CBD with a conscience

We are only just beginning to discover the extent of how CBD can help us all. Our blend of organic, therapeutic grade essential oils and CBD oil, creates a magical blend of happiness, is right here. Hapi Hemp is built around quality, trust, safety, experience and passion. We regularly witness the positive health and wellness effects of hemp and CBD and would love you to join us on your journey to find your hapi too.



Benefits of CBD (Cannabidiol)


After many in-depth studies into the therapeutic potential of CBD products, it has become an increasingly popular choice for supporting wellbeing and maintaining optimal health. The huge therapeutic potential of CBD (Cannabidiol) has been studied for many years and is an increasingly popular choice for supporting wellbeing and maintaining optimal health.

The Hapi Hemp range is advanced

The Product Development Team at Hapi Hemp collaborate with our phytotherapists to identify unique CBD blends, organically grown and extracted using the supercritical extraction techniques, to create a premium and powerful, high quality CBD range which is supplied throughout the UK.The team at Hapi Hemp have worked hard in bringing together the wonderful benefits of CBD along with powerful essential oils to create a product that gets results.

Product safety assured with traceability and testing from seed to bottle

All of our CBD products have been through thorough and rigorous testing. We have complete traceability from seed to bottle. We provide independent lab reports, completed by experts with vast experience in cannabis testing and developing testing methodologies.


The Best CBD Products Online in the UK

Over recent years there has been a huge demand for CBD products online. We are distinctively offering a variety of products for you to buy online including chocolate, skincare, tea and oils.

You can buy CBD products through our online shop which can be shipped and delivered to you across the UK and Ireland. We currently have 9 products on offer, including Massage Oil, edible CBD chocolate, RAW Hemp Seed Skin Oil, Tranquil tea, Bath Salts and Broad & Full Spectrum Oil.

Hapi Hemp CBD Oils

Hapi Hemp gives you the assurance of one of the purest herbal food supplements. We are one of the few companies to offer both full and broad spectrum organic CBD oil. (Read more about this in our FAQ section). Our organic CBD drops are mixed with MCT oil (medium chain triglycerides) which not only gives it a milder taste, it also helps to improve the rate of absorption, ensuring you experience the full benefit of CBD oil.

Hapi Hemp Botanical Skincare Range

We are proud of our natural hemp & CBD skincare range which has been specifically created for us and contains some of the finest CBD and therapeutic grade essential oils. This unique range has been nurtured and crafted to deliver a cutting edge, effective botanical blend for the mind, body and soul.

Our naturally powerful creams and skin oils can be used all over your face and body and are ideal for use on areas that need a little rehab like hands, feet, wrists, temples, shoulders, tummy or back.

CBD Infused Tea and Chocolate

We believe you will get the best benefits from CBD by incorporating a variety of CBD products into your lifestyle. Alongside our powerful skincare and oil range, we also recommend buying other CBD products from our online shop including our Tranquil Infused tea and deliciously luxurious Hapi CBD Chocolate.

We are 100% Dedicated To You 

All our products are of high quality, potent and safe to use. Our main goal is to build trust with you, maximise your customer experience and create passion about our products. We are 100% dedicated to making sure all our customers receive the best service and products. So, if you’re looking for the best CBD massage oil, or you want to know where you can find dairy and gluten free, vegan friendly, CBD chocolate, then you’ve come to the right place. Browse all of our products over at our online shop, or get in touch today for more information. All products are available to buy for UK and Ireland based customers.