4 reasons we should all be drinking herbal tea

4 reasons we should all be drinking herbal tea

4 reasons we should all be drinking herbal tea

Over time, tea has proven to be one of the popular drinks in the world and herbal teas one of the healthiest. With the right ingredients and methods, we can gain a lot of health benefits by drinking herbal tea. With a little change in the lifestyle and a cup of herbal tea every day, we can observe a difference in our body.

Given our lifestyle these days, herbal teas can be hugely beneficial and can help with digestion and detoxification. Rich in minerals, and vitamins, it not only makes your body healthy but also helps in relaxation and recovery.

There is so much choice now to choose from with a variety of flavours to suit everyone, from the traditional herbal tea favourite – mint tea to exciting new blends that include a variety of herbs.

One thing to remember though… if you are looking to drink herbal tea for health benefits – make sure you buy only completely natural herbal tea, without added oils and flavourings. Natural herbs are so fragrant and delicious there really is no need to add anything.


4 ways herbal tea can help us…


  1. Detoxification

Herbal tea is the easiest if you wish to detoxify your body. Given how much processed food and alcohol we consume we need a detoxify our body on a regular basis.

Herbal teas containing herbs like Burdock, dandelion, ginger, and liquorice, which are all great for detoxification. 


  1. Aids in digestion

A cup of herbal tea after meals helps in digesting your food easily. An herbal tea which contains peppermint will sooth digestive system. Ginger and fennel herbs are also effective for digestion. 


  1. Relieves stress and help with sleep.

There is nothing better than a hot drink at bedtime to tell your mind to switch off!

There are many calming herbs to choose from – Chamomile is probably one of the most popular herbs. Valerian, Rosehip, lemon balm, hawthorn berries are all extremely relaxing and soothing. The good thing about these herbs is you can also sip a cup of herbal tea throughout the day without it making you drowsy.

hapihemps tranquil tea is just that… tranquil! It blends all the above herbs together with a zesty undertone and then wait for it… it also has CBD in it! CBD has become hugely popular and is extremely popular with people looking for natural solutions for stress relief. This loose tea tastes surprisingly nice for a CBD drink.


  1. Helps with your immune system

The vitamins found in herbal teas are great for an extra boost. As long as you stick with purely natural ingredients you cannot go far wrong, let the herbs nurture your system. Some of the best immune-boosting herbal teas contain elderberry, echinacea, ginger, and liquorice root.

Herbal teas have been used for centuries for health and wellness and now thankfully modern science has woken up to how much herbal teas can help.

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CBD Capsule Powder

3 things you may not know about Turmeric, Black pepper, and Ginger

Black pepper and Turmeric for super absorption!

Black pepper and turmeric are healthy spices. For centuries, mankind has relied on more nature-friendly solutions to cure illnesses, such as herbs and spices. One of the many such natural solutions to battle many problems is mixing black pepper and turmeric. Turmeric has been used to treat a variety of problems. So why add black pepper to an already healthy spice? Curcumin is an ingredient present in turmeric and is responsible for giving it its medicinal properties. The problem is that curcumin is not absorbed well in the body. This is where black pepper comes in. It contains a compound called piperine, which when combined with turmeric, increases the absorption of curcumin by up to an astonishing 2000%!

Ginger may help with areas of discomfort in joints and muscles,

it has also been shown to be effective against exercise-induced issues.

Ginger does not have an immediate impact but may be effective at reducing the day-to-day progression of uncomfortable areas.

Turmeric can help in protect body –

Through the properties that Turmeric has, it is so beneficial to you, as it can protect your body internally.

So, imagine a blend of all three plus the super powerful CBD?

Our CBD capsules  contain all these ingredients in a healthy vegan friendly shell.

Each ingredient has been carefully measured to give you the exact dosage needed to get the most out of these amazing ingredients.


Why hapihemp CBD + Capsules?

  • 20mg of CBD per capsule
  • 100% natural and VEGAN friendly including the shell!
  • No mixing or measuring required
  • Easy to digest
  • Free from heavy metals, pesticides & herbicides
  • All ingredients are GMO free, vegan friendly & gluten free

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if you’re ready to get started on your own personal hapiness journey with hapihemp, then take that first step and discover our incredible product range!

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essential oils

How CBD and Essential oils can work together

How CBD and essential oils can work together

Essential oils – do they work?

Essential oils have been used for years for health and medicinal purposes, such as beauty, aromatherapy, and as natural medicines. Extracted and distilled from various parts of plants like flowers and stems, they are highly beneficial thanks to their special properties. Since they come from a natural source, they have health benefits proven to provide powerful results; because of their gorgeous fragrances, essential oils are beneficial for your health and general well-being as they evoke the senses.

Lavender is one of the most powerful essential oils and is very popular because it is a highly effective relaxant. Its calming aroma relaxes the body and mind. Another powerful essential oil is Boswellia otherwise known as Frankincense – proven to improve health and wellbeing.

It seems that essential oils can really make a difference in so many ways, whether that be cosmetic purposes, cleaning products or to simply pop in your medicine cabinet! Essential oils are no longer a thing of the past – it’s time to bring them from the hippy scene and into to your daily routine!

Imagine the powerhouse of combining CBD with essential oils?

With more and more research coming out that shines a light on the reported health benefits of CBD and essential oils, people are starting to search for products combining the two and achieving some surprising results.

CBD and essential oils are a natural complement to each other and the perfect way for you to boost your health and wellness. By mixing these two powerful wellness agents, such as through the use of CBD essential oils, you can find the relaxation, focus, or energy you need to meet any challenge. While it may sound intimidating, combining the two can be an easy part of your health routine that blends seamlessly with what you are already doing.

How CBD oil and essential oils work together

These two separate wellness paths work so well together because each brings its own level of versatility. CBD is a stable substance that can be taken orally or absorbed through the skin. Aromatherapy, meanwhile, can be delivered in a variety of ways depending on your lifestyle. There is a path to using these two health powerhouses together that is right for anyone. Here are a few of the most popular ways to combine them.

hapihemps CBD + body oil  is a potent massage oil that has been created by using the highest quality CBD and powerful essential oils. This bespoke CBD massage oil is perfect for deep tissue work and can be used all over the body. Ideal for larger areas such as your legs and back.

Full of powerful essential oils – Avocado, Clove, Black Pepper, Sweet Almond, Jojoba, Lavender, Clary Sage, and CBD

hapihemps CBD+ roller is a high concentrate roll-on relief.
Ideal for use on temples, wrists, neck, feet, and hands.
Full of therapeutic grade essential oils – Arnica, Boswellia, Turmeric & Rose Geranium.

hapihemps multi-purpose CBD balm is a high strength CBD balm that can be used anywhere! From hands to lips and knees to cuticles–this tub of CBD hapiness has been created for fast-acting and effective results.

Full of powerful essential oils – Safflower, Orange oil and Ginger.

CBD Massage Oil

Caring for your joints & muscles with a CBD massage oil

Caring for your joints & muscles with a CBD body oil

As you are probably aware now…CBD has a wealth of health and wellness benefits that come in all different forms. We talk a lot about the benefits of taking CBD oral drops but what about the benefits of a topical CBD treatment, and in particular the benefits of a CBD body oil? Using a CBD body oil is one of the easiest ways to take advantage of the CBD benefits and can be used to target specific areas of the body that require particular attention.

It is a great addition to taking the oil drops daily, or you can use the body oil on its own if the oral drops are not your thing.

If you really wanted to step up your joint health a gear, you could incorporate our CBD capsules into your daily routine. These are also full of Turmeric, Black pepper, and ginger, so the two products in tandem will be a real super boost!

CBD massages have been growing in popularity in some large well-known spas and health centres and many sport therapists are starting to introduce them as a specialist treatment.

How can a CBD massage oil help you?

We know that our body produces endocannabinoids after physical exercise. That feeling of euphoria that you sometimes feel after a good workout is the release of endocannabinoids and is sometimes referred to as the “bliss molecule”.

One way to keep your endocannabinoid system topped up is to use a cbd topical product. The skin is our largest organ and just as taking CBD internally to help maintain homeostasis, applying topical CBD helps control the balance of skin cell function.

Cannabinoids can supplement the endocannabinoids that are created in the skin and mimic their action. Once the CBD interacts with the cannabinoid receptors in the skin, it starts working its magic!

Our hapi blend!

Our potent CBD massage oil is perfect for deep tissue work, recovery, and relaxation. It can be used all over the body and is ideal for larger areas such as legs, back, tummy and arms.

We researched for months on which essential oils we wanted to include so we could create something that is versatile, effective, and made a difference.

For thousands of years people have recognised the beneficial properties of using essential oils for health & wellness. So, imagine the power of these wonderful plants once they have been blended!?

The essential oils we chose were.

Lavender – a well-known and popular relaxant.

Avocado Oil – using avocado oil helps this massage oil penetrate deeper into the skin at an accelerated rate.

Clove Oil – clove is well known beneficial oil and brings a warming feel to your skin.

Black Pepper Oil – a powerful and stimulating oil.

Clary Sage Oil – can help facilitate healing.

All of these we felt with bring their own individual benefits to the CBD massage oil.

Next stop was getting a sample made so we could try it ourselves, it is important for us to sample everything first as we need to believe and trust in all our CBD products!

It was sufficient to say we were very ‘hapi’ with the result!

Many of our customers massage the oil all over their legs at bedtime and say it helps them relax. Whilst others apply pre or post workout. The clove oil brings a lovely warming sensation when you massage it in, so it is the perfect treatment for warming up or winding down.

Whatever your reason for wanting to include CBD, do not rule out a quality CBD topical product as you may be pleasantly surprised with the results!

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different ways to use CBD

4 Different ways of using CBD


There are many different ways you can take CBD and benefit from its wonderful therapeutic properties.

Which one you choose will depend on your personal needs, your lifestyle, and the desired effects you’re looking for from the product.

The key is to ensure you use it daily and see it as part of your daily health and wellness routine. You can also use a variety of CBD products, many people choose to mix products, so they take full advantage of versatile nature of CBD. You may take CBD oral drops each day and then use something additional for the evening – like a Tranquil CBD tea or a relaxing CBD body oil.
Likewise CBD oral drops may work better for you taken at night and you want a boost in the morning; there are some great CBD mixes you can add to your smoothie or cereal to kickstart your day.

One of the most important factors is to ensure you use safe and good quality CBD products. Trustworthy companies such as hapihemp will always have transparent lab reports online and clear ingredients and instructions online and on their packaging.

So, let’s look at the different ways you can start incorporating CBD into your life and start enjoying the many benefits that it brings.

1. CBD oral drops

This is currently the most popular way to take CBD. The drops are placed UNDER your tongue so its fully absorbed. This method is called “sublingual” and involves using a dropper style CBD oil bottle. You simply put a couple drops underneath your tongue and hold for 90 seconds. If you are not keen on the taste you can opt for a flavoured oil like the hapihemp fresh peppermint oral drops.

2. Topical CBD

CBD body products have grown dramatically over the past year, as more and more people have realised just how effective they can be. So many of us are turning to holistic treatments in our journey for health and wellness alternatives, so imagine the power of CBD and essential oils!?
Lavender is extremely popular with people who need some help in relaxing and struggling to sleep. hapihemps CBD+ body oil contains some super essential oils including Lavender and is great choice to massage all over when you go to bed.

If you are new to CBD and you want to start gently then topical is a great starting point.
If you are looking for some targeted relief then you may consider a CBD roller. Effective, versatile, you can literally take this anywhere with you, perfect for applying to your temples, forehead, neck, hands, and feet. Perfect if you struggle in heels!

hapihemps CBD+ roller also contains Arnica, Boswellia and Turmeric, so it really does pack a punch!

3. Drink and eat it!

Herbal teas have had a huge comeback in the past few years, many of us are so much more aware of how caffeine can affect us and also how beneficial herbal teas are to our health.
Chamomile teas are a huge hit for people struggling with sleep and hapihemps Tranquil tea has really hit the nail on the head with their calming blend. Full of CBD, Valerian, Chamomile, Rosehip and Hawthorn berries, its perfect to take in the evening.

If it’s a sweet, fruity, flavour you are looking for, our CBD Gummies would be perfect for you.

4. CBD patches

Transdermal patches may be relatively new in the world of CBD, but the concept has been around for years. They work in a similar way to nicotine or hormonal patches, with a few twists that ensure the patch can effectively deliver CBD into your bloodstream. These are already proving very popular, in particular, with sports enthusiast, golfers and anyone who doesn’t like the taste or the thought of oral drops.

The hapi CBD patch is made from organic hemp extract, taking goodness from this wonderful plant ensuring the full benefits in a THC free transdermal format.

One of the benefits of using CBD patches is the fast delivery of CBD into the bloodstream. The CBD doesn’t have to go through other bodily processes, so you start feeling the effects in a matter of minutes after applying the patch to your skin.

Fast, effective, and simple to use, we think CBD patches are going to see a huge spike in 2021.

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Topical vs CBD Oil


Topical CBD VS CBD oral drops

Derived from the hemp plant, cannabidiol (CBD) can provide an array of benefits for the mind, body, and soul without intoxicating effects.

But with the booming CBD market comes a whole host of different CBD products so how do you know which one to use? More specifically how do CBD oil and topicals compare to each other? How do they differ? And which one should you use to target whatever you’re experiencing? Whether separately or together, they both work to achieve balance based on your needs and use and by knowing how these applications work and their advantages, you can better decide if topical CBD vs oral CBD is right for you.

CBD Oil Oral Drops

These drops are placed under the tongue using a dropper. By taking CBD orally it can have a more systemic effect on the entire body.

If your CBD needs are more for internal or cognitive wellness, than external or skincare, then taking oral CBD may be a better option for you. The CBD gets absorbed through the capillaries in your mouth then directly into your bloodstream and eventually to the cannabinoid receptors of the ECS (Endocannabinoid System).

CBD Topicals

Topicals can be further broken down into different formats, creams, salves, skin oils, patches, rollers and balms. The different CBD topical formats may also differ in CBD potency, much like CBD oils. These types of products tend to be more commonly used to target specific areas of the body.

Which Should You Use?

The decision between oils and topicals ultimately depends on the reason why you’re using CBD and what your comfort level and preference is. Generally speaking, both topicals and oils can work.
Topicals may be more effective if you want to apply in a more targeted manner. Furthermore, topicals may be included in a regular skin care regiment to help promote healthier skin.
CBD topicals may help soothe, especially if they are infused with essential oils. The CBD from these topicals becomes absorbed into the epidermis and pores. Hemp-based CBD topicals may also contain a range of various beneficial nutrients that can help protect the skin from the daily exposure of outside elements.
Many people choose to use CBD topicals because they can quickly, and easily, apply the wholesome benefits of CBD directly where they need it. Using CBD topically is minimally invasive for CBD newcomers; it doesn’t have to travel throughout the body for it to work.

What are Types of CBD Topicals?

The several types of CBD topicals include:

CBD Body oils – infused with CBD and powerful essential oils, these can be used pre or post sport, many include relaxing essential oils like lavender and chamomile which makes it ideal to use in the evening.

CBD Rollers – extremely effective and versatile, you can apply this on the go and its ideal to take out and about with you. Can be used on temples, neck, knees, and feet, very popular with heel wearers! Again, always choose a roll on that includes essential oils so you get the full benefits.

CBD Balm – A multi-purpose high strength CBD balm that can be used anywhere! From hands to lips and knees to cuticles–this tub of CBD hapi  has been created for fast-acting and effective results. This all-in-one CBD product is a powerful blend of premium CBD & essential oils from nature – all of which have been carefully selected by us to ensure an effective CBD balm.

CBD patches – We can see these becoming very popular, fast, easy & effective… what’s not to like?! Not only that – you can change where you want to stick the CBD patch daily. The CBD still gets absorbed throughout your body; however, you have the real benefit of being able to target where you want it to go. Choose a 24-hour patch then you only have to apply once a day.

Combining both topical CBD along with oral CBD may provide the best of both worlds. We always recommend speaking to your doctor before initiating CBD use and it’s also important to test out different products to see which might work best for your body.

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Women taking CBD Oil

4 Wellness Trends That You Can Do from The Comfort of Your Home

4 Wellness Trends That You Can Do from The Comfort of Your Home

With the way things are in the world right now – our health and wellness are at the forefront of our minds. With so many people spending more time at home than ever, we thought it was a good time to explore some wellness trends that we can do from home.


1.Introduce CBD into your daily routine.

If you haven’t heard of CBD, now is the time to learn! It really is the fastest growing health supplement of 2020, and it doesn’t look like its calming down anytime soon.

Social media forums are full of testimonials from people who say it’s worked wonders for them, and many celebrities are talking about their favourite CBD products.

xCBD comes in oral drops, topicals, powders, teas, patches and even CBD sweets!
With so many CBD brands out there, you need to buy from a safe ethical hemp company and one that does third party testing on all their products.

hapihemp is a trusted brand, all of their products come with independent lab reports and third-party testing.

Their oral drops come in both mint and natural flavour and if you really don’t get on with the oils then go for the hapi patch. This CBD is high strength cbd and can placed anywhere on the body.

Their Tranquil hapi CBD tea is a great cuppa to unwind with and the CBD Gummies are literally a bag of goodness!

All of the topical cbd products are blended with some powerful essential oils to ensure you are getting the most out of their products.


2. Hot and cold showers

Your shower can boost your energy, relieve your stress and so much more.

Most people shower to stay clean, but for some showering can be a source of therapy.

Cold showers are common practice in many countries and have been around for much longer than in the UK. There are many health benefits associated with taking cold showers, the most popular one being improved blood circulation. Cold water hitting the body causes blood to move closer to the inner organs to keep them warm. This act increases the overall blood circulation in your body.

Whereas a hot shower can help with relieving stiffness, simply stand under a hot shower, and let the run over those tight areas.
The best way to get the full benefits is the alternate between hot and cold, as hard as it is switch from hot to cold in quick bursts all over your body.
You will get out of the shower feeling invigorated – WE PROMISE!


3. A bed of nails…

Invest in a Shakti Mat – A Shakti Mat is a padded acupressure mat featuring 6000 pressure points (tiny plastic spikes). It may look like a torture device, but it will have the rather opposite effect once you get used to using one.

In much the same way as with acupuncture, that Shakti Mat’s spikes will put pressure to points on your skin and the muscles beneath it, be it your back, neck or even feet, and will then stimulate the release of endorphins and a range of other calming hormones. As well as this, the spikes will also help increase the blood and lymph circulation in your body. It’s so easy to use, you can lay on it and watch tv, read or meditate!


4. Meditation

There are some great meditation apps now available online. It is a great place to start to get a good understanding of what guided meditation is, and how it can be beneficial to you on a daily basis. Simply find a time when there will be no interruptions, turn everything off and draw the blinds and take some time out.

With everything that has transpired this year, we hope that you see there is no time like the present to take control of your wellness and well-being. And we also hope that you see, your wellness is not compromised by not being able to get out much. You are able to work on you, from the comfort of your own home! So, get to it!

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CBD Patch

CBD Patches – everything you need to know…

CBD Patches – everything you need to know…

For discreet, all-day wellness –  hapi CBD Patches are the way forward. Enriched with CBD (Cannabidiol), these convenient daily patches will gently aid natural health in a simple topical solution.

Made from organic hemp extract, the patches feature broad-spectrum benefits, taking goodness from the entire plant. Scientific and clinical research has shown that CBD could impact our health in a positive way.

CBD patch

This is because we have naturally occurring receptors, called endocannabinoids, which you can read all about here. The organic compounds within the patches may react with these receptors, causing them to respond and alleviate common health & wellbeing issues.

CBD patches are not just another item on a list, nor are they a fad.  These patches are not only unique, but they are also smart and incredibly effective. One of the benefits of using CBD patches is the fast delivery of CBD into the bloodstream. The CBD does not have to go through other bodily processes, so you start feeling the effects in a matter of minutes after attaching the patch to your skin.


How do CBD patches work?

CBD Patch being used on arm













CBD patches pass CBD directly into our skin cells. Because our cells are made of lipids and cannabinoids are also lipids, CBD readily diffuses through our cells, eventually making the way to our blood vessels.  In other words they deliver cannabinoids into your bloodstream through the skin, which allows the CBD to reach your endocannabinoid system, where it binds with CB1 and CB2 receptors to produce a variety of beneficial effects.

Why choose the hapi patch?

The hapi CBD patch is gold standard, made in Switzerland and is one of the highest quality patches out there.
The hapi patch is organically produced and free of heavy metals, pesticides & herbicides.

As a 24-hour patch, it’s simple and there is no having to reapply a patch during the day. Our patches allow for steady and consistent delivery of CBD over the course of 24 hours. Then just remove it when you are done. You are in complete control!

The hapi patch comes in three different sized pouches:
6 patches

18 patches
30 patches
So you have the flexibility to choose which is right for you.


How do I use a CBD patch?

Application is simple – just place one patch on a relatively hair-free area of skin, such as the inner arm. Replace in a slightly different location after 24 hours and wash off any residue with warm, soapy water.

Made using gentle extraction methods, these topical patches help to maintain overall health. They offer a discreet alternative to oral CBD.
Try a hapi CBD patch today and watch your health improve.

Testers who have tried these patches have been surprised at just how effective they are. One tester said – “The beauty of this is I can put it on where I want, I can stick it on my shoulder one day, then another I can stick it on my foot! I have decided that when I can finally go out, I will pop it on my bunion before I put my heels on!”

Beyond efficacy and efficiency, our CBD patches offer one of the easiest and effective ways to take CBD.

hapihemp patches are a discreet way to absorb the benefits of CBD. An alternative to oral drops, patches are efficient and effective at targeted relief.


are you ready to start your hapi-ness journey?

if you’re ready to get started on your own personal hapiness journey with hapihemp, then take that first step and discover our incredible product range!

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CBD Full spectrum vs Broad spectrum

The difference between THC Free and Full Spectrum

The difference between THC Free and Full Spectrum


When reading about CBD you have probably seen full spectrum CBD oil and broad spectrum/THC free CBD oil mentioned, as you can buy either full spectrum or broad-spectrum CBD products.

So, what does each spectrum tell you about CBD oil products and how do they differ?
Before we start, let’s take a brief overview of cannabinoids and why they matter for our health.

Cannabinoids and their role in our well-being

Cannabinoids are the natural phytochemicals found within the cannabis plant.
There are over 113 identified cannabinoids — with CBD and THC being the most thoroughly researched.

But why are cannabinoids so important for our well-being…? Because they interact with the endocannabinoid system (ECS), a complex network of cannabinoid receptors and neurotransmitters located in the brain, central nervous system, peripheral nervous system, and immune system. The ECS controls a wide range of biological functions.

In 1995, researchers found that cannabinoids like CBD and THC could benefit the body and brain in many ways.  Later, they discovered that each cannabinoid has a unique relationship with the endocannabinoid system.  For example, THC induces psychoactive effects linked to “getting high.” However, CBD does not. In other words, it will not make you high. In fact, it can even alter the psychoactive effects of THC as it delivers a range of health benefits.

CBD Oil (Full and Broad Spectrum)

What is Full-Spectrum CBD?

If an extract is full spectrum, this means it contains all phytochemicals naturally found in the plant, including CBD, trace cannabinoids, terpenes, and essential oils. Full-spectrum extracts from hemp also come with a negligible THC content — below 0.2%.

The full spectrum of the active compounds extracted from hemp work together to increase the health benefits of each individual cannabinoid. This phenomenon is referred to as the entourage effect.

Although non-psychoactive, full-spectrum CBD can in very rare cases show up in a drug test. If you do want that guarantee this is where THC Free/ broad spectrum comes in.

What is Broad Spectrum CBD?

Broad-spectrum CBD contains cannabidiol and all the other compounds within the plant, apart from THC, which is completely removed.
Because broad-spectrum extracts contain multiple cannabinoids, they also produce the “entourage effect,” but without the THC.

To simplify, broad-spectrum CBD contains the entire spectrum of cannabinoids EXCEPT for the THC part. So, if you were in the police force, security services or a teacher, this may be the better option for you.

Which Spectrum Should You Choose?

Now that you have gone through the spectrums of CBD, you’re probably hesitating on the final choice, wondering why someone would select one type over the other.  First of all, do not think that one spectrum is better than the other. Everyone reacts differently to CBD and has different needs, so this is what you should base your judgment on — namely, which CBD spectrum will work best in your case.

To help you make your mind up, we have mapped out some of the pros and cons of each type, along with examples each spectrum would probably work best for.

Full Spectrum CBD: Pros & Cons


  • Allows the user to benefit from the entourage effect
  • The least processed form of CBD
  • Contains terpenes and flavonoids for additional health benefits


  • May show up on a drug screening

Full-Spectrum CBD is best for:

  • CBD users who want to benefit from the trace amounts of THC in their extracts as THC can bring its own benefits
  • Individuals with more severe symptoms.

When first starting with CBD, start with either a full spectrum 5%, or even a 2.5% CBD oil.



THC / Broad spectrum CBD: Pros & Cons


  • Offers the full benefits of the entourage effect
  • Less processed than isolate
  • Will not show up on a drug screening


  • Does not contain THC, to enhance the entourage effect


Broad Spectrum works best for:

  • Individuals sensitive to THC
  • Individuals working in places with harsh THC regulations
  • First-time CBD users cautious of THC
  • If you have to have regular drug tests

When first starting with CBD, start with either a THC 5%, or even a 2.5% CBD oil.



There are many factors that can point you in the direction of one CBD spectrum instead of the other.

Your unique body chemistry, your weight, lifestyle, as well as your history with other supplements — each of these factors can influence the way you react to different cannabinoid profiles.

For some, THC FREE CBD may be the best choice as it delivers some of the entourage effect without the psychoactive effects of THC and others will need more THC to feel the difference.

There is still much research to be done to monitor the effectiveness of each spectrum, so the best thing you can do for now is a little trial and error to figure out which option you prefer. Always start low and grow slow and be assured that with hapihemp, you’re getting a safe, quality product.

Also don’t forget you also have the option of looking at topical CBD and CBD edibles.


are you ready to start your hapi-ness journey?

if you’re ready to get started on your own personal hapiness journey with hapihemp, then take that first step and discover our incredible product range!

what are you waiting for, join the hapi club and take ownership of your wellness voyage

CBD Capsules and tub

3 of natures most powerful ingredients all in one CBD capsule

What are CBD capsules?

CBD oil in a capsule? CBD capsules with turmeric, black pepper and ginger?

Let us take a moment to explain… turmeric, black pepper and ginger, as we all know, are loaded with health benefits. In many ways they have the same benefits found in CBD oil and taking all four can give you and your body a real powerful super boost!

Take these CBD capsules each day, and your body may potentially thank you!
The hapihemp tub of CBD capsules consist of premium ingredients and are completely natural and vegan-friendly – even the shell!  All these components have been specifically blended to help optimise your health and wellbeing.

CBD Capsules int tub

The four active ingredients make these capsules perfect for joint care and are so easy to take, there is no messing around with measurements or taking lots of different vitamins or supplements.  It’s all here is one measured capsule – you and your joints will never look back.
So why turmeric, black pepper and ginger?

Natural black pepper (Bioperine) is included to help increase the absorption of the oil in our body. This adds to the efficacy of the supplement.

Turmeric is a powerful natural remedy that is probably one of the most popular supplements there is right now. It helps facilitate healing and regeneration.

Ginger is a natural component that has lots of useful properties. It’s extremely healing, a supertonic and a well-known friend to our joints.

The hapihemp CBD+ capsules have a soft gel shell that is completely natural! However, so many are still being sold that are made with gelatine or vegetable cellulose – but not these!
They are also free of harmful pesticides, herbicides or any artificial fertilizers and each batch is tested carefully in an independent lab.

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