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Get the most out of our multi-purpose CBD Body Oil…

We are in the midst of a skincare revolution, where people are turning away from synthetic products that are filled with harsh chemicals, fragrances, and preservatives. It’s all about going back to the grassroots and opting for effective and natural treatments.

Using CBD body oil is one of the easiest ways to take advantage of the benefits that CBD brings and can be used to target specific areas of the body that require particular attention.

Our CBD Body Oil is truly a powerful multi-purpose treatment, and we will explain further how you can make the most of this potent CBD blend.

Our hapi blend!

The hapihemp CBD body oil is perfect for deep tissue work, recovery, and relaxation. It can be used all over the body and is ideal for larger areas such as the legs, back, tummy, and arms. Not only that it’s also a wonderful bath soak.

We researched for months on which essential oils we wanted to include so we could create something versatile, which made a difference. We also wanted it to have a soothing and warming feel to it…hence the clove and black pepper!

One of the benefits of this CBD body oil is that it has been created to interact with receptors in your skin to help support your muscles and joints.

Each bottle contains wheat germ, arnica, clove, black pepper, camphor, lavender, lemongrass, and CBD. These natural ingredients work magically together to help soothe areas that need help. It will not irritate sensitive skin and can be massaged easily into your skin.

With our CBD body oil, you can also enjoy the warming effects of Clove, Black pepper, and Camphor. Our soothing blend works well in the morning to help you get moving and at the end of the day to help your body relax.

Many people are now using topical CBD products as part of their daily routine, as it’s a really easy way to incorporate CBD into your life.

5 different ways to use our CBD BODY OIL

Bathe in bliss!

What better way to take a bath than a bath with CBD and essential oils?

hapihemp’s CBD body oil is also a wonderful treat as a CBD bath soak. Simply pour in, lay back and unwind.

Sleep like a baby!

With a blend of Lavender, Arnica, Clove and Black pepper, this CBD body oil is certainly going to help your body to switch off. A firm favourite for a bedtime routine, this is why it’s also included in our CBD sleep kit. Simply rub it in all over, pay particular attention to your neck, shoulders, and chest, also don’t forget to apply it to the soles of your feet… you can thank us later!

Warming up!

A must have CBD body oil for anyone that keeps fit – warm those muscles up before a run or any type of exercise.  Our unique combination of essential oils and CBD is the perfect warm up companion.

Recover and relax!

After any work out it is important to recover, and as with warming up our CBD body oil is perfect for warming down and recovery.

Treat your feet!

Suffering from tired feet? Rub some of the CBD body oil into your feet, pop a pair of fluffy socks on and let the CBD and essential oils work their magic!

CBD Starter Kit Blog

CBD for beginners… Welcome to our CBD starter kit!

When we first started to delve into the world of CBD it wasn’t particularly well known in the UK, not like it is now. Much of what we had read was reviews in America and Canada and it was all so positive. Sam and I had both researched CBD for very different health reasons and the change it had made to our lives was remarkable and that’s what gave us the drive for hapihemp. We had to start from the basics and educate ourselves on CBD, we were very lucky and worked with some amazing CBD experts like Professor Mike Barnes who travels the world educating others.

Fast forward three years we see CBD everywhere, it’s sold in most high street stores and CBD in the UK is now huge with everyone talking about the benefits and the difference it has made to their health and wellness. We are asked daily various questions about CBD and how it can help with so many issues.

Gone is the CBD stigma, no doubt you will have all heard chatter about CBD patches, read articles on how well a CBD balm has worked for someone and seen on social media about how effective CBD gummies can be!

The notion of this wonderful all-natural plant compound that works in such a variety of ways is appealing, however, it can also be mind boggling on where to start with CBD.

We understand this, we have been there ourselves, which is why we try to be as clear and transparent as possible when it comes to our product labelling, our website and our products.

Starting CBD for the first time can be daunting and this is why we have created our CBD STARTER KIT.

The CBD starter kit has been created for anyone that is starting CBD for the first time and we have included everything to ensure you have everything you need and to take the stress away.

Each CBD starter kit contains the following:

CBD handbook

This CBD handbook gives you a brief overview of the history of CBD, what it is, how to take CBD, different ways to take CBD and the various CBD products that are available in the UK, such as CBD patches, CBD body oils and CBD rollers. There is also a handy glossary at the back which covers all the confusing words that are often used in the world of CBD in the UK!

Low strength CBD oil

Included in the CBD kit is a CBD oil which is a 2.5% strength, this is our lowest strength CBD oil and is THC free. It’s a great THC Free CBD oil to start with so you can build slowly. You may find you need to increase the drops with this strength quite quickly which is fine, as the next time you can order the 5% CBD oil which would be much more cost effective.

CBD patches

CBD patches are a relatively new concept to the UK CBD market and our CBD patches are one of our CBD hero products. Made in Switzerland our CBD patches are of superior quality, and we think one of the best CBD patches in the UK.

Each CBD patch is 20mg of CBD per patch and last 24 hours. CBD patches are probably one of the most convenient ways to take CBD, there is no measuring, no tasting, no counting! You simply apply the CBD patch to your preferred area and enjoy the benefits for 24 hours. The beauty of a CBD patch is you can change where you place it. One day you can place it on your back, another day it could be your arm – the choice is yours!

The reason we included our CBD patches in the CBD Starter kit is because they are so popular and it’s important you have the opportunity to try various methods of CBD so you can then make an informed decision on what you like and what you don’t like.

CBD balm

Our CBD balm is a super multi-purpose CBD product, one that we think should be in every home.

All of our topical CBD products are blended with essential oils and you can read more on this here.

Our CBD body oil, CBD roller, and CBD cream all have powerful essential oils blended in. This CBD balm contains Safflower, Ginger oil and Orange oil. Also included is Shea butter which helps with faster absorption.

You can use this CBD balm wherever you like, although we wouldn’t recommend it on the face. The CBD balm is perfecting for dabbing – so for example you can dab on smaller areas like knees, elbows, feet, neck etc.

We chose the CBD balm for the CBD starter kit as CBD topical products are amazing and so effective! We are passionate about topical CBD skincare and think everyone should try something.


So, there you have it… our CBD starter kit, a kit full of CBD hapi-ness, the CBD kit that is perfect for CBD beginners.

If you brought each product in the CBD starter kit separately it would cost you £59.99, however, you save £10 when purchasing this CBD starter kit as it’s only £49.99!


We hope you enjoy our CBD starter kit, and you join us on this exciting journey into health, wellness and hapi-ness with hapihemp 😊

CBD Gummies questions

The 8 most frequently questions about CBD gummies

 CBD gummies are more popular now than ever, and it’s easy to see why… they work!

We get asked many questions about high quality, natural and fully vegan CBD gummies, so we thought we would share the most frequently asked questions about our potent CBD gummies.

1 – Are CBD gummies good for you?

Short answer – yes!

CBD gummies are just like vitamin gummies if you buy a good quality gummy from a reputable retailer. This gives you peace of mind that they have all the regular testing and reports.

CBD gummies are a great option for those of you that want to enjoy CBD but don’t like to swallow capsules or don’t enjoy the taste or texture of the oil. CBD is a wonderful healthy ingredient that millions of people take for health and wellness. So, CBD infused into a natural gummy is good for you.

2 – What’s the difference between infused CBD gummies and coated CBD gummies?

CBD infused gummies have the CBD blended right into the ingredients whilst the gummy is being made, this ensures that you get the correct dosage in each gummy and that nothing is wasted, and no CBD can be lost. The CBD is also protected from heat, light and moisture.

CBD coated gummies are just that… coated. Once the CBD gummies have been made, they are then sprayed or coated with CBD. This means the CBD isn’t protected from light or heat, the CBD can also come off in transit and in the packaging. With a CBD coated gummy, it’s unlikely you will not get what you think you are buying.

3 – Are CBD gummies safe?

Yes, CBD gummies are safe as long as you follow the instructions on dosage. CBD gummies are generally well tolerated by all ages. You are in safe hands as long as you are buying CBD gummies or high-strength CBD gummies from a reputable retailer with all safety reports for their CBD products.

4 – How many CBD gummies can I eat?

If you are buying our 10mg CBD gummies, you could have up to 7 a day. However, if you were having 7 gummies a day it would save you money to buy the 25mg CBD gummies!  If you are taking the 25mg High-Strength CBD gummies, you can have 2.

5 – What strength of CBD gummy is best?

As with CBD oils, we always recommend starting low go slow. We sell two strengths of CBD gummies.

Our bags come in either 30 pack of 10mg of CBD or high strength 25mg and a sample pack of 7 gummies at 10mg.

If you take two of our 10mg gummies a day, it would be more cost-effective to buy the 25mg CBD gummies next time.

If you are new to CBD, then start with the 10mg or consider buying our CBD starter kit which has everything in it that you will need.

6 – Can CBD gummies be taken with other CBD products?

Yes, you can use topical CBD products like a CBD balm or a CBD body oil whilst taking CBD gummies.

Some people will also use a CBD patch with a CBD gummy, it all depends on the strength of the gummies and the patches you are using. Many people take CBD gummies to supplement their CBD routine. However, we always recommend checking if it doesn’t succeed in the recommended daily allowance.

7 – Are CBD gummies vegan friendly?

Not all of them are, our hapihemp CBD gummies are completely natural and suitable for vegans.

8 – Where can I buy CBD gummies?

If you want safe, effective, and tasty CBD gummies then look no further than hapihemp!

Available in two strengths – a daily dose of CBD goodness!


MCCS approved blog

A SEAL OF APPROVAL for hapihemp!

We are delighted to learn that we are one of only 20 UK CBD companies to be officially recommended for use by the MCCS (Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society)

This is obviously fantastic news for us, and we are extremely proud of this prestigious accolade.

We work really hard to ensure premium, safe and effective CBD products, so to receive this recognition makes us really hapi!

It is now common for doctors to be asked about CBD products which are often favoured as the first port of call for medicinal cannabis, as purchasing over the counter products can be simpler, cheaper, and easier than a medical consultation and a prescription for medicinal cannabis. There is a plethora of products on the market (214 producers have been reviewed for this guide) and a bewildering array of choices that can make it difficult to choose one CBD product.

So, the MCCS has produced a “Clinicians Guide to CBD” which outlines the basic principles of CBD usage. This “Recommendations for Good CBD Oil” is a companion volume to the “Clinicians Guide” –  www.ukmccs.org

This list was created by looking at the CBD Oil Content, Type, Dosage, Safety and Labelling of CBD retailers.

MCCS Co-Founder Professor Mike Barnes said –

The new CBD: Recommendations for Good Practice guide contains recommendations for what the Society considers a good CBD product. The Society has over 300 members most of which are the UK prescribing cannabis doctors. Often our doctors are asked to advise on which CBD products could be tried for various medical conditions before the patient tries a prescribed medication. We anticipate that our doctors will recommend a product from this list. Sometimes an over-the-counter CBD product is sufficient to help the condition and is much cheaper.

 I am pleased to say that hapihemp, has fulfilled all the criteria and is one of only 20 UK companies to have done so. “

All of our products are thoroughly tested, and we only work with the best manufacturers who have the same core values as us.

We only sell CBD products that we believe in… for example our CBD patches are 20mg of CBD per patch and last for at least 24 hours.

Our CBD starter kit and CBD sleep kit are priced so that our customers have the opportunity to try a variety of products.

Our CBD body oil contains some amazing essential oils including Camphor as well as CBD, as we believe that essential oils and CBD are a powerful match made in heaven!


Find out more about the MCCS and the new CBD Recommendations for Good Practice guide below…

The Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society www.ukmccs.org gives clinicians the opportunity to share practical knowledge, develop transparent and independent guidance and lead the conversation as doctors in the sector.

As more and more doctors begin to prescribe medical cannabis for their patients, the Society provides a confidential, independent network for clinicians to share experiences in patient consultation, prescribing, accessing products and treatments, research, and evidence.

Members of the Society have access to further information including prescribing guidelines, a secure online support network and discounts on training and events.

The Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society is a community interest company: Medcan Clinicians Society CIC (company #12000732).


What is the purpose of this UK CBD guide?

Over the counter (OTC) CBD is now very popular and a multimillion-pound market. Many people use CBD for medical purposes even though the producers cannot make medical claims. It is now common for doctors to be asked about CBD products and these are often favoured as the first port of call for medicinal cannabis as purchasing an OTC product is simpler, easier, and cheaper than a medical consultation and prescription cannabis medicine. There is a plethora of products on the market (214 producers have been reviewed for this guide) and a bewildering array of choices. Which to choose, which to advise? The Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society have produced a “Clinicians Guide to CBD” which outlines the basic principles of CBD usage but avoided specific product discussion. This “Recommendations for Good CBD Oil” is a companion volume to the “Clinicians Guide”

What does this UK CBD guide cover?

This guide only discusses CBD oil. Obviously, many companies produce other products, such as CBD balms, patches and topicals.

What do doctors and the public want from a CBD product?

  1. Certificate of Analysis

A readily accessible Certificate of Analysis (C of A) is essential. The C of A should tell the consumer what is in the product. It should state which cannabinoids are present, not just CBD but the amount of other “minor” cannabinoids, including the number of controlled cannabinoids, such as THC. The terpene profile is also important for the overall effect of the product.

  1. Carrier oil

The carrier oil is important as it can be the source of an allergic reaction. Thus, we believe that every product must state the carrier oil.

  1. Labelling

There must be clear labelling, so the consumer knows exactly what is in the bottle. The C of A should confirm that the labelling is correct. We prefer a label which states the mg/ml of the cannabinoids rather than a percentage concentration. We also think it is important that the consumer is aware of whether an oil is full spectrum (unlikely to be legal), broad spectrum or an isolate.

  1. Safety information

It is important that the consumer is appropriately warned about safety considerations. This should include a note that the product should not be used by children, not to be used during pregnancy or whilst breastfeeding and if the consumer is on any other medication, they should consult their doctor. This information ideally should be clear at the point of sale. However, whilst this is not compulsory from a statutory standpoint, we feel this is important information that should be given. We also feel that a doctor should be responsible for warning the patient about these issues.

  1. Vegan/gluten-free

We feel that products should state whether they are suitable for vegans and whether they are gluten-free.

Sleep Kit and words

CBD sleep kit for a good night’s sleep

Over the past couple of years, it seems that the world as we once knew it has completely changed and so many of us are finding it difficult to wind down for the evening.

We are all living through times and some people now call this ‘Coronasomnia’, highlighting the connection between the pandemic and sleeplessness.

We all need sleep to be able to function properly, some more than others, I personally need 8 hours and if not, I am very grumpy.

Many people buy CBD for their bedtime routine, and this is why we have put together our CBD Sleep Kit.

CBD for sleep can help but we believe you get the full benefits when you include some wonderful additional herbs and essential oils and start to create a calming bedtime routine.

Our CBD sleep kit is made up of four products:

  • Full spectrum CBD oil
  • CBD warming body oil
  • CBD calming tea
  • Eye mask

By using all 4 in conjunction with each other, you are setting yourself up for a really good CBD fuelled night’s sleep.

For anyone purchasing our CBD sleep kit, this is what we would recommend:

CBD oil drops

Depending on how many CBD drops you take a day we would suggest you take a couple of drops in the morning and a couple of drops in the evening. In the CBD sleep kit, you get a full spectrum of 5% CBD oil.

CBD calming tea

CBD tea is one of our hero CBD products, it is the most repeated order throughout our whole range. The CBD tea also includes some of the following tranquil herbs:




Hawthorne berries


Lemon balm

We all know how magical CBD can be, so imagine once blended with all of these soothing ingredients!

We would recommend that you make yourself a cup of this calming tea early evening. This CBD tea is a loose tea so you will a strainer, diffuser, or a teapot to make up. Then sit back and enjoy. If you want you can have a couple of cups of CBD tea, but we would just stick with one cup for the first few days.

Our CBD tea does taste lovely, but if you want to add something else you can, some people add honey or extra lemon.

CBD body oil

Our CBD body oil has been created so you can use it in the bath or apply it straight to your body.

For the full effect of this CBD body oil, we would start by adding some to a bath and have a relaxing soak and let the CBD oil and essential oils sink into your skin.

This CBD body oil also contains warming Clove, Black pepper, and Camphor.  Soothing Lavender and Arnica. Plus, Wheatgerm and Lemongrass.

All of these wonderful ingredients have so many benefits which is why the CBD body oil is such a treat and perfect for the CBD sleep kit.

When you get ready for bed, rub some of the CBD body oil into your palms and then rub all around the back of your neck, around your shoulder and chest.

Then apply some to your tummy and thighs, you won’t need a lot as a little of this CBD body oil goes a long way.

Then finally, rub some of the CBD body oil into the soles of your feet. This really does make a difference and is our favourite part to do! You will soon realise why this oil is in our CBD sleep kit.

By now you should start to feel relaxed and enjoy the calming scents of these soothing essential oils – they are divine.

Once you are in bed and ready to sleep, pop your sleep mask on and drift off and enjoy some sweet dreams!

We have covered everything that is in our CBD sleep kit and how to get the most out of it.

Below we have put together 5 additional tips for improving your night-time routine.


5 tips for a better night’s sleep

Write a to-do list for the next day

Do this as part of your evening routine and include things you’re trying to figure out and some ideas for how you’ll try to address them. This really does help if you go to bed and have a noisy mind and so many things going around in your head.

Use a relaxing body oil

Take some time to massage into your legs, shoulders, and arms. Part of CBD sleep kits is a wonderful relaxing and warming CBD body oil which has Lavender, Clove, and Black pepper in it

Learn to relax

With practice, you can learn to trigger your body’s relaxation response. Teaching yourself some simple relaxation techniques can help you wind down and de-stress. One of our favourites is an old technique that they apparently use in the army… or so we are told! Once in bed – focus on your breathing, long breaths in and out, then imagine you are going to relax every piece of your body! Starting with the top of your – imagine you are relaxing your skull. Then slowly work down – temples, eyes, mouth, jaw, be mindful and focus on all these areas relaxing, and let your mouth gently drop open. When you get to your shoulders – really push them down and move your hands gently to ensure there is no tension there. Simply follow this all the way down to your feet and hopefully by the time you give your toes a gentle wiggle you should be asleep!


Go to bed and wake up at the same time. Every evening, relax at least 1 hour before bed – for example, take a bath or read a book and have a cup of our CBD tea.

Your room

Make sure your bedroom is dark and quiet – use thick curtains, blinds, and an eye mask (from our CBD sleep kit). Also make sure your mattress, pillows and covers are comfortable.

Don’t forget if you are looking for a thoughtful gift, all of our CBD kits make a lovely present.

Food Standard Agency

CBD and novel foods

We have some important information that we wanted to share with you about the novel food regulation and the CBD industry.

CBD is regarded as a novel food, which means that CBD oil now has to pass through intense authorization processes for medical or food supplements before it is allowed to be sold on the market.

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) has given all CBD companies until the end of 2022 to have a validated Novel Foods Application. After this date, only CBD brands that have been accepted will be allowed to continue operating.

To build a credible novel foods dossier a CBD company must collate data to demonstrate to the FSA that their products are safe for human consumption and can be consistently made to a high quality. Once the FSA is satisfied that sufficient information is provided, it will be able to validate the dossier.

Unfortunately, this may have an impact on many CBD companies that could have to close due to these new regulations.

The positive news, however, is that hapihemp has been working with our partners to ensure an application has been submitted.

This has been an extremely comprehensive project which includes product manufacturing data, toxicology reports and stability assessments.

Recently, many of you may have noticed a difference in the taste and colour of our CDB oral oil drops. This is due to our upgraded CO2 extraction process, improved filtration system and the use of pure organic CBD MCT oil, so the colour and taste of our oils are much purer and cleaner. This not only takes away the bitter taste of hemp, but it also provides you with all the wonderful benefits of the full spectrum of cannabinoids, phytonutrients and terpenes!

Our upgraded extraction process now covers ALL STRENGTHS of our CBD oils including our brand new 2.5% THC free (250 mg) and super strength 40% THC free (4000 mg) CBD oil.

hapihemp 2.5% ( 250mg) THC free CBD oil

A great starting point for CBD oil novices and pet owners – this low dose gets the endocannabinoid system (ECS) working gently. This is also a cost-effective option to try CBD oil as a sample bottle before investing in stronger strengths. You can start with just a couple of drops a day and build slowly, or you can take up to 6 – eight drops a day for a couple of weeks before moving on.

This strength is also very popular with pet owners.

hapihemp 40% ( 4000mg) THC free CBD oil

40% THC Free CBD oil is only recommended for experienced CBD users – Once you’ve used CBD products for some time you will know how much you should take each day. If you find you are having to take several drops, it may be time to look at high-strength products. These provide more cannabidiol (CBD) for your money and have a greater impact on your wellbeing.


Thank you for reading, that’s all the updates for now and we will keep you updated on the progress.

High-Strength CBD Gummies

High strength CBD gummies in the UK

CBD gummies are one of the most popular CBD products in the UK. We are extremely proud of our CBD gummies as we worked really hard to bring you a CBD gummy that tasted nice and was also effective and natural. We may be biased but we think we have some of the best CBD gummies in the UK today.

So, we are super excited to bring you our HIGH STRENGTH CBD GUMMIES to the hapihemp family!

These potent CBD gummies are still as tasty as our original CBD gummies and still as natural… BUT with a huge 25mg of CBD per gummy! These are ideal for all fans of CBD gummies but who want something a little stronger.

Our high strength CBD gummies are still infused with premium CBD as we know that’s the best method for CBD gummies and of course, they come with full lab reports. Developed with all natural ingredients the fruity flavours are mouth-watering, you have pineapple, strawberry and apple all in one pack.

High strength CBD gummies are probably the most discreet way to take a high dose of CBD each day with a precise dose of 25mg of CBD in one CBD gummy.

Just like vitamin gummies, CBD gummies are a tastier way to enjoy your daily dose of CBD.

5 benefits of high strength CBD gummies

  1. Easy to take

Not everyone finds taking pills or tablets easy, the same goes for sublingual CBD oil. Having a high strength CBD gummy is like chewing a sweet, they are very tasty but with the added benefit of being good for you.

  1. Precise dosing

When you take a high strength CBD gummy you know you are getting 25mg of CBD per CBD gummy. There is no measuring or counting.

  1. Convenient

What better way to take CBD than in a tasty pastille?! You do not need any water, nor do you need to go any discreet to take your CBD! Our high-strength CBD gummies are perfect for taking on holiday, work, camping, or the gym.

  1. Tasty!

Things have changed since the early days of CBD when it really did taste unpleasant. These days, CBD oils are much more filtered and milder, but still, many people out there either dislike the taste or do not enjoy the texture of oil.

Each high strength CBD gummy is bursting with fruity flavours, so they actually feel like a treat.

The taste of CBD oil is a dealbreaker for some, it is rather strong after all. On the other hand, CBD gummies usually come with a tasty, fruity flavour, so it feels more like a treat than a burden.

  1. Natural and vegan friendly

As with all of our products – our high strength CBD gummies had to fit our hapihemp ethos – vegan friendly and no nasties! These CBD gummies contain no preservatives and are suitable for vegans.

The 3 most popular questions on high strength CBD gummies

  1. How many high strength CBD gummies can I take?

Depending on how long you have taken CBD for, we would suggest a max of 2 high strength CBD gummies. In the UK it is recommended that you do not exceed more than 75mg of CBD per day. So, with that in mind, you could take 3, but we think 2 should be plenty. Most people will take just 1 a day and that is plenty, and each high CBD gummy contains 25mg of CBD, which is classed as high strength CBD. Remember the golden rule of CBD… start low go slow.

  1. Can I get high with a high strength CBD gummy?

Short answer – NO! All of our CBD gummies are THC free which means you cannot get high.

  1. What is the best high strength CBD gummy in the UK?

Well as we said before… we may be biased but we believe ours are! When you buy from a CBD specialist you know what you are getting as long s everything is transparent on the website.

All CBD gummies should come with a full lab report, if you can’t see one then do not buy. We pride ourselves on being transparent as we think it is important and with our high strength CBD gummies it’s no different.

Our CBD gummies are made with premium CBD, and natural ingredients and all come with full certificates.


So, what are you waiting for? Treat yourself to some high strength CBD gummies and live the hapi way!


Why We Work with Our Manufacturers

The manufacturers we choose are such an important factor in who we are.  We are always looking for good people within the UK CBD industry who have the same mindset for good value, highly ethical, quality products.  You can be assured that we always sample products before selling them and ensure they meet our standards.  It is important that we are able to see certification and evidence that they are producing products to the high standards we expect and that the manufacturers we choose, do things the right way.  In an unregulated industry, these things couldn’t be more important.

Lorraine and I work to a standard that says if it’s not good enough for us, it’s not good enough for our hapihemp customers.  We put our names to everything we see, and our products are all very personal to us.

So, what exactly do we look for? 

  • Good people make good products. Most of the manufacturers we choose have their own personal stories about their own walk with CBD and why they are so passionate about it.  If they love and care about it as we do, it’s a win win.
  • They must follow industry standards that have been put in place to ensure the production of a top-quality food supplement or skin care product, with no excuses.
  • They must have certification to evidence the quality and background of their products.
  • They are happy to let us sample their products before we agree to buy anything, so we know they believe in it themselves.
  • If required, they have submitted a Novel Food Application with the Food Standards Agency.
  • They can offer us their products at a good price so that we can pass that on and offer our customers our quality CBD products at a competitive price.

Why is this so important to us?

Well, we both needed a company like ours when we were new to CBD.  It would have made life so much easier!

Whenever you learn about something new, it can make such a difference when you find someone you trust who has been there before you and can help lead you along the way.  This wasn’t my experience when I first learned about CBD.  I didn’t know anyone else with experience with it and it seemed much of the information available online wasn’t particularly trustworthy. In fact, I was so unsure that I decided to walk away and continued to suffer.

My fear was that CBD was just another gimmick that companies were making false claims about, just like so many other “supplements” available to buy online these days.  How did I know who was genuine and who was trying to make a quick buck?  My health and wellness had become so important to me back then and I wasn’t prepared to take the risk of putting anything into my body that could be risky.

For another 8 years the quality of my life, as well as those around me,  was severely impacted.  I stopped living and really just existed. These were not good times for any of us, although when you’re fortunate enough to have good people in your life who love you, it makes it bearable.

Through sheer desperation, I decided to risk it and try a CBD oil that I had found in my research.  It seemed to be from a genuine company, so I took the risk of trying.  In a very short time, I was delighted that I did and was left wishing I had tried it so much sooner.  Why didn’t more people know about this wonderful product? Needless to say, after some time, the company that I bought the oil from became our very first supplier for CBD oils.

From here our company grew and with each new product, we would work together with each new supplier to ensure everything was top quality and as affordable as possible for our customers.  We now have a full range of products including CBD patches, CBD capsules, CBD gummies and CBD tea.  We are also very proud of our skin care range too.  Our wonderful CBD Oil roller is one of our most potent products and is so handy to keep with you wherever you go.  This little product had so much love put into it that we can’t help but be proud.  Our CBD Balm gets great reviews too and Lorraine and I never tire of hearing how our products have impacted our customers.  It still brings a little buzz of hapi-ness.

For me, hapihemp was born from my personal discovery of CBD and a desire to share it with other people who may find it has the same benefits I had.  No life experience, be it good or bad, has to be wasted.  My own struggles and fears led me to ask lots of questions about this wonderful little plant containing CBD, which in turn took me down a path of discovery. These days I am able to use all of that life experience to ensure hapihemp always produces a top-quality product for our customers.

…and that is why choosing the right manufacturer is so important.




If you would like to know more about the world of CBD and our products, we have a wealth of information in our blogs. You may like to try: A Beginners Guide to CBD or The Importance of Lab Reports

CBD Shopping List

Why CBD should be at top of your list

The rise of CBD in the UK has been phenomenal and is still growing at a fast pace with some studies claiming that over 6 million people in the UK have used some form of CBD. You just have to read all the positive feedback on social media to see how well it works for so many people and what a difference it makes.

CBD did change our lives, which is why we like singing the praises of this wonderful plant! It’s also why we set up hapihemp in the first place and we certainly love what we do!

There are still millions of people in the UK who haven’t tried CBD and if you’re one of them, you are missing out – it’s time to put CBD at the top of your list!

What to buy? 

If this is your first time with CBD, we would always recommend starting on a lower strength CBD oil. You will also need to decide how you would like to consume CBD. We have a variety of CBD products for you to choose from – CBD oral drops, CBD capsules, CBD patches, CBD edibles or topical CBD. We have made some suggestions below, however, it’s important for you to take into consideration your likes, dislikes and lifestyle. It’s not always a quick fix and you sometimes need to mix it up a bit to work out what works for you.

Starting CBD for the first time

The best place to start if you are buying CBD for the first time is a CBD starter kit.

Our CBD starter kit contains everything you will need for the first few weeks of your CBD journey. Inside you will find a CBD handbook, a 2.5% CBD oil, CBD balm and CBD patches. You can read more about our CBD starter kit here.

If it’s CBD oral drops you are thinking about then take a look at our 5%, or 2.5% THC Free CBD oils. You have the option of choosing a natural or peppermint flavour.

Our CBD capsules are also a great option, especially if you like to include turmeric in your daily

CBD patches

A relatively new concept and one that we and many of our customers love!

Our CBD patches are Swiss made and have a high-grade concentration, giving you peace of mind that you are getting a quality product.

One of the benefits of using a CBD patch is the fast delivery of CBD into the bloodstream. The CBD doesn’t have to go through other bodily processes, so you start feeling the effects in a matter of minutes after attaching the patch to your skin. You can also place the CBD patch on a particular area that needs it more, although the CBD does get absorbed throughout the body.

You also have the option to order a smaller pack of CBD patches if you want to as they come in 6, 18 and 30 packs.

Edible CBD and CBD drinks

An ideal option if you would like to start your CBD journey slowly, there are many CBD options out there, some tasty and some not!

Our CBD calming tea and CBD gummies are really popular. The CBD tea is perfect for the evening and really is very calming. Our CBD gummies are delightful and probably one of the nicest ways to take CBD.

Topical CBD

We believe in the power of plants, which is why all our topical CBD skincare range is blended with powerful essential oils.
Topical CBD is a wonderful introduction to CBD, it’s perfect to apply to an area that needs some TLC.

Our topical CBD skincare range includes:

CBD body oil

CBD balm

CBD facial oil

CBD roller

We think CBD is magnificent! We are not allowed to make medical claims about CBD as it is classed as a food supplement and not a medicine. Any reputable company will say the same.  If a CBD company offers you medical advice… steer away!

One thing we can assure you of is that all of our CBD products are premium quality and safe.  We have full lab reports available online, so you know exactly what you are getting.  If you want to try a selection of products, then take a look at our hapi CBD kits as they are such good value. The CBD starter kit is the perfect choice if you are buying CBD for the first time, and our CBD sleep kit is a game-changer for the evenings. We have a super variety of CBD kits, have a look here.

So, take the plunge – restore your health, supercharge your life and feel your best inside and out!

hapihemp CBD Oil Full-Spectrum and THC Free

How much CBD can I take

CBD dosages can be a little confusing, to say the least!

Which strength should you buy? How many drops should you take? How much is too much?
Sam, our hapihemp founder explains a little more about doses and quantities.

The important thing to remember is that the FSA (Food Standards Agency) recommend that an adult does not take more than 70mg of CBD a day unless a doctor agrees more.


If you’re using CBD oil for the first time, we always recommend you start with nothing stronger than a 5% oil as some people need much less than others and if you buy a higher strength, just one drop may initially be too much. In our 10ml bottles, 5% strength just means it contains 500mg of CBD, and 15% strength means there is 1500mg of CBD. So, with some simple maths (and with me, it has to be simple!), we can see that if there are approximately 200 drops of oil in these bottles then it works out like this:

10ml of 5% CBD oil is 500mg of CBD.  Divide this by 200 drops and you get 2.5mg of CBD per drop.  To have 10mg of CBD per day you would need 4 drops daily.

10ml of 15% CBD oil is 1500mg of CBD.  Divide this by 200 drops and you get 7.5mg of CBD per drop. Just two drops would give you 15mg of CBD daily.

So, you can rest assured that you can have quite a few drops per day before you are anywhere near the FSA’s recommended limit.

Most people find just 10/15mg of CBD per day really is plenty, at least to start with, however, you also have the option to try lots of alternative ways to take your CBD and it is great to mix it up a little! A great way to try our different products at an affordable price would be to try our CBD Starter Kit which we put together for customers who wish to sample different ways to try CBD. It includes our lowest strength 2.5% CBD Oil which is a great choice as a starting oil if you are unsure what strength you will need and especially for those who find they are sensitive and don’t need much at all.

Also, it’s important to note that dosage is the same whether you are using a full-spectrum CBD oil or a THC free CBD oil. If you would like to read more on the difference between our full-spectrum and THC free CBD oils and why we offer both, you can do so here: The Difference Between Full Spectrum and THC Free Oil

Other CBD products

Using the same maths, you can work out the mg of CBD in all our products, here are some examples…

CBD Tranquil Tea = 10mg of CBD per teaspoon

CBD Gummies = 10mg of CBD per gummy, or 25mg per gummy if you opt for our High Strength CBD Gummies

CBD Capsules = 20mg of CBD per capsule

CBD Patches = 20mg of CBD per patch

The Overall Picture

So, if I have 4 drops of 5% CBD oil each day (10mg of CBD) + 2 *applications of our CBD Oil Roller on my forehead in the daytime (12mg of CBD) + a calming cup of CBD Tranquil Tea before bed (10mg of CBD), even with all those different CBD applications I’ve only totalled 32mg as my daily CBD intake.  Not even half of the FSA’s recommended maximum daily dose of 70mg.

*average application = 50 applications per bottle

When you’re new to CBD there can be quite a lot to learn and not all information available is easy to understand which is why I put this together.  I hope this has helped make sense of some of the information you have learned about CBD and how much to take but if you still have questions and want to know more about CBD, we have many helpful blogs on our website covering a variety of CBD topics.


5 tips to maximise CBD for wellness and health will give you some useful tips and why you should be using a CBD roller will give you more information about our CBD roller.

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