatives. We have CBD capsules, CBD gummies, CBD patches, CBD tea and an array of CBD topical products.

3 – You may have taken too much CBD or have gone for a high strength CBD product that is too strong for you.

One of our favourite sayings at hapihemp is… ‘START LOW GO SLOW’.

CBD isn’t a supplement that you can just simply fill your boots on! If you are new to CBD, then we always suggest starting with a low strength CBD product. Our CBD starter kit has been created for everyone that is just starting out on their CBD journey. In each CBD starter kit, you get:

  • A low dose CBD oil
  • A CBD balm
  • Pack of 6 CBD patches
  • A CBD handbook.

If you take too much CBD too soon, it actually has an adverse effect, and it can often make the symptoms you were taking the CBD for in the first place worse.

For example – if you wanted some CBD products to help with your sleep routine, then too much CBD could keep you awake.  A good option would be our CBD sleep kit, which has everything in there you need for a good night’s rest.

4 – Inferior CBD product

Not all CBD products are equal and can be an expensive mistake. All of our CBD products are fully tested and certified, but there are many CBD companies out there that are not.

Before purchasing a CBD product, make sure that you can see full lab reports for any CBD products that you will be ingesting. Always do your research before just buying the cheapest CBD product. CBD products are not cheap, so do not be fooled by clever marketing.

5 – You may need a different delivery method.

Everyone is built differently and what works for one doesn’t work for all.

Try another if you have found that one particular CBD product hasn’t worked for you.

You may find that your body tolerates topical CBD products rather than oral. We have customers that haven’t got on with ingesting CBD, but their bodies love our CBD body oil or CBD balm.

Some customers love our CBD patches as they simply have to just stick one on each day.

Others find the CBD capsules work really well and swear by the added Turmeric, Ginger and Black pepper.

If you haven’t got on with one product, don’t lose faith, just experiment a little.

6 – You may need more time.

For some, CBD can make a difference within hours, for others it can be weeks.

Give it time, a good couple of months at least. If you are unsure, stop using CBD for a few days and monitor how you feel. This obviously depends on what you are taking CBD for, but if you are using CBD for a particular area of your body, then those few days you stop, focus on how that are feels – has it got worse? The reason we suggest this is CBD can be subtle and it’s managing your expectations. It may be working but because it’s subtle you haven’t appreciated the difference.

7 – You are taking the wrong dose.

CBD products have many variations. It all depends on you as a person, your build, your health, and your lifestyle. We spoke earlier about starting low if you are a beginner. But as time goes on you may need to increase the strength. Our CBD oils range from 2.5 % to 40% CBD oil. Our gummies come in a 10mg pack and a 25mg pack. If you find the lower doses are not working, then look at increasing the amount you take or use or increase the strength.


CBD is a wonderful supplement; it changed our lives and it’s something we passionately believe in so we want everyone to experience the same benefits that we did.

Sometimes it’s simply a case of listening to your body. When I tell people to stop taking CBD for a couple of weeks they question why! But it’s a great way to find out if the CBD has made a difference. My hairdresser was adamant that CBD hadn’t worked for her. But after stopping for a couple of weeks she was back to struggling in the mornings again and then realised what a difference it had made.

Just remember – pay close attention to your mind and body and focus on the areas that you are taking CBD for. If you not achieving the results, you were expecting then look at your dose, try taking your CBD at a different time of day, and look at the delivery method of your CBD.


We hope this article helps you and answers some questions.

CBD Kit Blog

CBD kits tailored with you in mind!

Our CBD kits have been specially tailored to meet your specific health & wellness needs and save you money!

Whether you are looking for a unique and thoughtful gift or want to add a selection of CBD products to your health routine, our CBD kits will cover everything you need.

The CBD bundles are a great way to help optimise your health and fitness whilst keeping your mind and body in a hapi state!

Not only do you save money, but you can choose which one is right for you to ensure you are getting the best possible results when taking CBD.

For example, if sleep is an issue for you or for someone you know, then take a look at our CBD Sleep kit.

If you are new to CBD or want to buy CBD for someone who hasn’t used it before, opt for the CBD Starter kit.

If it’s your body that is in need of help, take a look at our CBD Relieve kit.

CBD is our passion, everything we sell has been tried and tested by us and everything comes with a full safety lab report. CBD became a big part of our life after we both experienced positive results from two quite different stories  All our topical CBD products have been blended with potent essential oils as we believe they are the perfect companion to CBD.

Our passion follows through into our CBD kits and we have spent time curating them to meet specific needs and save you money. From CBD patches to CBD gummies, CBD body oil to CBD tea, we have tried to ensure that everything is covered in each CBD kit. Each CBD kit comes in a beautifully designed kit box, and they also make a wonderful fist.

hapi CBD kits

CBD Sleep Kit

Switch off, wind down, sleep!


SAVE £25.48  (normally £73.47)

If sleep is not your friend right now, this is the CBD Sleep kit for you.

We have created this kit to help you switch off & relax at the end of the day.

Each element of this kit has been chosen to give you every chance of achieving your best night’s sleep. By incorporating our CBD oil drops, calming CBD tea and our soothing CBD body oil, you will be heading for a satisfying CBD infused sleep routine.

Our CBD body oil is blended with calming essential oils such as clove, lavender, black pepper and camphor.  Simply rub all over and enjoy the warming sensation, it can also be used as a CBD bath soak.

Our naturally decaffeinated CBD tea is blended with calming herbs such as chamomile, valerian, & lemon balm. Sip throughout the evening & let the herbs work their magic. It really is a cup of relaxing natural ingredients.

This sleep kit contains: 

  • 5% CBD Oil
  • Calming CBD tea
  • CBD body oil
  • hapi sleep mask

Perfect for …

  • Unsettled sleep.
  • Winding down in the evening.
  • Busy bedtime minds!
  • Unable to switch off at night.
  • When sheep counting doesn’t work!
  • Creating a relaxing & soothing bedtime routine.
  • Someone who wants something completely natural with no aftereffects.

CBD Starter Kit

The complete solution for anyone new to CBD.


SAVE £15.98 (normally £55.97)

Our CBD Starter kit has been created to start your CBD journey with the correct products and knowledge. It’s a perfect introduction for anyone who has an interest in CBD. The CBD starter kit is also a great gift!

CBD is extremely popular now and people have so many questions about CBD, so the CBD starter kit has been designed to help guide you with ease.

In each CBD Starter kit you have a CBD handbook, CBD Patches, which are one of our best sellers, a CBD balm and a CBD oil which is our lowest strength CBD oil.

In each CBD starter kit is:

  • 2.5% CBD oil
  • CBD Balm
  • 6 pack of CBD patches
  • CBD handbook – Your guide to CBD

Perfect for:

  • Anyone new to CBD
  • A gift for someone interested in CBD.
  • Anyone that is looking to try a variety of CBD products for the first time.

hapi Chic CBD Kit

A handbag essential for the ladies and some light relief on the go!


Save £15.99 (normal price £41.98)

This CBD Chic kit includes the soothing duo that is an ideal combination for some TLC on the go. The super potent CBD roller gives some hapi relief to temples, neck, forehead, knees & hands.

Our CBD facial oil treatment is non-clogging and a real treat for your face. All-natural ingredients including some essential oils that are skin-saving heroes.

The hapi chic kit contains:

  • CBD roller
  • CBD facial treatment

Perfect for…

  • Ladies who will appreciate some light relief!
  • Workers & dancers who spend time on their feet.
  • Someone who is looking to soothe their temples & forehead.
  • Unhapi skin
  • The perfect night out companion – our versatile roller is great for temples & feet & a super soother for the next morning!
  • A thoughtful gift for someone special.

CBD Relieve Kit

A flexible combination designed to treat!


SAVE £14.98 (normally £47.97)

This CBD Relieve kit contains everything you need to keep your body hapi.

Our bodies are put to the test every day and these 3 topical CBD products are the perfect solution to help treat and relax different areas of your body.

Ideal for someone that is struggling with various areas of discomfort on their body.

The hapi relive kit contains:

  • CBD Patches
  • CBD Body Oil
  • CBD Roller

Perfect for:

  • Relief on the go.
  • Tired joints.
  • Targeted relief with the CBD patch!
  • Soothing your body.
  • Runners & gym bunnies.
  • Pre & post-workout.

CBD Rescue Kit

A powerful duo designed for wear and tear!


Save  £7.98  (normally £47.98)

Through the CBD Rescue Kit, this potent duo has been put together to help from the inside out.

Whether it’s wear & tear, age, sport & or fitness, the structure of our body can take a battering!

Our CBD Capsules also contain – Turmeric, Black Pepper, and Ginger,  so imagine the power once blended with CBD?

Our CBD Balm is perfect for smaller areas and has ginger oil blended into the balm.

The hapi CBD  rescue kit contains:

  • CBD Capsules
  • CBD balm

Perfect for…

  • Wear & tear.

If you also like to take Turmeric, Black pepper and Ginger.

  • A potent boost pre-workout.
  • Powerful body boost
  • Tired limbs.

CBD Wellbeing Kit

The full CBD experience with a huge saving!


SAVE £29.97   (normally £92.96)

By investing in yourself you can become the best version of yourself. This platinum CBD Wellbeing kit is a great opportunity for you to try a variety of CBD products or share them with your family so that you can all benefit! Inside this CBD kit are CBD gummies, CBD tea, a CBD roller, and a full spectrum CBD Oil.

This CBD kit will help treat you from head to toe!

  • CBD roller.
  • CBD gummies
  • CBD tea
  • CBD  full spectrum oil drops

So, whether it’s just for you or something you want to share – this  CBD kit has everything you need to reap the benefits of a healthy CBD lifestyle.

 Perfect for:

  • Someone wanting to embrace CBD into their daily routine.
  • A complete mind & body overhaul.
  • Anyone that needs help with making positive changes.
  • Health & wellness kickstart.
  • Saving money! A great way to try a selection of CBD products whilst saving money.
  • A special & thoughtful gift.


hapihemp CBD Products

6 different ways to enjoy the benefits of CBD.

1 – CBD oil oral drops

CBD oral drops were one of the first CBD products to arrive in the UK.

CBD oil drops are normally blended with a base oil such as MCT oil or hempseed oil.

The CBD oil drops are placed under your tongue, this method, also called “sublingual”, involves using a dropper style CBD oil bottle. You simply put a couple of drops underneath your tongue and hold for around 90 seconds then swallow what’s left.

2 – CBD Patches

One of the latest additions to the world of CBD. CBD patches are cutting edge and personally, we think the popularity of CBD patches will explode.

One of the fastest, most efficient, and most effective ways of taking CBD – in our humble opinion!

So easy to use, you simply apply a CBD patch each day and the beauty is – you can choose where you place it.

You would be hard pushed to find a better CBD patch than ours – hapihemp’s CBD patches are Swiss made, contain 20mg of CBD and last for 24 hours.

3- CBD capsules

Ideal if you are not a fan of the taste or texture of the CBD oil drops, again easy to use and has measuring. There are many CBD capsules on the market, so we wanted to set our CBD capsules apart from the others. This is why our CBD capsules are blended with Turmeric, Ginger and Black pepper.

4 – CBD topical and CBD skincare

CBD cream, CBD balm, CBD body oil, CBD roller – these are all topical CBD products that are applied directly to the skin.

It’s a straightforward way to use CBD and you won’t need any specific tools to use it. If you are new to CBD and you want to start gently then this is an option for you. Also, if you are looking at CBD for targeted relief.

Topical skincare products are great for on the go too, our CBD roller can literally be applied anywhere, simply use the rollerball and massage on to your neck, temples, forehead, and knees. Not only is this CBD roller our most potent CBD topical product, but it also contains many powerful essential oils.

5 – CBD drinks

A very popular way to take this wonderful supplement. There are now some great CBD drinks out there and many companies have got quite creative!

We have kept it simple with our popular and trusted CBD tea, which not only contains CBD but also calming herbs – Valerian, Chamomile, Rosehip as well as many others.

6- CBD edibles

One of the most popular CBD products worldwide is CBD gummies!

So easy yet so tasty – a truly delicious way to take CBD each day. Our CBD gummies are completely natural and vegan friendly, so they are a win-win in our eyes!

hapihemp logos

Why choose hapi hemp CBD?

We are only just beginning to discover the extent to which CBD can help us all. Our combination of organic, beneficial essential oils and CBD oil, creates a magical blend of hapi-ness, built around quality, trust, safety, experience, and passion. We regularly witness the positive health and wellness effects of hemp which is the best part of this exciting journey.

Made with hapi-ness, passion & natural ingredients, each product is created to nurture your mind, body, and soul, helping you find your hapi.

CBD safety

From quality control testing to full lab reports, every part of the process is carried out with the utmost consideration and care.

hapihemp is built around quality, trust, safety, experience, and passion and provides some of the purest, safest, and most effective products in the market.

CBD product range

Our extensive product range offers a great selection from CBD oils and edibles to cutting edge CBD patches to soothing topical CBD products which are all blended with beneficial essential oils.

CBD support

Unrivalled expertise & support – when it comes to CBD, our team is one of the best!

From real-life experiences to expertise in product development, holistic health, and CBD wellness. We were one of the first companies in the UK to start selling a premium 24-hour CBD patch.

On the expertise side of things, we work closely with two leading medical cannabis experts to provide advice and support to further develop our brand.

Professor Mike Barnes and Hannah Deacon bring a truly unique and valued seal of approval to the company, which will, of course, offer peace of mind.

Professor Mike Barnes is a renowned neurologist and medical cannabis expert who travels the world giving talks and Hannah Deacon is a medical cannabis patient advocate who regularly appears on television

Why buy hapihemp CBD products?

hapihemp offers a high performance, superior quality CBD solution that stands in a league of its own. Our CBD products combine the world’s finest hemp-derived CBD, natural botanicals, and essential oils to deliver a cutting-edge and effective CBD range accessible to all.

Each batch of our CBD Oil is tested in Europe by our trusted producer, then independently verified here in the UK to maintain consistency, CBD content, outstanding quality, and performance.

Our extracts are infused into organic MCT oil. MCT is certainly the most effective carrier for CBD as it helps more of the beneficial cannabinoid reach the bloodstream. Blending CBD and MCT oil are done specifically to increase the bioavailability of CBD.

We also have specially curated CBD kits that are tailored to individual needs. Our CBD starter kit and CBD sleep kit are both best sellers and great value for money.

Key points ABOUT hapihemp products

 All of our products are GMO-free and vegan friendly

All our CBD products come with full lab reports.

All of our topical CBD products are blended with essential oils and are so much more than a ‘CBD product’

Transparency – we like to operate as an open book and keep everything as transparent as we possibly can.

Recommended by industry experts.

Key points about us!

CBD changed our lives CBD is our passion!

A small but trustworthy company.

CBD specialists in an unregulated industry.

In the media – so many of our customers have had their stories featured in the press, we have been mentioned in many glossy magazines such as Top Sante, Woman’s Own, Women’s Weekly, Best and Chat magazine. Also, in the Sun and Daily Mail.

Individual unique CBD products.

Many of our CBD products are unique to us. For example, our CBD tea was created by a fabulous nutritionist for hapihemp. Each batch of CBD tea is blended with some amazing ingredients and not something that comes off a factory belt.

Many of our CBD creams and CBD body oils are blends that we ourselves have created. We spent a lot of time and effort testing many various blends with essential oils and CBD. We both believe in the power of essential oils and think they are a match made in heaven with CBD!

Transdermal example

What are CBD Patches?

CBD patches are quite possibly the most effortless way to incorporate CBD into your lifestyle.

CBD patches work by delivering a slow steady dose of CBD into the bloodstream transdermally (through the skin). They are both discreet and convenient and offer varying hours of relief.

Other well-known products to work like this are, hormone patches and of course nicotine patches.

Our CBD patches are Swiss-made with 20mg of CBD per patch. These CBD patches have a non-tacky adhesive and are easy to apply. You simply peel off the backing and stick it to an area of skin. Then slowly the CBD patches will start releasing the CBD into your body. Our premium CBD patches are 24-hour patches which means you only have to change daily.

Simply stick on and enjoy the benefits – 24 hours of hapi relief!

 It’s only recently that CBD patches have become more widely available in the UK, and they are suitable for everyone. With transdermal technology, you know you are in safe hands with a high-quality Swiss CBD product.

The beauty of a CBD patch means you can change where you want to apply it. For example…if you felt that you really need some extra help on your back, then apply the CBD patch to your back. Then another day, you may want to apply the CBD patch to your leg. The CBD patches will all work the same way, however, it will target first the area that you have applied it to. It’s ideal for anyone looking for more targeted relief. CBD patches are great value for money too, as there is absolutely no wastage, the CBD goes straight through to where it is needed.

Each CBD patch delivers a steady and consistent flow of CBD over a 24-hour period. In fact, some people leave the CBD patches there for longer!

The CBD patches are very similar to using a plaster and are a similar size. They leave no sticky residue and are waterproof, we advise not to scrub though!

Reasons why our customers enjoy hapi CBD Patches

They are many reasons why people prefer CBD delivery through a CBD patch. One of the main reasons is the increased bioavailability as this type of delivery method doesn’t have to go through any digestive systems, when delivered transdermally your digestive system is bypassed.

They are discreet – there is no reapplying a topical CBD product or pooping CBD oil drops under your tongue. You don’t have to remember anything until the next day after you have applied the CBD patch.

If you are new to CBD, then take a look at our CBD starter kit as a six pack of CBD patches are included as well as a CBD oil and a CBD balm.

If you really need some help and looking for additional relief then take a look at our CBD relief kit. This CBD kit contains a pack of six CBD patches, a CBD body oil, and our popular CBD roller.

Our CBD patches are organically produced, free from any pesticides, metals, and herbicides. With a guaranteed 20mg of CBD concentration.

You are in safe hapi hands!

CBD Starter Kit

Starting CBD for the first time …

Although CBD has become one of the fastest-growing health products in recent years – over 1.3 million users in the UK are not to be sniffed at! There are still no real clear guidelines and people still have so many questions about CBD and taking CBD for the first time. There are now hundreds of CBD websites and shops all over the UK, as well as CBD products now being sold in most of the high street retailers. It can be a bit of a minefield working out what would work for you and making sure you are buying a genuine CBD product.

We get many messages daily asking:

What CBD product should I use?

How should I take this CBD oil?

What dose of CBD do I need?

There isn’t a straight simple answer sadly as much of it is down to you, your lifestyle, and your needs. Also, the MHRA (MHRA stands for Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency, and it is part of the UK’s Department of Health.) hasn’t yet recommended a dose.

How to start taking CBD easily

We have created our CBD starter kit for anyone who hasn’t taken CBD before and are not sure what they want to try. Designed for CBD beginners in the wonderful world of CBD, this CBD starter kit is the perfect introduction to premium and safe CBD in the UK.

The hapi CBD starter kit contains three premium CBD products and a handy CBD handbook that can answer many of your questions. It also has information on how CBD began, what CBD actually is, and the different methods of taking CBD.

What’s inside each CBD starter kit?

Inside each CBD starter kit, we have:

CBD oil – 2.5% strength

Six pack of CBD Patches

CBD balm with added essential oils.

CBD handbook

Each of our CBD kits has been designed to give our customers rapid results and big benefits.

Each product in our CBD starter kit can benefit one another and is the perfect way for you to try a variety of CBD products.

CBD Balm

Within the CBD starter kit is our wonderful soothing CBD balm which also contains some powerful essential oils including Safflower and Ginger oil. CBD balm can be dabbed on or rubbed in and is perfect for all those smaller areas such as knees, feet, hands, neck, and shoulders.

CBD Patches

Our bestselling CBD patches are hugely popular because they are so simple to use, yet so effective.

These premium Swiss-made CBD patches offer 24-hour relief, so you only have to change them once a day. They also contain 20mg of CBD, so quite high in strength. In the CBD starter kit, you get a six-pack of CBD patches, so it gives you the opportunity to see if they work for you.


Thirdly you have a 2.5% CBD oil which are oral drops. Probably one of the best-known ways of taking CBD. This strength is a great starting point for anyone new to CBD, if you find this strength isn’t enough for you then increase your drops slowly. Next time you can then start with our 5% CBD oil. The key is to take regular drops each day – consistency is important! CBD works best went it builds slowly in your body, so start low and go slow! Many people make the mistake of rushing and wonder why they get adverse effects!

We can’t think of a better alternative for anyone wanting to take CBD for the first time than a CBD starter kit! You also receive our CBD handbook which guides you through taking CBD for the first time in a really simple format. It also goes through some CBD history and information on the beneficial essential oils we include in all our topical skincare ranges.

Why buy hapihemp’ s CBD Starter Kit?

Let’s be honest… CBD isn’t cheap, so you want to ensure that you are making a wise investment. Buying our CBD starter kit lets you try a collection of CBD products at a fraction of the cost. If you brought these CBD products individually the total cost would be much more than the CBD Starter kit price.

For example, the individual CBD items are worth £55.97 collectively. The CBD starter kit however is just £39.99!

So, if in doubt take a look at our CBD starter kit, we genuinely believe we have everything covered and it’s also fantastic value!


All our CBD products are safe and certified, in this industry we believe that transparency is key and everything we sell comes with full lap reports and goes through vigorous testing.

So, when starting your journey to a better quality of life – you are in safe hands.


Women in the World of CBD

A proud moment for hapihemp!

When we first set out with hapihemp we honestly had no idea how challenging the CBD industry was going to be! We just wanted to source and sell safe and effective CBD products to help people as much as CBD had helped us, but nothing is ever simple!

We have met some amazing during our CBD journey, who have made such a difference.

8th March 2022 marks International Women’s Day

It’s a day that celebrates the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women whilst also calling for equality – where men and women are treated the same.

No one government, country, charity, or group is responsible for it and this year’s theme is choosing to challenge.

As we said this industry is incredibly challenging, especially for women!

Last year we were delighted to be included in Cannabis Health magazine – 30 women leading the way in Cannabis!

From the best female-focused CBD brands to trailblazing campaigners, researchers, prescribers, and patients, WE MADE THE LIST!

So, as you can imagine we were extremely proud and very hapi! Its features like this that make it all worthwhile.

We work hard to produce safe and effective CBD products and recognition like this is particularly important to us and shows that we are fast becoming a well-known trusted brand that only sells credible products.


Cannabis Health magazine has done another article this year highlighting other women in the industry.


Hannah Deacon 

And of course, our very own inspiring Hannah Deacon is also featured at the top of the list.

Hannah is an award-winning medical cannabis campaigner. She ran a campaign in 2017/18 with the lobby group End Our Pain, which resulted in her son Alfie Dingley receiving the first legal NHS prescription for medical cannabis. His doctors received a permanent schedule one license in June 2018 which enabled them to prescribe legally for Alfie.

Hannah is also part of our team as a consultant, her wealth of knowledge and passion for this industry is incredible and we are lucky to have her involved with hapihemp.

During the pandemic, we have continued to grow, and we have launched some new products – our delicious CBD Gummies, 24-hour release patches, and a super strength 40% CBD oil.

Not only that but our inspiring Hannah Deacon is also featured at the top of the list. Hannah is also part of our team as a consultant, her wealth of knowledge and passion for this industry is incredible and we are lucky to have her involved with hapihemp.

Vera Twomey

Vera Twomey spearheaded the campaign for access to medical cannabis in Ireland firstly on behalf of her daughter Ava Barry and subsequently on behalf of thousands who continue to seek access to medication for their family members.

Dr Dani Gordon

Dr Dani Gordon is a London based doctor and a world-leading expert in cannabinoids. Her UK medical practice focuses on cannabinoids and integrative medicine for women’s physical and mental health. Dr Dani Gordon is vice-chair of the UK Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society, and she trained the UK’s first cannabis specialist physicians and helped develop the training course they now follow.

Dr Luisa Searle

Dr Searle is the lead consultant for the substance misuse service in Westminster and part of the substance misuse service for under 25’s in Camden and Islington. She has over 15 years of working with patients from different backgrounds and living situations.


Other women included in the article are Katya Kowalski, Dr Anna Ross, Dr Sally Ghazaleh and Katrina Boulton. Read the article to understand their stories and the stories of many more amazing women within the industry.


Lorraine and Sam x

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